You're arrived at your hotel, and you want to get your badge and get into the flow of Noreascon Four. What do you do next?

Where We'll Be

Registration took place in Hall A of the Hynes Convention Center. The easiest way to reach Hall A is via the Prudential Mall Plaza entrance to the Hynes. Look for our directional signs for further information.

Registration Hours

Day/Date Hours Who
Tuesday, August 31 12 n–7 pm Preregistered members ONLY (No membership sales)
Wednesday, September 1 10 am–12 n Preregistered members ONLY
12 n–8 pm Preregistered and new members
Thursday, September 2 9 am–9 pm ALL
Friday, September 3 9 am–9 pm ALL
Saturday, September 4 9 am–8 pm ALL
Sunday, September 5 9 am –8 pm ALL
Monday, September 6 9 am–2 pm ALL

If You've Preregistered

To hand you your badge, we need some proof of who you are. It's pretty easy—You can give us:

Recently Registered for Noreascon Online?

If you've recently registered online, you should bring us a copy of your confirmation printout or email.

Arriving Late at Night?

If you arrive after we’ve closed Registration for the night (Thursday–Sunday only), please go to the Convention Office in the Sheraton where preregistered members will receive a temporary night badge good until we open again in the morning.


Please remember that memberships and children’s admissions can not be refunded, but may be transferred to another person.

If your transfer was arranged close to or after August 15, 2004, please bring with you a signed copy of the letter transferring that membership to you.

If your transfer was mailed or faxed to us, please check our Member Search list to see if we've already finished your transfer. If your name shows up on our list, then you can pick up your badge with other preregistered members.

If your transfer was mailed or faxed to us close to our August 15 deadline, you should still check first in the preregistered area at con—our elves are working hard at finishing up as many badges as we can before everybody shows up at the Hynes. See what some of our badge-making sessions have been like!

If we haven't processed your transfer, please come to the Problems/Solutions Desk so that we can verify the transfer.

Buying At-Con

Full Convention Memberships

One-Day Admissions

The rates for full convention memberships bought
at the door are:

The one-day admission prices are:

Membership Type Cost
New Attending $200 
New Supporting $35 
Converting from Supporting
to Attending
Child's (includes up to 6 hours of childcare if it's available) $100 
  1-day 1-day child
Thursday $50 $25
Friday $75 $35
Saturday $80 $40
Sunday $80 $40
Monday $50 $25