Smofcon 25; December 7-9, 2007; Boston, Massachusetts

P.O. Box 1010
Framingham, MA 01701

617-776-3243 (fax)

Smofcon 25 Committee

Chair: Geri Sullivan

Hotel: Ben Yalow and Deb Geisler

Treasurer: Mark Olson

Registration – Pre-Con: Deb Geisler
Registration – At-Con: Lisa Hertel
Online Sales: Sharon Sbarsky

OffWorld Liaison: Elaine Brennan

Programming: Priscilla Olson and Edie Stern

Friday Night Mixer: Pam Fremon

Tech: Seth Breidbart
Program Recording: Tim Szczesuil

New England Ballroom – Hospitality: Sheila Perry
New England Ballroom – Decorations: Deb Geisler and Leslie Turek

9th Floor Hospitality – Thursday and Sunday night parties: Naomi Fisher
9th Floor Hospitality – Breakfast: Debbie King

Hospitality Staff: Gay Ellen Dennett, Cass Marshall, Bonnie Atwood, and Kelly Persons
Hospitality Shopping Support: Dave and Claire Anderson

Logistics: Chip Hitchcock

Web Page: Sharon Sbarsky and Adina Adler
Restaurant Guide: Tony and Suford Lewis

Wiki: Mark Olson
Wiki Housekeeper: Leslie Turek