The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention

  • Sept. 2-6, 2004
  • Boston, MA

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August 16, 2004

Request For Help Recording Noreascon 4

A few of us are looking to make a short video and a PowerPoint presentation of some highlights of Noreascon Four. The idea is that these can then be used to fill panel slots at local cons, thereby raising the profile of Worldcons in fannish circles. They can also be used at future Worldcons to give a preview of what Worldcons are about, or simply as a programming item (or both).

What we need are a few willing folks out there to take their digital camera with and take more shots than usual, and the same for those of you with camcorders. We are not asking you to go out of your way, but rather simply to shoot items and events you are going to anyway.  This would include every aspect of the Worldcon, be it the Con Suite, ceremonies, parties, panels, the dealers' room and so on. The fuller the picture we can give the better, however remember that it's not meant to be a recording of Noreascon Four for posterity, but more of a sound bite/highlight reel. You can simply take one or two photos of an event, or tape 30-second spots or the like. Less (but more concentrated) content will also be far easier to edit/arrange. 

All tapes can be returned, and we can cope with some other issues (just ask).

If volunteers could please contact Grant Kruger (SciFiSa [a t] aol [d o t] c o m) we would be most grateful. Also, is there anyone with experience editing video that wants to get involved? We could use you.