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Noreascon Four's crack technical crew has done something new: they've taken the film from the cameras used to record Noreascon's big events, and done lots of post-production work to create DVDs that will give you the full flavor of the events. If you missed one of the events, or want to be able to enjoy a particular event again, here's your chance!

Individual DVDs are $11.99 and the five-disc boxed set is available for $59.95. DVDs can be shipped both within the United States and internationally.

Shipping and handling is an extra charge, based on the weight of the package. The typical cost for shipping and handling a single DVD within the United States is $2.99. International shipping costs will vary with the destination.

Domestic (US) shipments are sent via USPS Priority Mail; international shipments are usually sent USPS Global Priority Mail. Global Priority Mail prices start at $4.00 (Canada and Mexico) and $5.00 (rest of the world). The USPS also has information available on Global Priority Mail costs.

  • Time Machine (1 disc)
    • Director: Jill Eastlake (Live Production)
    • On-Site Video: Carl Zwanzig
    • Post-Production: Syd Weinstein
  • Hugos (1 disc)
    • Directors: Dalroy Ward and Edie Williams (Live Production)
    • Video: Syd Weinstein
    • Post-Production: Syd Weinstein
  • Masquerade (2 discs)
    • Director: Richard Hill (Live Production)
    • Video: John Maizels
    • Post-Production: Eric J Fleischer, MD
  • Opening/Closing/Time Lapse (only available as part of the boxed set)
    • Directors: Marc Gordon (Opening), Paul Kraus (Closing)
    • Video: Syd Weinstein (Opening), J.J. Weinstein (Closing)
    • Post-Production: Syd Weinstein
  • Boxed set (Time Machine, Hugos, Masquerade, Opening/Closing/Time Lapse).