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The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention

  • Sept. 2-6, 2004
  • Boston, MA

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August 09, 2004

A few more photos from the open meeting general session on Sunday:



One of the more amusing stories came from the Registration break-out session. The group was admiring the output of the badge label printers that had been passed on from a previous Worldcon. Someone asked what sort of ink we needed to get for it. Someone else pointed out that they don't need ink, as they are thermal printers. Then a few other people gulped and pointed out that that might be a small problem, as we were planning to laminate the badges (which, if you're ever used a laminator, you'll know that produces a lot of heat). Instant all-black badges. Oops! Revised plan is to laminate the badge stock ahead of time, and then print onto clear stickers which will be affixed on top of the laminate.


You're going to laminate and *then* put the names on? Don't you have things backwards?

Er, that was the point of the story. The names are being "printed" via a thermal process. The laminator produces heat. If we were to run the labels with the names through the laminator, the heat would turn the entire label black. So if we want to use the thermal printers, which were a free gift from ConJose (a con which used pouches and did not laminate their badges), we realized that we will have to put the names on after laminating.

Just saw this...and ya know many of our local Cons are going this route. Allows for "at the doors" to get the same treatment to their badge in the fastest amount of time. And the badges hold up real well vs. just paper badges w/o laminate.

I think this will work well at N4! Great save!!