The Program Is Available

The program is now available! It includes all the information we had as of August 24, 2004.

It includes room information and program participants' names, along with item descriptions when they were available.

We'll also be putting up grids for the individual days as quickly as we can.

The Palm version is also available.

Workshopping Jim Kelly's Story

We're going to be doing a demo workshopping of a Jim Kelly story. You can read it before Noreascon starts!

We're also having a series of book discussions about the five novels nominated for Retro Hugos for work done in 1953. You might want to give those books a quick skim during the next week…do it for us—some of us have gotten way behind in our reading because of this little shindig!


You'll notice that some program items have a specific convention's name associated with them. Since we know that good ideas can survive (and even thrive) with transplantation to a new environment we had our spies out at conventions around the world collecting ideas and we've delved into the past for more! We do want to give credit when we know where an idea first surfaced.

Program Participants

We've got a bunch of them…and more to come! Keep checking our program participant list to see who's planning on joining us in Boston!


We've set up a number of opportunities for you to meet your favorite authors and panelists up close and personally—whether you're looking for autographs or a chance to have a cup of coffee or a glass of beer with them.

Check out the descriptions of Autographing, or how to sign up for Kaffeeklatches or Literary Beers, and then check the program schedule to find out who'll be available when, and for what. You'll be able to sign-up for the Kaffeklatches and the Literary Beers beginning 24 hours before each event is scheduled.

Village Tours

John Hertz will be coordinating our village tours—docent and orientation tours to introduce you to one or more areas of the convention.

Watch this space for more details!