The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention

  • Sept. 2-6, 2004
  • Boston, MA

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August 19, 2004

Metal Tears Premiere at Noreascon 4

Metal Tears, the new short feature film based on the Hugo nominated short story “Robots Don’t Cry” by Mike Resnick, will premiere at Noreascon Four. Metal Tears, screenplay by Jerry Bradbury, principal photography by Boris Amchislavsky, sound design by Nikolas Zasimczuk, score by Gaby Alter, is directed by indie filmmaker John Bradbury.

In the tradition of I, Robot and Bicentennial Man, Metal Tears explores the interaction between a man of metal and a man of flesh and blood. Metal Tears tells the story of two 30th century treasure hunters (played by Jeff Bell and Raza Usman) who find a deactivated care-giving robot named Sammy (Mark Erman) on a deserted pioneer world. Repaired and reactivated, the robot tells them about the life of his charge, Miss Emily, and asks a special favor. In its forty minute run time, the film chronicles the change to the protagonist’s impacted personality caused by his interaction with Sammy, the robot; how this “sardonic and ill-mannered” human comes to understand and then embrace the qualities of honesty and loyalty.

Metal Tears will premiere in Hynes 208 on Friday, September 3rd at 1 PM.