Smofcon 25; December 7-9, 2007; Boston, Massachusetts

P.O. Box 1010
Framingham, MA 01701

617-776-3243 (fax)

Smofcon 25 Resources

Marketing Resources

General Convention-Running Resources:

  • Tips for a First Time DivHead: Steve Huff wrote: "I was recently Division Head of Fixed Functions for Arisia 2007. This was my first time running a division, and I've written up some tips that helped me (and more that would have helped me if I had thought of them in time) in the hopes that they'll be useful to other first-time Division Heads."
  • The SMOF-Files -- Somewhat dated, but includes timeless information like the ever-useful "7 Things To Put On A Flyer/Poster/Ad" and other interesting overviews.
  • The ConRunner's Wiki: a collaborative guide on how to set up and run a science fiction convention
  • The Smofcon Mailing List: for discussion of Smofcon
  • The SMOFS Mailing List: Not so Secret Masters of Fandom Mailing list

Professional Meeting Planner websites & industry links: