Noreascon Four

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The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention

Boston, Massachusetts
September 2-6, 2004

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Lens Family

Noreascon Four officially ended on September 6, 2004, at about 3:30 pm, when we turned over the WSFS gavel to Interaction, the 2005 Worldcon in Glasgow, Scotland.

We would like to thank our members, supporters, volunteers, and friends for making Noreascon Four a wonderful convention.

We'll keep posting convention reviews and information to this web site (although not at the rapid pace of August!), and we hope you'll stop by again.

For information about all of the upcoming Worldcons, the bids, and the World Science Fiction Society, please see the official WSFS web site.

With warm regards,

The Noreascon Four Committee

Pro Guests of Honor: Terry Pratchett and William Tenn

Fan Guests of Honor: Jack Speer and Peter Weston

Noreascon Four was the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon or Fannish Family Reunion). We had a fabulous group of Guests of Honor and other program participants on hand for the festivities. Our five-day-long party was held September 2–6, 2004, at the Hynes Convention Center, Sheraton Boston Hotel, and the Marriott Copley Place Hotel, all located in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood.

News Updates

In Memoriam

Videos of Noreascon Four

Videos of the major events at Noreascon, as well as Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and a time-lapse view of the entire convention are now available.

Membership Reimbursements

As of March 2, 2005, all of our membership reimbursements should either have been delivered or are in the mail. Staff and committee reimbursements were the last to go in the mail — at-con volunteers' and program participants' reimbursements went out several weeks ago.

If you lost something at Noreascon 4, please contact us at

If you found something at Noreascon 4, please also contact us at We have a bunch of people still looking for things that got away.

Did you attempt Noreascon's Open Book Trivia Contest (devised by Steven H Silver)? We've left the original questions available on the web, but if you prefer to see the questions and their answers (along with the list of winners), you can do that too.

Some of the Details

If You're Interested in the Commentary …

Or Some Pictures …

Or Would Like to Know More About What Went On …

Or Who Was Here …

Things You Might Have Missed

Noreascon 4 was on the radio! We aired a number of spots on WBZ (1070) in Boston during the two weeks before the convention. If you missed it then, you can still listen to the file.

The Boston Globe also had a write-up about Noreascon.

Like books? NESFA Press produced books by each of our Guests of Honor for Noreascon Four.

Some people were confused about the differences between Noreascon Four and a major political convention. We offered some suggestions on ways to tell the difference between a Worldcon and a major political convention.

Prepare for your trip to Boston—work on your fannish language skills or learn how to pronounce things Boston-style.

What Next?

Talk back to us! We've got web logs for general Noreascon news and meeting minutes.

If you're local to Boston (or even if you'll just be visiting), please feel free to come to our open meetings.

Noreascon Four was run by Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded to promote science fiction fandom and education.