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The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention

  • Sept. 2-6, 2004
  • Boston, MA

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August 09, 2004

A few more photos from the open meeting general session on Sunday:



One of the more amusing stories came from the Registration break-out session. The group was admiring the output of the badge label printers that had been passed on from a previous Worldcon. Someone asked what sort of ink we needed to get for it. Someone else pointed out that they don't need ink, as they are thermal printers. Then a few other people gulped and pointed out that that might be a small problem, as we were planning to laminate the badges (which, if you're ever used a laminator, you'll know that produces a lot of heat). Instant all-black badges. Oops! Revised plan is to laminate the badge stock ahead of time, and then print onto clear stickers which will be affixed on top of the laminate.

August 07, 2004

Photos from the Saturday 8am (shudder) construction meeting at the Hynes can be found in the photo album in the left sidebar.

Some pictures from the Friday night Tech/Exhibits meeting:

Chairman Deb writes:

Well, as usual, the Open Meeting is more fun than about half of the conventions I've ever attended - not that the cons weren't fun, but I believe we have amassed one cool psycho group to work on this here Worldcon thang.

To give you some idea of what's going on:

  • We've had a very positive meeting with our decorator, Freeman, and then got to wander through the Hynes as they set it for the Drug Discovery (not as much fun as it sounds) show. We want all of their cool toys.[See Freeman Stuff photo album on the left for pictures taken during the Hynes tour.]
  • Our hospitality area is very pleasant, and it's been getting a workout. (And many thanks to Rick Kovalcik, Laurie Mann, Gay Ellen Dennett, Sharon Sbarsky, Ruth Sachter, and everyone who's cleaning up after themselves.)
  • We've spent a good couple of hours working through tech and related concerns in the ConCourse ... lamenting that there was no place we could put a 30' tall inflatable shuttle (fins down) (and wondering just how full the dealers room really *is*), and figuring out how to make the Mended Drum look right (without the bar fights and scorched wizards).
  • Information has been going through all of the things people will want to know (and we suggested to Chuck Shimada, quite jetlagged from the west coast, that he could beta test information, since he's about as sleep-deprived as most con-goers will be on Friday).

Best conversational snippet:

About Boston's desire to emphasize the new convention center and not the Hynes, one person observed, "There's a rumor that they're going to tear down the Hynes."

Paul Kraus, technical services director for N4, rejoined, "That'll make strike easier."

Hope you're having fun wherever you are, too, and getting ready for this phenomenal party we're hosting in 26.5 days.