Celebrate and Participate

Noreascon Four began the convention with First Night Noreascon, our celebration of the many aspects that make up the community of fandom and the Worldcon.

Diagram of First Night SpacesWe were based in the second floor of the Hynes Convention Center (the heart of N4's space there), radiating from one end of the large central corridor (we called it our Midway) through the entire ConCourse (Hall C) and Room 200 at the far end of the floor from the Sheraton.

We had performers, games, demonstrations, activities, and spectacles throughout the convention facilities — just check out the First Night Program!

You could travel from Boston to Ankh Morpork; meet fans and pros; get the inside view of our exhibits and art show; frolic with SF clubs and Worldcon bids. Something for everyone and everything for someone!

At First Night Noreascon everybody helped us celebrate the many-faceted gem that is the Worldcon.

Some of What Went On

Sound like fun? We certainly thought so! As did some of the fans who've commented online or posted photos specifically about First Night (also check the general reports listed on our splash page):

For general questions about First Night Noreascon, you can still write to us at (for a couple more weeks, at least!).