The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention

  • Sept. 2-6, 2004
  • Boston, MA

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September 23, 2002

Noreascon Four Committee Meeting

Noreascon 4's next meeting will be held at the NESFA Clubhouse on Wednesday, 25 September at 8pm. Everyone is welcome!

We'll talk about where we're at, areas that are developing, and our special art exhibits. -- See our agenda.

September 10, 2002

Post-Worldcon News and Notes

Noreascon Four's "Mad Science" party was a big hit, with lab-coated "Official Mad Scientists" serving funky blue drinks and delicious chocolate brains. Our particular thanks go to the volunteers who showed up and helped serve beers, blueness, and brainy candies!

In other news, we:

  • Happily met with many fans headed our way in 2004, and made sure that as many as possible left with one of our wildly popular "Kilroy badge clips." They were actually paper clips imported from the Netherlands (and the web site was "," so we had to do it). Look for Kilroy to join us at other conventions!

  • Added more than 100 new members to the Noreascon family tree as ConJose attendees purchased attending or supporting memberships in the 2004 Worldcon.

  • Several of our committee members were invited to help with the Seamstresses Guild party to fete Terry Pratchett (one of the guests we'll honor in 2004). Tony Lewis made a most disreputable (but highly effective) auctioneer as "Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler," and Ann Broomhead and Naomi Fisher were resplendent in corseted finery. We were delighted to be invited to help, and we thank the Seamstresses Guild for a great party!