Dealers' Room

We have allocated most of the tables we expect to have available in the Dealers' Room. A small "waiting list" is being kept. Detailed mailings will be sent directly to the dealers. For information, write to us at the address below, "Attn: Dealers", or send email to info@noreascon.org. The Dealers' Room will be open on Friday & Saturday from 10am to 6pm, and on Sunday from 10am to 1 pm.

The following dealers will be present:

b. brown & assoc.
Bereshith Publishing
Joseph T. Berlant
The Bookie
Chimera Publishing/Norm Hood
Cold Tonnage Books
Darlene P. Coltrain
Crossroads Press
Davis Books
DNA Publications
DreamHaven Books
Eldritch Books
The Fantasy Connection
Richard Fawcett Publisher

 Flying Coyote
Fo' Paws Productions
Gaa Books
W. Paul Ganley: Publisher
Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc.
Henderson's Books
The House on the Borderland
Intergalactic Book Works
J-J Books
Klon's Interplanetary Books
Janet Kofoed Jewelry
Erin McKee
Charles F. Miller, Publisher, Inc.
My Back Pages
 NESFA Press
Niekas Publications
Old Earth Books
Kimball M. Rudeen Books
Sign of the Unicorn
Larry Smith, Bookseller
Tachyon Publications
W. C. Thornton
Tigereyes Press
J. Arthur Vaughan
R F Wald
Whispers Press
Willow Zarlow

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