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September 05, 2004

Upcoming Conventions and Bids

The current rate for the Nippon 2007 Worldcon is $160 U.S. ($100 for pre-supporters, and other discounts for Friends and voters). These rates will be in effect until Dec. 31, 2004.

The other existing Worldcons and Worldcon bids made brief presentations to the Business Meeting.

The current rate for Interaction (Glasgow 2005) is $170 until Sept 30. Their hotel reservation page opened this weekend, and the on-site hotel rooms are filling up fast.

The current rate for LACon 4 (2006 Worldcon in Los Angeles, California) is $125, going up to $150 on Sept 12. They take PayPal and offer an installment plan.

CascadiaCon, the 2007 NASFic in Seattle, has a rate of $85 to Nov. 30. They announced a special anime GoH Inoue-san. Booking for hotels opens Sept. 21. There are currently about 650 registered members.

Three 2008 bidders made presentations. Kent Bloom announced a new bid for Denver Colorado. The dates of the convention would be 6-10 August 2008. They are holding an organizational meeting in the Marriott this afternoon.

TR Smith and Vince Docherty announced the Geneva Convention bid. They promised hot and cold running chocolate in all program items. "Don't vote for us; vote for our opponents - we're just trying to have a good time". The assembled crowd clamored for t-shirts.

The Chicago in 2008 bid announced that Dave McCarty will be the new chair of the bid. They are still deciding on hotel and dates, looking at Labor Day, but trying to find the best rates. Considering airport hotel.

For 2009, a bid was announced for Anticipation, Montreal in 2009. The bid was formed only 12 hours ago, although the organizers insisted they were not drunk at the time. They are accepting pre-supports for $20. The convention date is uncertain. The convention would be bilingual.

Margene Bahm announced a 2009 bid for Kansas City, with the theme of the phoenix rising from the ashes. Also "Exploring the library of your imagination". They will have table in ConCourse starting at noon. Bidding same facilities they used before, for Labor Day weekend. Pre-supporting $20, $25 for pre-opposing, $50 for friend of the library, $100 for patron. What is official language of convention? Ans: calculus. (actually, English).

Rick Zellig from St. Louis announced that Archon is bidding for NASFic of 2007. Not sure of dates, possibly at Adams Mark downtown, possibly in August. Archon is normally a 2500-person convention. PS $20, PO $25.

Rose Mitchell represented Australia in 2010, in the place of chair Steven Boucher, who could not attend Noreascon. Despite how the bid started, it is now a serious bid. We would like to thank the very strong pre-support that we've had so far. (600 people have signed up) You'll see us at Glasgow in 2005. Haven't decided on a site. Melbourne likely, but not locked in. What time of year? Spring. Will be updating web site soon.

TR Smith announced a "protobid" for 2011 in Washington DC. This is contingent on hotels actually being built near the convention center. They're having a party tonight in 708 with the theme, "DC supports the Geneva Convention".

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Correction: It was _Rose_ Mitchell who represented the Australia in 2010 bid.

Posted by: Pat McMurray | September 8, 2004 05:07 AM

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