25th World Fantasy Convention - Committee

Co-Chairs: Davey Snyder & Chip Hitchcock
General Information & Questions:
Advance Registration: Bonnie Atwood
Art Show: Ted Atwood
Staff: Claire Anderson, Dave Anderson, Ira Donewitz, Alison Feldhusen, Mike Feldhusen, Barbara Kingston, Jay Kingston, Andrea Senchy, Amy West
Sales: Karl Wurst
At-con Registration: Alexis Layton & Leslie Turek
Staff: Judy Bemis, George Flynn, Kelly Persons, Joe Rico
Autograph Reception: Rick Katze & Seth Breidbart
Staff: Gary Feldbaum
Dealers' Room: Lisa Hertel
Dock Staff: Mark Hertel
Exhibits: Deb Geisler & Mike Benveniste
Assistant: Sharon Sbarsky, Ben Yalow
WFC Retrospective: Sharon Sbarsky
Facilities Liaisons: Deb Geisler & Mike Benveniste
Assistants: Sharon Sbarsky, Ben Yalow
GoH Liaison: Laurie Mann
Hospitality: Gay Ellen Dennett
Assistant: Joyce Carroll Grace
Staff: Christine Carpenito, Ed Dooley, Debbie King, Tim Roberge
Insurance: Davey Snyder
Logistics: Tim Roberge
Mailing Database Entry: Sharon Sbarsky, Tim Roberge
Pocket Program: Tim Szczesuil
Program: Priscilla Olson
Staff: Claire Anderson, Elisabeth Carey, Pam Fremon, Rick Katze, Suford Lewis, Tony Lewis, Paula Lieberman, Jim Mann, Laurie Mann
Development Consultants: Davey Snyder, Chip Hitchcock, Eric Van
Operations & Green Room: Tony Lewis
Progress Report 1: Nomi & Michael Burstein
Progress Report 2: Tony Lewis
Progress Report 3: Tony Lewis
Proofreader: George Flynn
Publisher Liaison: Elisabeth Carey
Saturday Evening Theatricals: Ann Broomhead & Suford Lewis
Signage: Lisa Hertel
Souvenir Book: Jim Mann & Kevin Riley
Staff: Laurie Mann, Mark Olson, Mary Tabasko
Webmistress: Sharon Sbarsky
WF Awards Luncheon: Gay Ellen Dennett
Assistant: Bonnie Atwood

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