Smofcon 25; December 7-9, 2007; Boston, Massachusetts

P.O. Box 1010
Framingham, MA 01701

617-776-3243 (fax)

Smofcon 25 Programming

Prospective Schedule

There is a prospective schedule (as of December 5, 2007.) All times and items are subject to change.

Schedule Highlights (as of November 14, 2007)

Please Bring Stuff!

In order for some of these things to work, we need people to bring stuff. These 3 need the most of such "stuff"....

  1. Program Software (show and tell - Sat. 2-3). A data projector will be available)
  2. Flyer/ad workshopping - (Sun. 11-12) - a couple of graphic artists will be there. But, they need stuff to critique.
  3. Contract Gotchas (Sun 1-2) - while we'll bring some "seed contracts" just in case no one brings things to look at, it might be to your advantage to have an expert look over your contract before it's too late....

We Need You!

There is still room on the "Marketing: How We Do/Did It" (Sun 1-2) program item for a person/group willing to make a short (up to 10-minute) presentation.  There may also be room for an open mike/short talk (Sat. 4-5), as well as pre-scheduled round-tables throughout the con. So, if you have any personal hobby horses and/or drums to beat, get back to us ASAP!


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About the Fannish Inquisition

The Inquisition features seated Worldcons and Worldcon bids. We're looking for more good, strong, targeted questions to ask them. Help us get beyond the run-of-the-mill "our hotel is nice" presentations to the real answers that make an Inquisition worthwhile.

We're often hesitant about asking pointed questions when we think there's trouble. After all, we're friends and have to work together. But we've all seen problems that never got addressed because the committee thought they could get by.

If you think there's a problem or some lack in any Worldcon or bid, tell us. We'll ask those questions. In the long run, it will help all of us have a better Worldcon.

Send your questions to