Promotion Plan Samples

Promotion to Artist Communities


  1. To promote the Art Show to artist communities and to artists in order to draw more exhibitors
    1. Genre artists
    2. Local Artists
  2. To promote the Art Show and Boskone to artist communities and to artists in order to draw new members
    1. Genre art organizations
    2. Local art organizations, museums, and colleges

Target Markets:
Artist events, Artist communities, Art schools/colleges/art departments, Artists, Organizers for Artist events

Proposed Activities:

  1. Emails and Mailings to Genre artists and organizations
    1. Returning artists
    2. Genre artists who have not attended/exhibited
  2. Emails to artist organizations
  3. Inclusion in an email newsletter that reaches the Artist Communities
    1. Work with Neighborhood, City, and State agencies and organizations
  4. Mail postcards or flyers to local artist communities/organizations/ cultural centers
  5. Postcards or flyers "dropped" at Artist Events in City
    1. Events include Art Galleries Open Studios, or "First Friday" events
  6. Postcards or flyers dropped at locations where artists congregate
    1. Locations include gallery openings, "Main Street" events, etc. and/or at Coffee shops/Bookstores/etc.
  7. Press Releases to local art newspapers calling for art show exhibitors

Hard Costs:

  1. Funds to produce and mail a postcard/flyer
  2. Letterhead and envelopes
  3. Funds for postage to mail press releases

Other essentials:

  1. Artwork from Official Artist, and permission to use in promotion
  2. Designer for constructing an HTML email (optional)
  3. Designer for a postcard/flyer, plus text on the reverse about the art show (if no flyer)
  4. A mailing list
  5. Persons to distribute flyers at various drop points in City and surrounding towns

Local Promotion


  1. To garner more press
  2. To gain returning and new memberships
  3. To introduce convention to those who have not heard of it, and encourage new memberships


  1. Send press releases/notices to various media outlets.
    1. SF/F/H press & websites
    2. SF/F/H clubs
    3. Major City newspapers, Local City newspapers, Regional newspapers/magazines, college newspapers and radio stations, network and cable stations, Cultural offices of local municipalities, and local libraries
    4. Calendar Listings
  2. Cross-reference program participants with newspapers in their communities to tailor press releases
  3. Cross-reference program participants with their college associations (alum or current professor) to tailor and send press releases
  4. Send press releases/notices to local community organizations
    1. Libraries
    2. High Schools/ Elementary Schools
    3. Local Bookstores
    4. Writers groups
  5. Send press releases to special interest groups
    1. i.e., children’s author to childrens’ librarians; technology expert to technology press; etc.

Hard Costs:

  1. Letterhead and envelopes
  2. Funds for postage to mail press releases
  3. Press kit/flyers

Other essentials:

  1. Writer for press release(s)
  2. Press contact
  3. A mailing list