A Brief History of World Fantasy Conventions
in Providence, RI

1975: The 1st World Fantasy Convention, at the Holiday Inn
Chair: Kirby McCauley
Theme: "The Lovecraft Circle"
Guest of Honor: Robert Bloch
Toastmaster: Gahan Wilson
Novel: Patricia McKillip for The Forgotten Beasts of Eld
Short Fiction: Robert Aickman for "Pages From a Young Girl's Diary"
Collection/Anthology: Manly Wade Wellman for Worse Things Waiting
Artist: Lee Brown Coye
Special Award - Professional: Ian & Betty Ballantine
Special Award - Non-Professional: Stuart David Schiff
Lifetime Achievement: Robert Bloch
Judges: Ramsey Campbell, Edward R. Ferman, David G. Hartwell, Fritz Leiber, Gahan Wilson
1979: The 5th World Fantasy Convention, at the Biltmore Hotel
Chair: Bob Booth
Theme: "Reunion"
Guests of Honor: Stephen King, Frank Belknap Long, Michael Whelan
Toastmaster: Charles L. Grant
Novel: Michael Moorcock for Gloriana
Short Fiction: Avram Davidson for "Naples"
Collection/Anthology: Charles L. Grant, ed. for Shadows
Artist: Alicia Austin
Special Award - Professional: Edward L. Ferman for F&SF
Special Award - Non-Professional: Donald H. Tuck
Convention Award: Kirby McCauley
Lifetime Achievement: Jorge Luis Borges
Judges: Poul Anderson, Terry Carr, Dennis Etchison, Elizabeth A. Lynn, Roy A. Squires
1986: The 12th World Fantasy Convention, at the Biltmore Hotel
Chair: Robert Plante
Theme: "From 'New Writers' to 'Old Masters' "
Guests of Honor: Ramsey Campbell, Charles L. Grant, J.K. Potter
Toastmaster: Douglas E. Winter
Novel: Dan Simmons for Song of Kali
Novella: T.E.D. Klein for "Nadelman's God"
Short Fiction: James P. Blaylock for "Paper Dragons"
Anthology/Collection: Robin McKinley, ed. for Imaginary Lands
Artist: Jeff Jones
Special Award - Professional: Pat LoBrutto for editing
Special Award - Non-Professional: Douglas E. Winter for reviewing
Convention Award: Donald A. Wollheim
Lifetime Achievement: Avram Davidson
Judges: Robert A. Collins, Ellen Datlow, Dean R. Koontz, Patricia A. McKillip, Charles de Lint
History of the other 21 World Fantasy Conventions can be found at the World Fantasy Convention site.

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