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September 04, 2004

Friday: Gen(eral) Jules' Diary

Parties 4 (vg), alcohol units 0 (bad, but was driving home), caffeine units 7, vampire bites 1, moments spent sqeeing like fangirl: hopefully zero, moments tempted to spend squeeing like fangirl: oh, hundreds.

I got to the Prudential Center at a little past six, and went to check messages. On the way, I ran into my friend Doctor Foo and a couple of his friends. Did I want to go to a party? Of course I wanted to go to a party. I rerouted immediately.

Most of the wonderful and fascinating things that happened last night won't be mentioned here, if only for considerations of space. But a choice few:

-Listening to Sean McMullen, whose Souls in the Great Machine and The Miocene Arrow I loved when I came across them last year, sing a beautiful song about a truly disgusting subject.

-Discussing goat dressing on the gay rodeo circuit with one of the people at the Evil Genius party, a party for the Silicon Valley Costume Con bid, which had walls full of evil geniuses (and a can of cat food). Much debate was had over which evil genius was most impressive. My personal vote: Scratch Fury, Destroyer of Worlds, from PvP. He only came out last Christmas. That's an impressive degree of responsiveness in Evil Genius expertise. Also: goat dressing is interesting stuff. (There has to be a DVD.)

-Having my blood sucked at the Boxboro Fandom party, which was awesome-- definitely a party worth a toll of blood. Amazing decorations and people and very scary looking drinks. Post-vampire bite, I'm still waiting to become dark and angsty but temptingly redeemable. (Nothing yet. Must take a little while.)

And now-- back into the city and off to panels and the dealer's room.

Still not General. Go me!

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