Member Services is the division at Noreascon Four that's responsible for many of the areas that most directly affect attendees' daily experience of the convention.

Children's Services

Kids are important, and we'll be offering both babysitting services (with professional care-givers) and children's programming at Noreascon 4.

Con SuiteConSuite

Noreascon Four's Con Suite will be in the Constitution Ballroom on the 2nd floor of the Sheraton Boston Hotel, right at the top of the escalators. Since it'll be in the middle of a primary traffic flow and prime convention space, it'll be a great space to plan to meet a friend, have a snack, read the paper, or just hang out and relax.

Kaffeeklatsches will be held in the Con Suite—and it's likely that a host of other special events and parties will happen there too. As we know more of what's happening when, we'll post a schedule and additional details.

Handicapped Services

Noreascon Four wants to be as accessible to its members as possible.

To us, that means asking what services are most important to our members before we commit to services or products that aren't helpful to our members. If you have a need for a particular service, please let us know at . We can't promise that we'll be able to provide a particular service, but your chances of getting it are better if we know about your need in advance.

Physical Handicap

Need an electric scooter or a wheelchair to get around at Noreascon 4?

We will have scooters and wheelchairs available at Noreascon 4. Rental is through the convention itself. Detailed information (including pricing and insurance) is now available. Experience tells us that scooters are becoming more in demand—so reserve your scooter now!

Please make your reservation as soon as possible to insure that we order enough scooters. Our supplier already expects to bring in scooters from locations as diverse as Maine and Georgia for Noreascon, and we'd like our order to match demand as closely as possible.

Visual Handicap

Various items have been suggested to assist visually handicapped members, including large-print or Braille pocket programs or large-print versions of other printed material. We've already had a request for an audio tape of the pocket program contents.

Tell us what would make the convention more of a success from your perspective. Again, we're not making any promises, but more information is more helpful than no information at all.

Hearing Handicap

We'd prefer to work on developing resources that make the most sense to our members. We can't promise that all services will be available, but let us know what your preferences are.

The Hynes Convention Center has assisted-listening devices available. Is this service useful to you? Would you use it? Are there other options you'd prefer, particularly for the larger events?

At-Con Information

Our store of information will be wildly inadequate if we only have answers to questions committee members think to ask. What do you want to know at the con? Write to Information to give them some to research.

Sales to Members

Sales to Members at Torcon 2003

Noreascon Four's sales to members will be handled by Scott and Jane Dennis' Fo'Paws Productions.

Fo' Paws "store" at Torcon 3, 2003