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The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention

  • Sept. 2-6, 2004
  • Boston, MA

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August 24, 2004

Note from Chairman Deb

This is a brief note to thank everyone who was involved in the series of work sessions we had over the weekend at the NESFA Clubhouse. As a result of your many hard labors:

  • We have all but one Saturn ready to go -- and more paper coming to finish the job this week.

  • The knee wall that Hobbit was working on is complete.

  • Nearly all of the pre-registration badges are all laminated, alphabetized, and ready to rock. Additional laminating of special badges will continue tomorrow evening and Saturday as needed.

  • The Convention Schedule is at the printer and is current as of *yesterday* noon. This was a mammoth effort, andeveryone involved did great work.

  • More stuff is labeled and ready to move to the convention.
We will be at the NESFA Clubhouse working tomorrow and again on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, we load a truck, which will head out Monday. Truck loadings will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday at NESFA and at N4 storage in Waltham.

This is so cool. And you all rock. We had a number of very, very helpful volunteers show up, and they made things run smoothly. With luck, many of them can come back this week!