At-Con Newsletter

The Triplanetary Gazette comes out several times each day of the convention and is posted here as PDF files. They contain program updates, announcements, party listings, and lots more.

Press Releases

Press Releases are sent to semi-prozine & fanzine editors; newsgroups and selected mailing lists. If you would like to receive future press releases, please send email to

Progress Reports

Progress Report 7(1MB) was mailed last week.

Progress Report 6 (2MB) was mailed on May 20, 2004 to everyone who was a member as of April 30, 2004. Two ads do not appear as a part of the issue pdf but are available separately: the Locus ad and the Columbus in 2007 bid ad. The Locus ad is in the printed Progress Report. The omission of the Columbus in 2007 bid ad was an error on Noreascon 4's part. We apologize to the Columbus bid for our mistake.

PDF versions of all of our progress reports are available for download.

Souvenir Book

We're pleased as punch to announce that Guy Lillian will be editing Noreascon Four's Souvenir Book, with the able assistance of Rose Marie Lillian. Stay tuned for more details about their plans.

Souvenir Book ad copy was due on June 15, 2004. If you have questions about ads and the Souvenir Book, please contact

Special Publications

Introduction to the Retro Hugo Awards for 1953 was distributed at Torcon 3. If you'd like a paper copy, send mail to