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February 23, 2004

An Update from Jim Hudson

Last week, I took over the Exhibits Division from Laurie Mann, who's undergone FAFIA. She'll still be working for N4 in the Exhibits Division, but has too much pressure from work, etc., to continue as the division head.

All these ideas on reimagining the exhibits are good ones. We'll continue to try to work them into the plans, and would love more suggestions.

I also want to point out that an exhibit doesn't have to be just a bunch of material in a display case. Consider, for example, something as simple as having each case of Hugo rockets accompanied by a rolling computer display identifying the winners from those years, with pictures.

And the "Exhibit Hall" we've been discussing is actually a lot more -- it's also the main highway between the various parts of the convention, the central bar and lounge, the home of convention Information, the location for Site Selection voting, and a host of other things. It's probably where you'll arrange to see your friends, including the thousands you haven't met yet. So the Exhibits portions -- our museum -- have to mesh with all those other purposes.

Should be fun.

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