25th World Fantasy Convention Art Show Exhibitors

The 25th World Fantasy Convention Art Show will feature the work of our guests, Leo & Diane Dillon, as well as the art work of more than 80 other artists. The Art Show will be open for viewing and bidding Friday & Saturday from 10am to 6pm, and for sales on Sunday 10am to 1pm.

Following is a list of artists who plan to exhibit.
Rob Alexander
Molly Barr
Jill Bauman
Edward Beard Jr
Rick Berry
N. Taylor Blanchard
Adrian Bourne
Carol Brussel
Jim Burns
Alan M. Clark
Marian Crane
Steve Crisp
Stephen Daniele
Erin Delude
Susan E. Dexter
Leo & Diane Dillon
Lela Dowling
Bob Eggleton
Mark Ferrari
Marc Fishman
Jon Foster
Lisa Freitag
Fred Gambino
Charles Gehm
Deb Geisler
Donato Giancola
Karen Gillmore
Lars Grant-West
John R. Gray III
Mark Harrison
Leslie D'Alessandro Hill Hawes
Stephen Hickman
Heather Hudson
Nicholas Jainschigg
Charles Keegan
Tom Kidd
Johnna Klukas
Randy Lagana
Charles Lang
Gary Lippincott
Victoria Lisi
Todd Lockwood
Craig Maher
Don Maitz
Theresa Mather
Malcolm McClinton
Gary McCluskey
Erin McKee
Michael McLaughlin
Jeff Menges
Ian Miller
Edward Miller
Monte Moore
Stanley Morrison
Pat Morrissey
William O'Connor
Margaret Organ-Kean
Lynn W. Perkins
Marianne Plumridge
Alan Pollack
Omar Rayyan
Sheila Rayyan
Mark Rogers
Ralph Ryan
Ruth Sanderson
Richard Sardinha
Denise Satter
David Seeley
Cortney Skinner
Lisa Snellings
Wendy Snow-Lang
Susan Stejskal
Charles Vess
Ron Walotsky
James Wappel
Kathleen Ward
Jennifer Emmett Weyland
Michael Whelan
Terri Windling
Raelinda Woad
A. B. Word
Janny Wurts
Judy York
Stephen Youll


Best In Show

Steven Hickman -- At the Entmoot

Honorable Mention

Marc Fishman -- Titania
Marcia Crane -- Firebird
Nicolas Jainschigg -- Black Company
Donato Giancola -- Obernewtyn
Leo & Diane Dillon -- Floating Dragon
Lisa Snellings -- Bendyman
Alan Clark -- I Become My Own Resting Place
Omar Rayyan -- Just the Subacid, Juicy, Drupaceous, Fruit of a Tree

Certificate of Recognition

Bob Eggleton -- Dragon Storm
Charles Keegan -- Demon Hoard
Rick Berry -- What I Like About You
Omar Rayyan -- Berry Market
Marc Fishman -- Gabriel's Lament
A.B. Wood -- Merglenn's Lost Horizon
Stephen Daniele -- Aiel Wastes
Heather Hudson -- Paper Tiger
Jan Foster -- Mage Hound
Ron Walotsky -- The Crow
Don Maitz -- Crone
Lela Dowling -- Wayward Angel
Jeff A Menges -- The Wounding of Little John
Michael Whelan -- Peace
Gary Lippencott -- Presence
Ruth Sanderson -- The Magic Tapestry
Todd Lockwood -- Golem
Todd Lockwood -- Mask of Venus

Special Award for Best Use of the Environment

Michael Whalen

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