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March 31, 2004

Travel - getting to Boston

This is the place to ask questions about getting to Boston from where ever you are.

New York to Boston for $10
People in NYC may want to consider taking the Fung Wah bus from the Big Apple’s Chinatown to Bean town’s Chinatown. Schedules are online and tickets can be purchased online at http://www.fungwahbus.com/

Using bus lines and commuter rail
Many bus and commuter rail services will get you to Boston's North or South Stations. At North Station, you can get directly onto the subway's Green Line. At South Station, you can take the Red Line to the Park Street Station to pick up the Green Line.

Some bus services
MASSPORT's "Getting to Logan by bus" page: http://www.massport.com/logan/getti_typeo_buses.html

Bonanza Bus Line (from Southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island): http://www.bonanzabus.com/

C & J Trailways (from Northern New England Areas): http://www.cjtrailways.com/

Concord Trailways (from Northern New England Areas): http://www.concordtrailways.com/

Peabody Logan Express: http://www.p-b.com/Peabody.htm

Peter Pan (from the Northeast, including Albany, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, MD, and Manchester, NH): http://www.peterpanbus.com/

Plymouth & Brockton Bus (from the Cape, Southern Massachusetts, and Rhode Island): http://www.p-b.com/index.htm

Vermont Transit Bus Lines (from destinations in Maine, NH, VT, & Canada): http://www.vermonttransit.com/

Note: These companies are not associated with N4 and we have no control over them. It's probably a good idea to verify this information by calling the companies directly prior to making your final arrangements.

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Travel - Getting to Boston

There is a new luxury bus between Boston and New York called LimoLiner. Terminii are Hilton New York at 6thAv&53rdSt and Back Bay Hilton opposite the Sheraton Boston.

One-way fare is $69 and they quote a travel time of 4 hours.Some of the features they claim are:

Clear cell phone reception
Live TV
High speed internet access
Comfortable reclining seats
Free snacks

For more info go to www.LimoLiner.com (617.424.5469)

N4 has no control over this external company.

Posted by: Tony Lewis | March 15, 2004 11:18 PM

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