We believe an extra year of eligibility for works first published outside North America in English continues to be appropriate, but that market changes could render this unnecessary in the future. We recommend another one-year eligibility extension and continuation of the committee to monitor the situation. 

The Worldcon will be in the UK next year.  Some members of the committee think that an extension will not be necessary next year because more non-US members will be eligible to nominate.  However, an eligibility extension is still appropriate this year, because it applies to work first published outside the USA before 2004 and first published in the USA in 2004. Without an extension, those pre-2004 works will not be eligible next year no matter how many people nominate them.

The Committee moves the adoption of the following two motions.

Short Title: This Year's Model

Moved, To extend eligibility for all works that are allowed by a resolution under the following sections of the WSFS Constitution:

3.2.3: The Business Meeting may by a 3/4 vote provide that works originally published outside the United States of America and first published in the United States of America in the current year shall also be eligible for Hugo Awards given in the following year.

3.2.4: A work shall not be eligible if in a prior year it received sufficient nominations to appear on the final award ballot.

This motion extends eligibility for the Hugo Award; therefore, it requires a 3/4 vote.

Short Title: We Need Another HEROW

Moved, To continue the Hugo Eligibility for the Rest of the World (HEROW) Committee as previously charged, with a new Chair and members appointed by the Chair of the Business Meeting, and with the Chair of the HEROW Committee authorized to add additional members to the committee.