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The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention

  • Sept. 2-6, 2004
  • Boston, MA

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August 04, 2004

So some of us are getting just the teeniest little bit testy as the convention approaches. Of course, some of us have more reason than others...

Leslie writes:

Hi, Priscilla, I'm still waiting to hear those funny program stories that you promised me for the committee blog.

Priscilla writes:

How about this for a start.....

Priscilla wants to tell some amusing program stories, but is afraid that her mood right now would render most of what she chooses to share unprintable....

However, if anyone really wants to get more details on how she alternated typing in programming descriptions and running to the bathroom on the night before her recent colonscopy, she will be happy to regale you with them.

All of which might explain some of the program choices....

(Mutter, mutter.....)

Oh, dear, sorry I asked...

I, on the other hand, have been getting positively giddy as the convention approaches. This may have something to do with the fact that I'm running First Night, so where others get to deal with boring stuff, I get to order silly prizes from Oriental Trading Company and figure out how to construct glow-stick hoops for the Hugo Ring Toss.

Today's project was to come up with a fanfare to open First Night. David Grubbs had offered to get a group of musicians together, but asked me to decide what they should play. It had to be short and fairly simple, and I wanted it to be related to genre, if possible, and upbeat. So I started browsing the iTunes Music Store looking for fanfares, playing the free 30-second snippet of each one. I finally stumbled across the perfect choice: Arthur's Fanfare, by Jerry Goldsmith, from the score of "First Knight". How often do you find a great pun, a tribute to a recently-departed master, and the perfect 45-second piece of music all rolled into one!