The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention

  • Sept. 2-6, 2004
  • Boston, MA

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October 07, 2003

Doc Smith Exhibit at Noreascon 4

Edward E. 'Doc' Smith, Ph.D. was the founder of Space Opera. His Skylark of Space took the SF world by storm in 1928, and was followed by his monumental Lensman series, which may be one of the best SF series ever written. Boston has always had close ties to Doc Smith, with two of our local conventions, Boskone and Arisia, named after empires in the Lensman series, and with Boskone's annual Skylark Award inspired by his Doc Smith's character and good works.

Now Stephen Lucchetti, with help from Al Cromika, are working hard on what they hope will be the definitive E. E. 'Doc' Smith exhibit for Noreascon 4. They are planning to assemble as comprehensive collection of works by Doc Smith (or in the worlds he created) as they can manage to scrape together. Doc Smith's estate has promised the loan of treasured memorabilia. If you have anything you could loan to the exhibit, please contact Stephen or Al. In particular, we are on the hunt for a set of the original leather bound Fantasy Press 'History of Civilization'.

Help us make this one Noreascon 4 exhibit you won't want to miss!


Is it true that Doc Smith used to attend conventions wearing a Lensmen uniform? Does anyone know if it still exists?

Doc Smith often wore his Northwest Smith (character in C.L.Moore stories that Doc greatly enjoyed) costume at early cons. I am working with the Doc Smith estate to exhibit at Noreascon4 pieces from the costume that they still own.