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This is the record of the people who signed our All Four Noreascons? book at Noreascon 4.

If you have any corrections to the names listed here, or if you attended all 4 Noreascons and missed signing the book, please write to Leslie Turek or the Web Master.

Name Comments
Tony Lewis
Chair, Noreascon [I]
Fit the First
When I first bid for Noreascon [I] I had no idea what I was getting into. 1980 Noreascon 2, 1989 Noreascon 3, and now Noreascon 4 in 2004. There were people attending N4 who were not born when N1 took place. If a fannish generation is 4 years it has been 35 years, or almost 9 generations since we won the N1 bid. If you figure the average mundane generation to be 25 years that would take us from the Revolution in 1776 to the year 2001 — imagine the U.S. today with Geo. Washington, Th. Jefferson, etc. still alive. It gives me to think.
I wonder how many of us four timers (or four-flushers) will be around for N5 — assuming anyone is foolish enough to run one.
— Keep watching the skies —
Leslie Turek
Chair Noreascon II
I kind of worked on Noreascon I — I was dating the Treasurer and got dragged into working. I have no one to blame for Noreascon II — I agreed to run that one and deserved everything I got. (Actually, it was fun, really.) At N3 I edited the Mad 3 Party and worked as Chairman's Staff — which means I got to do a little of everything. And here at N4 I'm the weblog editor and am running First Night (a sort of mini-convention in itself). And I hope I'll still be around to do something on Noreascon 5… :-)
Filthy Pierre I'm still smarting from the failure of the Boston in 1967 bid!
Mark Olson 28 Aug 04
Charles N. Brown Ah yes, I remember it well!
All of them —
Bob Silverberg Yet one more — what a great thought!
Moshe Feder My first four-timer!
Mike Resnick Looking forward to Noreascon V
Priscilla Olson N1 — my first Worldcon
Andrew Porter 4 times, that's not too many....
Lew Wolkoff been there, done that, probably still have the T-shirts
Kathei Logue All 4 and counting!
— KaffeeKlatsches (we almost called them KatheiKlatsches)
— Assistant Treasurer for N1 or N2 (memory fails)
Tom Whitmore Worked on all 4 — volunteer to staff on #1, my third Worldcon — Ops on 2 — too much fun stuff on 3 — and various bits on 4. I'm proud to have gotten to all!
Seth Breidbart Yet more proof that some people never learn. I guess we just have to keep doing it until we get it right.
Ruth Sachter My first convention — worked the next 3 Noreascons.
Doug Faunt  
Claire Anderson What Ruth Sachter said above.
[Fred Isaacs] Treasurer N1
Chairman's Aide N2
2nd floor division N3
Daddy N4
Barry Newton God. I was young. Once.
Paula Lieberman My first convention was N1. The week after, there were these people in the MITSFS Library, acting like they'd run the convention — they had. They dragged me along to House of Roy …
Morris Keesan My first Worldcon. I got up Tuesday morning and went off to start college.
A. Joseph Ross I've been to all 4 of them. My first Worldcon was Tricon in 1966.
Fred Patton Bring back the Cat and Dragon.
Mary and Bill Burns We spent our honeymoon at NECon I.
Still together 33 years later.
Jack Butterworth 4 Noreascons, 2 marriages — the current marriage works, but all four Noreascons were great!
Dave Anderson  
Jacob M. Waldman  
Carol and John Roberts 26 Worldcons since 1974, including 4 Noreascons.
Dan Kurtycz
Madison, WI
I remember when Ellison said that lying down he was in some ways taller than Asimov.
Richard Harter  
Flo Newrock I helped out at Noreascon 2 in registration. Enjoyed it and all other Noreascons immensely.
Wendy Joseph Glasser I've worked all four Noreascons Gopher to Committee to Gopher. Missed meeting my husband there. It had to wait until Tuesday when I went to college. Looking forward to working the next 4.
Steve Casper Boston has the best Worldcons. Think about making it the permanent location!
Mike Ward My goodness, is it four already? Time already.
Suford Lewis I bid, we won, I paid. And I keep on doing it! I don't even remember what I did for N1 … for N2 I ran special exhibits — we had 13 of them, a significant number — and I got Bruce's Tarot published and did the Memory Book. For N3 I ran the Masquerade and edited the videotape. For this one I'm only doing a few things like the Regency Event, directing the Filkado, a few program items, tours... oh yes and the Restaurant Guide with Tony ... and Falling Free .... does this mean I'm GAFIAting?
P.S. They keep getting better ... !
Becky D. Peters
Fort Lauderdale, Fla
The only string of conventions I have kept unbroken. I worked II, III, and will work IV. Great people, great fun in a great city.
Bruce Newrock Here's to another good one:
Selina Lovett Here's to the 4th! After running Registration at Noreascon 1, VIP Relations at 2, I forgot at 3, and working registration at 4, I keep saying I'll attend a worldcon and not work. Yeah.
Joan Rapkin Have another one and I'll come back again!
Fred Lerner My 4th — and I hope to get to a few more!
Evelyn C. Leeper  
Mark Leeper Four of the best organized Worldcons I have been to.
Ben Yalow  
David J. Wyatt  
Topher Cooper  
Muriel W. Kanter Thank you for all the wonderful cons!
Ken Neily  
Mark Roth (the Silverdragon) One wife per Noreascon -1 (she's in jail). S'pose y'all will need to do it again
Dainis Bisenieks Perpetual fringe fan — but have been to half of all worldcons
Steven Goldstein Each one got older.
1969 — first drunk
2 — ran info booth wrote play (Bar is born)
3 — Crutches torn ankle
4 — Former software — only afford 1 day
Frank Johnson — from Cincinnati 1971 was my first worldcon!
Joe and Gay Haldeman  
Rusty Hevelin  
Jack Rosenstein (1109 N-1) (1778 — N4)
Jack Stevens How come all you people are aging?
Skip Morris It seems like yesterday.
Ann A. Broomhead My very first Worldcon! It was marvelous.
Matt Zimet Well, it was more fun when I was 22 with a beautiful girlfriend. But I'm already waiting for number 5!
Tom MacLaney Noreascon One was my first con. Noreascon Two was my husband's first con. Now we believe we're doomed to all future Noreascons!
You have a great track record — keep up the good work!
Pat Sims #4 this year!
Fred Prophet  
Roger Sims  
Jim Hudson Attended #1
DH Member Services for 2
Chairman's Staff for 3
DH Exhibits for 4
Looking forward to attending another one someday.
Donald E. Eastlake III
Jill Eastlake
Peggy Rae Sapienza
Forry Ackerman
Missed signing.
George R. R. Martin Tom Hanlon reports: "George reminisced that the first Boston Worldcon he was lucky to find floor space and the next he was fortunate to win Hugos."