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September 06, 2004

Closing Ceremonies

FifeandDrumThe ceremony began with the Boston signature fife and drum corps.

GuestsWe said a last good-bye to all of our guests, and Deb gave them each a big bag of goodies from the convention.

DebColinVinceChair Deb Geisler passes the gavel(s) on to next year's Co-Chairs, Colin Harris and Vince Docherty. Since Vince is a repeating Worldcon Chair, he got The Big One. Vince told Deb that he understood that one of the big problems when you're running the Worldcon is that you don't get to see it. So the Intersection committee attempted to rectify that by replaying the entire convention for her right there. The One-Man Worldcon, starring Michael 'Sparks' Rennie, started with the belly-dancing and Terry on Trial from First Night, showed Terry begging Peter Weston for a Hugo at the Friday night event, and went on to cover the rest of the convention in brief, ending with the Star Wars One-Man Show ("It's terrible being a Jedi when you're father wants to kill you and you fancy your sister."). Great fun. (Sorry, no pictures, Sparks was moving too fast...)

PipesInteraction closed the ceremonies with a pipe and drum group that led the audience out of the auditorium and in a procession around the Convention Center.

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