Sometimes things happen … and somebody becomes unable to attend Noreascon Four. We can not refund membership fees, but we do allow you to sell or transfer your membership to someone else if you can't attend.

To transfer your membership to someone else, print, fill out, sign, and mail or fax the Transfer Form to us. Transfer forms received prior to August 15, 2004, will be processed before the convention begins. We might not be able to process transfers received after August 15.

If your transfer form won't reach us before August 15, you must give a signed copy of the Transfer Form to the person who is receiving your membership to bring to the convention. We will process those transfers at con.

Only the member named on the membership may transfer it. Children's Admissions may be transferred by a parent or guardian. Memberships purchased on the Installment Plan may only be transferred once they are completely paid.

If you want to vote in Site Selection for the 2007 Worldcon, please do so before you transfer your membership, or buy a new Supporting Membership so you can vote.

If you've used your site-selection voting privileges, please tell the person to whom you're transferring the membership that they will not be able to vote unless they purchase an additional Supporting Membership.

As a reminder, Children's Admissions do not come with voting rights.

Progress Reports 1-6 will not be resent to the new member.

If you have additional questions about membership transfers, please write us at