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  • Sept. 2-6, 2004
  • Boston, MA

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April 09, 2004

Hugo and Retro Hugo Nominations

The 2004 Hugos and Retro Hugo nominations are now available here.


I would like to read some of the novelettes and shorts stories from the retro-Hugos. It's easy to find the novels that were nominated, but does anyone know where one might find copies of 'Astounding' or 'Fantasy and Science Fiction' magazines from 1953 where these may be found? Are they going to be reprinted by the con anytime?

I have a question about the eligibility of one of the Retro Hugo nominees.

My copy of The Petrified Planet, in which Judith Merril's "Daughters of Earth" (or "Daughter of Earth", the title seems to vary) first appeared, is dated 1952 on the title page, and copyrighted 1952 on the copyright page. If this date is correct, I would think the story would be ineligible for this year's Retro Hugo.

I may not be able to view all the nominations for BDP - Short Form, but I can at least make a knowledgeable vote based on reading the screenplays for the episodic nominations. I'm sure others interested in the Hugos may appreciate these links:


"Heart of Gold" FIREFLY

"The Message" FIREFLY