The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention

  • Sept. 2-6, 2004
  • Boston, MA

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April 16, 2004

Highlights from the April 15 Meeting

There was an error in the original Retro Hugo nomination list, concerning the eligibility of one of the nominees. The corrected listing is available here.

Retrospective Hugo Award tophy designer Patrick J. O'Connor shipped the trophy bases for the Retros. The beautiful design will not be made public until the Retro Hugo award ceremony Friday night at Noreascon Four. A sample trophy will be on display in the ConCourse following the ceremony.

We are delighted that our Master of Ceremonies for the 2004 Hugo Awards will be Neil Gaiman. We previously noted that Bob Eggleton will be the MC fo the Retrospective Hugo Awards. (It is not known if Godzilla will attend.) And we are also pretty excited with the Masquerade intermission entertainment: Charles Ross's One-Man Star Wars Trilogy

SlashDot featured the N4 Hugo nominations on its main page. The hit differential to our web pages in the wake of the SlashDot announcement: Sunday: 10,572; Monday (post-/.): 84,526.

We now have a message board available for people looking for rides, hotel shares, memberships, etc.

We will not offer the Installment Plan to new members after May; new members are currently on a $60-$60-$60 plan.

Scooter rental will be available at N4. Anyone who has not yet told Handicapped Services that they're interested in scooter rental at N4 should please fill out the online form.

NASA Liaison Pat Molloy has been talking to NASA about plans for several exhibits,including a full-scale model of Robert Goddard's first liquid=fuel rocket.

The Art Show is already 1/3 booked, and that artists' tables (for demos and such) are selling out fast.

First Night is looking for fannish volunteers with interesting talents who would be willing to perform them at First Night. The team will be contacting various fannish groups and organizations to solicit their participation in the First Night festival.

We have about 300 confirmed program participants at this point. A list of confirmed program participants will appear in PR6 and will be posted to the web and updated periodically.