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September 06, 2004


TimeCostumeThere was no masquerade program, so I'll add captions to these when the Masquerade awards list turns up in the daily newsletter.

UrielCostumeUriel, The Archangel of Ecology (one of four new icons, based on the Hannah Shapiro paintings).


StarWarsHalf-time entertainment for the Masquerade was Charles Ross' One-Man Star Wars show, which was impossible to photograph because he was moving non-stop. He did the complete trilogy in sounds and gestures - here he's doing a tie fighter. He had all the music, voices, and sound effects, from the patrician British of Alec Guiness to the beeps and whirs of Artoo Detoo and the buzzing of the light sabers. You just had to be there - it was great!

(Dave Kyle came by as I was typing this in the middle of the ConCourse on Monday morning, and said "Stop looking so busy!")

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