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Beginning in 1986, MCFI produced a newsletter, The Mad 3 Party. Laurie Mann edited the first issue, Pat Vandenberg served as editor from early '84 until early '86, and Leslie Turek continued with it thereafter. Suford Lewis created the first logo ('83-'86), Wendy Snow-Lang created the second ('86-).

Under Leslie, the newsletter won a Hugo Award for Best Fanzine in 1990 at Confiction.

Tim Szczesuil has scanned in the newsletters from 1983 through 1988---Thanks, Tim!

In 1991, we produced the Noreascon Three Memory Book. If you were a member of Noreascon Three and didn't get one, please write to us.

Here are some articles from the Noreascon Three Memory Book:

The Masquerade and 50th Anniversary Brunch videotapes are now available.

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