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Welcome to the Exhibits Division, where you'll find a little bit of everything — our division is home to the Art Show, the Dealers' Room, and all of the other exhibits, fan tables, and bidders' tables that are a familiar sight to Worldcon regulars.

Dealers Room

Check out our list of dealers.

You can download the Dealers' Room information letter and application form. For more information, write to

New in Exhibits

Art Show

Check out our list of the artists who've reserved space in the art show!

The Art Show mailing to artists has now been sent—we've mailed 2000 packets to artists who've let us know of their interest or who've exhibited at recent Worldcons, Boskones, and World Fantasy Conventions.

You can also download the Art Show mailing.

Fan Tables

Take a look at who's going to be there.

What Will be Where

The Dealers' Room will be in Exhibit Hall D of the Hynes Convention Center, while the Art Show will occupy the Third Floor Ballroom at the Hynes. Exhibits will be all over the place—from the Registration areas through the Concourse and into the second and third floor hallways of the Hynes Convention Center. Maps will be available!

The ConCourse will be the social center of the convention, the place to see, be seen, and to find whomever (and whatever) you're looking for!

What Else Can You Expect?

Worldcon History ExhibitWorldcon History Worldcon History Exhibit at ConJoseDocent Tours
Fan Gallery Fan Gallery (picture by Chaz Boston Baden, copyright Chaz Boston Baden. This is from Chaz's website, Hazel's Picture Gallery) Costume Exhibits Costume Exhibit, Torcon, 2003

Check out some of our other Exhibits Highlights!

Contacting Us

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ConCourse, Hynes Hall C and other exhibits not specifically mentioned
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