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Sunday 8:00 a

Hynes Open for Setup Only

Sunday 9:00 a

Hynes Opens

Sunday 9:00 a Hall A:

Registration Opens

Sunday 9:00 a Hampton:

Christian/Catholic Worship Service (Father John Baker)

Sunday 9:00 a Con Suite:

Con Suite Open

Sunday 9:00 a Republic A:

Jungle Emperor Leo [Dubbed] [7 +]

Sunday 9:30 a :

Childcare Opens

Sunday 9:30 a H102:


Brenda Sutton

Sunday 9:30 a H203:

Medieval Fantasy Literature

Sean McMullen

Sunday 9:30 a H205:

Con Stress Relief

Stretching exercises to help us make it through another day.

Elizabeth Caldwell

Sunday 9:30 a H301:

ASFA Meeting

Sunday 9:30 a Beacon A:

Moving to Music [ages 1-7]

Clap and sing to the music of Jim Cosgrove, a Kansas City children's folk singer.

Sunday 9:30 a Beacon F:

Leaf Creatures [ages 3-6]

Leaf rubbings and some creativity will turn some ordinary silk leaves into works of art.

Sunday 9:30 a Conference:

Filk Office Opens

Sunday 9:30 a Exeter:


Laura Resnick

Sunday 9:30 a Hall A:

Shotokan Karate Workshop

Kenn Bates, Keith G. Kato

Sunday 10:00 a :

Masquerade Registration Open

Sunday 10:00 a H100:


Learn how to use your favorite superheroes to beat any enemy in this hit game from Wizkids.

Sunday 10:00 a H107:

More Than Human

A round-table discussion of the 1953 Retro Hugo nominated novel.

Don D'Ammassa

Sunday 10:00 a H203:

The Use of Women of Power by DeLint (NW Coastal) and Crowley (Aegypt) Fiction

Janice Bogstad

Sunday 10:00 a H204:

Futurism and Writing SF: a Positive Feedback System

How does writing science fiction and being a futurist blend? Some of our famous authors actively proclaim themselves futurists; others do not. How can futurism help the SF author?

Brenda Jean Cooper

Sunday 10:00 a H205:

How to Proof Your Own Writing: A Mini-Workshop

Terry McGarry

Sunday 10:00 a H206:

My Love Affair With JRR Tolkien

When (and how) did it start? Was it a passing fling or eternal love? Who or what is sitting at home waiting for you to come to your senses?

Daniel Grotta, Karen Haber (m), Kathy Morrow, Michael Swanwick, Connie Willis

Sunday 10:00 a H208:

Firefly Marathon, Episode 9-11

Sunday 10:00 a H209:

Magic User's Club #1 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 10:00 a H210:

WSFS Business Meeting

The WSFS Business Meeting is open to all Worldcon members. The first item of business for today's meeting is to receive the official results of the Worldcon Site Selection. Also at today's meeting is Question Time, where you get a chance to put questions to future seated Worldcon committees. If time permits, the WSFS Mark Protection Committee may meet immediately after the Business Meeting.

Sunday 10:00 a H302:

Memorable Scenes

Some stories have scenes which are so right they just stick in your mind. (E.g., The paleontologist being handed a cooler containing a freshly frozen dinosaur head in Swanwick's Bones of the Earth, or Hari Seldon appearing in the Time Vault, "I am Hari Seldon.") What scenes stick in your minds? What makes them so memorable?

Grant Carrington, Sharon Lee, Farah Mendelsohn, Darrell Schweitzer

Sunday 10:00 a H303:

When Did the Future Get So Far Away?

Remember the 1959s and 1960s, when we thought that by the year 2000 we'd have giant orbiting space stations, routine space travel, and human colonies all over the solar system? Stories written today don't talk of such wonders happening within a few decades—instead, they're a century or more in the imagined future. What happened? Did we get more cynical and lose our near-term dreams, or more practical and assume the future would be harder to get to that earlier dreamers imagined?

Judith Berman, Steve Carper, D. Douglas Fratz, John G. Hemry, Mike Shepherd-Moscoe (m)

Sunday 10:00 a H304:

Hiking the Enchanted Forest: Setting in Fantasy

Enchanted forests…lonely isles…magic mountains…What is the importance of setting and landscape in fantasy?

David B. Coe, Greer Gilman, Beth Hilgartner, Mindy Klasky, Rebecca Moesta (m), Jeff VanderMeer

Sunday 10:00 a H305:

Archaeology of the Present

When the dig it all up in the future, what will future generations believe about us based on our tools and possessions?

Susan Born, Victoria McManus, Karl Schroeder (m), S. M. Stirling

Sunday 10:00 a H306:

Grow Old Along With Me: Aging Your Characters

Why get stuck in adolescence? Middle age is another quest/rite of passage, and so is old age/death. How do you help your characters grow old (gracefully, or not)? How do you work with those parts of the voyage through life in your work? Or, are we being merely mercenary—to sell to an aging market segment?(Or, because we grow old, we grow old…?)

Lois McMaster Bujold, Nancy Kress (m), Jean Lorrah, Steve Miller, John Scalzi, Susan Shwartz

Sunday 10:00 a H307:

Visual Research

Once you've gotten your 45 years of National Geographic, what next? Create a good reference library and file, and avoid copyright infringement when using it.

Alan F. Beck, Joe Bergeron, Colleen Doran, Thomas Kidd (m)

Sunday 10:00 a H309:

The Art of Titles

Where do titles come from? Are they about art, or more about marketing? Who selects the title—the author or editor/publisher? Can you tell a book's content by its title—and should you? Are there great books with bad titles, and vice versa? Give examples. What are the ten best titles in SF? Why?

Kathryn Cramer (m), Thomas Harlan, Fruma Klass, Terry Pratchett, Gordon Van Gelder

Sunday 10:00 a H310:

Too Many Ideas?

How much stuff can you stuff in one book? Can there be too many goshwowwhatakeenthing ideas, under any circumstances? How can the trade-offs between difficult material and transparency be balanced? Can readers be given more than they can handle? How can the reluctant reader be coaxed along?

James Cambias (m), Carl Frederick, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Sean McMullen

Sunday 10:00 a H311:

Star Trek: A Reflection of Cultures?

How has each series reflected its time?

Bob Greenberger, Les Johnson, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Jim Mann (m)

Sunday 10:00 a H312:

The Best Books of 2004 (so far)

You know those hateful people who somehow keep up with their reading? They're all on this panel. They'll share which current works of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and slipstream it's a shame you're missing.

Charles N. Brown, John Clute, Jonathan Strahan (m)

Sunday 10:00 a Art Show:

Art Show Opens

Sunday 10:00 a Beacon A:

Children's Dance [ages 1-8]

Bring your Teddy Bear. Bring your favorite stuffed animal. Wiggle, jiggle, giggle; hop, bounce, and shake. Dance for kids.

Sue Schroeder

Sunday 10:00 a Beacon D:

Sign Language from the Planet ZOOG [ages 7–12]

Aliens might not look like us or sound like us. How would we communicate face to face? Learn some ASL signs that might help you out.

Note: kids should know the English alphabet to participate in this one!

Geary Gravel

Sunday 10:00 a Beacon F:

Pencil Holder [ages 5-10]

Take a paper tubes and cardboard and personalize it for this fun craft.

Sunday 10:00 a Dalton:

Weird Tales of Early Aviation

Meet those magnificent men and their flying machines in a selection of wonderfully strange and little-know tales from the early days of flight. Meet the World's Worst Pilot (first survivor of a mid-air collision and four emergency parachute bailouts!), the Pilot Who Flew With A Lion, and more. You'll learn why it once took three months to fly coast-to-coast, and why the 1903 Wright Flyer doesn't really exist, even if you think you've actually seen it. Enjoy these wonderfully strange and little-known tales from the early days of flight!

Michael Dobson

Sunday 10:00 a Exeter:


Laura Underwood

Sunday 10:00 a Gardner:

Stories in the Stars [ages 7–12]

Every culture has put its stories into the stars. Come explore the night sky through stories from different cultures, the constellations and the wonders within them.

Steven Hammond

Sunday 10:00 a Hall D:

Dealers Room Opens

Sunday 10:00 a Hampton:


Martha Wells

Sunday 10:00 a Independence:

Deryni Adventure

Join Ann Dupuis, publisher of the upcoming Deryni Adventure Game, for a roleplaying adventure involving Sendai the Magnificent and his troupe of travelling performers. Katherine Kurtz is co-GM for this adventure.

Sunday 10:00 a Con Suite:


Kage Baker, Barbara Chepaitis, Jo Walton, Michael Whelan

Sunday 10:00 a Liberty C:

Transit Fans Discussion Group

Sunday 10:30 a H203:

Hackers in Action: Oppositional Agencies, Performance Tropes

Monica Hulsbus

Sunday 10:30 a H204:

E-Books: Neither "E" Nor Books?

Cory Doctorow

Sunday 10:30 a H209:

Magic User's Club #2 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 10:30 a Clarendon:

About Audio Books

Tamora Pierce

Sunday 10:30 a Dalton:

How to Get a Job in Games

Clarinda Merripen

Sunday 10:30 a Exeter:


Steve Antczak

Sunday 10:30 a Hampton:


Rosemary Kirstein

Sunday 10:45 a Republic A:

Saint Tail #1—3 [Dubbed]

Sunday 11:00 a Auditorium:

Masquerade Tech Rehearsal—Section Two

Sunday 11:00 a H107:

Sword and Sorcery: Heroic Fantasy's Punk Kid Brother

Warrior heroes and mighty magicians strutting their stuff across a world of the author's imagination. That can describe both Heroic Fantasy and Sword-and-Sorcery. But why does one sound more up-market than the other? Does it depend on the style of writing—or just the thickness of the book?

Peter Morwood

Sunday 11:00 a H203:

Criticism or Review?

Is there really a difference? Discuss.

F. Brett Cox, Gregory Feeley (m), Daniel Grotta, Graham Sleight, Takayuki Tatsumi

Sunday 11:00 a H204:

Writers' Tools and Desk Fetishes!

What do writers keep on their desks? How do these objects help their writing? Professionals show-and-tell what their compositional touchstones are all about, and five hints on how to find your own particular desk fetishes

Michael A. Burstein, Daniel P. Dern, Vera Nazarian, Amy Thomson (m), Shane Tourtellotte

Sunday 11:00 a H205:

Low-Budget Independent SF Films

Not every SF or fantasy film has to be an effects-laden, multiple hour epic. Three SF movies that go the other way, helped in part by animation software, were featured at the 04 Sundance Film Festival and one of them—Primer— received the Grand Jury Award for best dramatic feature. As one of the filmmakers, Marteinn Thorsson, says, "A science- fiction film doesn't need to be $80 million and use CGI (computer-generated imagery). Science fiction is about human beings interacting with each other and with technology, and technology has become part of who we are today." Is this one shape of things to come in the SF film world?

Steve Antczak, Resa Nelson, Don Sakers (m), Charles Stross

Sunday 11:00 a H206:

Achilles Needs a Heel!—The Problem With Power

Would Achilles have been interesting if he'd been truly invulnerable, or, instead or dying a tragic here would he still have been acting like a psychopathic adolescent thirty years after the Trojan War ended? Can power without vulnerabilities make an interesting story? (Has anyone succeeded?) What sorts of vulnerabilities are needed? How do you avoid the search for the armor's chink turning a story into a puzzle?

Alison Baird (m), Carol Berg, Diane Duane, Sheila Finch

Sunday 11:00 a H209:

Magic User's Club #3 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 11:00 a H301:

Mixed Marriages

One's a fan, one isn't. How do couples handle the demands of fandom when one of the pair isn't really interested? Panel members have received permission from their spouses to be at this Worldcon.

Michael Benveniste (m), Bob Devney, Daniel Kimmel, Steven H Silver

Sunday 11:00 a H302:

Personnel Problems of Extraterrestrials in Earth Industry

From Clevention (1955) Proper hygiene for food workers with tentacles? ("Must wash hands, tentacles, pseudopods…")? Safety glasses for the many-eyed? Salary compensation for hive beings? And then there's romance in the workplace…oh, my! And how will the Americans with Disabilities laws apply??

Tobias Buckell, Craig Gardner, Laura Anne Gilman, Steven Popkes, Karen Traviss (m)

Sunday 11:00 a H303:

Alien Ethical Systems

What sort of ethical and moral systems would aliens develop, with their very different histories and biologies?

Jeffrey A. Carver, Paul Levinson, Elizabeth Moon, Stanley Schmidt (m), Wen Spencer

Sunday 11:00 a H304:

Nanotech and Murphy's Law

Imagine nanomachines busily clearing your arteries of plaque. Now, imagine them running on Windows ME, or mutating, or being hacked. So, "nothing can go wrong"? Hah! (And are these some of the reasons it's taking so long to develop the actual science?)

M. M. Buckner, Eileen Gunn (m), Stephen C. Lee, Karl Schroeder, W. A. Thomasson, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Sunday 11:00 a H305:

Getting Around Without a Car

Advantages and disadvantages of different modes of transportation—from hiking to SCUBA, horses to Mars rovers. Everything is fair game.

Lisa Barnett, Bob Kanefsky, Lee Martindale (m)

Sunday 11:00 a H306:

DOA: Books that Died Despite Everything

Well-known author, well-developed plot, thorough marketing plan, yet the book fails to thrive. Why? Did it show too much ambition or too little? Was it old-fashioned, or ahead of its time? Were the stars wrong, or the season, or were we simply coming down with the flu? Let us count all the sad ways good books go bad…Our panel will discuss the phenomenon from multiple viewpoints.

John Jarrold, Jane Jewell (m), Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Janna Silverstein, Jonathan Strahan, Jacob Weisman

Sunday 11:00 a H307:

Drawing to Order

Professional artists tell tales of the perils of work when the call they're responding to is from an art director and not a muse.

Ed Cox, Joseph DeVito (m), Karen Haber, Don Maitz, Omar Rayyan

Sunday 11:00 a H309:

The Art of Janny Wurts

Slide show

Janny Wurts

Sunday 11:00 a H310:

The Age of Fighting Sail Isn't Over: It's Moved to SF

Shiver me titanium timber if this wet navy/space navy transposition hasn't gotten even more popular than ever! Who are its leading practitioners—have we got another Patrick O'Brian yet? Can this metaphor survive real space travel?

And talking about "sailing through space," take a quick look at how nautical fiction is related to space opera and hard SF…look at characters and commanders, story lines, missions, venues, dangers, and bureaucracy! Shivermetimbers, if "Sou' by West by Port o' West and Weather the Lizard" doesn't sound nearly as romantic in GPS-ese…

John G. Hemry, Jim Mann (m), Susan Shwartz, Walter Jon Williams

Sunday 11:00 a H311:

Exotic Mythologies

Tired of fantasy larded with cardboard cut-outs from Celtic mythology? Explore some of the world's great mythologies that fantasy has yet to fully explore. A survey of great ideas from countries and peoples around the world.

Suzanne Alles Blom, Anne Harris, Josepha Sherman (m), Vandana Singh

Sunday 11:00 a H312:

The Secularization of the West

Religion as a force shaping Western civilization appears to be declining. Is this a long-term trend or just a temporary blip? If religion really is on the way out, what will replace it as a source of shared values for our culture? How will this affect the rest of the world? Will religious fundamentalism drive the next global conflict? (Is this happening already?)

Elizabeth Hand, Daniel Hatch, James Macdonald (m), James Morrow

Sunday 11:00 a Art Show:

Tour of the Retro Art Exhibit

Bob Eggleton

Sunday 11:00 a Autographing:


Brian W. Aldiss, Kevin J. Anderson, Walter H. Hunt, Robert I. Katz, William Tenn, Rebecca Moesta, Uncle River, Robert J. Sawyer

Sunday 11:00 a Beacon A:

Kinderfilk [ages 1–6]

Mark Mandel

Sunday 11:00 a Beacon D:

Science and Technology for the Kids of the Future [ages 7–12]

Did you know that many adults remember the first color TV's and microwaves" That we lived in a world where our parents and friends could never be reached by cell-phone or email when we were kids? In this program, we'll explore what technologies you might see in the future!

Brenda Jean Cooper

Sunday 11:00 a Beacon F:

Wizard/Princess Hat [ages 2-6]

Cut out and decorate a cone shaped hat to pretend with or to start your design of a new costume idea.

Sunday 11:00 a Clarendon:


Would we truly be able to recognize "alien" music as such…and how (when?) has the question of alien/non-music actually come up on Earth itself?

W. Randy Hoffman, David R. Howell, Louise Marley (m), Yves Meynard

Sunday 11:00 a Dalton:

Saving Clarion East

A brainstorming session open to alumni and potential attendees. It will lay out the problems and try to redesign the workshop for long-term survival.

James Patrick Kelly

Sunday 11:00 a Exeter:

Reading (1 hour)

Nick Sagan

Sunday 11:00 a Gardner:

Staying Safe on the Net [ages 7–12]

Let's go surfing now, everybody's learning how, follow all the links with me! The Net can be a wild ride. Let's learn how to enjoy it while keeping private things private.

James M. Turner

Sunday 11:00 a Hall A:


Sunday 11:00 a Hampton:


Michael F. Flynn

Sunday 11:00 a Con Suite:


Roger MacBride Allen, Phyllis Eisenstein, Esther Friesner, George R. R. Martin

Sunday 11:00 a Liberty A:

Everquest Addicts

Muriel Hykes

Sunday 11:30 a H100:

HeroClix Tournament

Bring your favorite superhero characters and test them in this Wizkids sanctioned event. [500 pts. Female characters only]

Sunday 11:30 a H209:

Magic User's Club #4 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 11:30 a Dalton:

Intimate Adventure: Exploring a New Genre?

Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Jean Lorrah

Sunday 11:30 a Hampton:


Jack L. Chalker

Sunday 12:00 n :

Masquerade Registration Closes

Sunday 12:00 n H100:

Toon RPG: King of the Con Tournament

Games featured are: Fluxx, The Haunting House, Nuclear War, NinjaBurger Card Game, and Gimme the Brain. You must sign up for this event. You must be in the room by noon to play. {Experienced players]

Sunday 12:00 n H100:

Monkeys on the Moon

Six monkey tribes vie for supremacy while you decide which ones to launch back home to Earth. These tribes do not get along, and you must decide which ones to befriend while enduring the scorn of the others. Will you be anointed the Supreme Leader of these primates in this game from Eight Foot Llama? (2–4 players per game.)

Sunday 12:00 n H102:

The Well-Sung Fan

Filking was invented (or was that discovered?) over 50 years ago, with song cycles that go back to the 1940s. In fact, our FGOH Jack Speer wrote the first song sheet. What are the songs of the last 50 years that all fans should know? (Some musical accompaniment should be attempted here!)

Juanita Coulson, Bill Roper (m)

Sunday 12:00 n H107:

Forthcoming from Baen

The Infamous Travelling Slide Show (with Door Prizes!)

Toni Weisskopf

Sunday 12:00 n H203:

Science in SF


Catherine Asaro

Sunday 12:00 n H204:

Promoting a First Novel

OK, you may not get the biggest push from your publisher's marketing myrmidon. Nevertheless, are there practical steps you can take? Suggesting possible blurbers? Getting local reviewers? Bribing your way onto Worldcon program?

Keith R. A. DeCandido, Laura Anne Gilman

Sunday 12:00 n H205:


Barry N. Malzberg, Mike Resnick

Sunday 12:00 n H206:

Psychiatric Disorders of the Future

Psychologists seem to be inventing new disorders all the time to justify behavior considered in some way "aberrant" —and defense lawyers hasten to jump on the bandwagon to get their clients off the hook. (Remember the "Twinkie Defense" in which a client was supposedly incapable of rational action after devouring too much junk food?) On the flip side, some old conditions (e.g., homosexuality) are no longer considered psychiatric disorders. Are psychologists gaining better insights into the human psyche, or just getting better insight into the potential market for their services? What has SF contributed to psychological insight? What sort of disorders will be discovered or emerge over the next 50 years?

A. Michael Rennie, Uncle River, Isaac Szpindel (m), Shane Tourtellotte, Trish Wilson

Sunday 12:00 n H209:

Magic User's Club #5 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 12:00 n H301:

America's Best Comics

The line that Alan Moore begat has spun a number of imaginative and wildly different SF and fantasy titles, including Tom Strong, Promethea and Top Ten. What makes these books work so well? Is it true that Promethea's readers are 98% male? And why aren't there more stories featuring that scary kid genius, Jack B. Quick?

James Bacon, Terence Chua (m), Daniel P. Dern, Pam Fremon, Barry Short

Sunday 12:00 n H302:

The New Weird: What, Who, and Why?

Now that SF has become more mainstream, what has become the new fringe? Who defines what is "weird," and who and what have been declared "weird,"—and why?

Paul DiFilippo, Beth Meacham, Delia Sherman, Graham Sleight (m), Jonathan Strahan, Jeff VanderMeer

Sunday 12:00 n H303:

The Legacy of Cherry Wilder

Jim Frenkel, Katya Reimann

Sunday 12:00 n H304:

Hell is Gray: The Banality of Evil

Back, deep in the mists of history, there has always been a sneaking suspicion that evil is more exciting, more fun than good: many writers (from Milton on down!) make evil seem interesting. (Why?)But is it fun? The (fortunately) few times most of us get near a truly bad person, they don't seem to be very joyful or happy—they seen terribly unhappy and frequently pretty dull. C. S. Lewis called this the banality of evil: uncreative, repetitious, and boring. Hell is not fiery-red, it is gray. Who has done a good job, in fantasy or SF, showing realistic heroes combating realistic evil?

Barbara Chepaitis, Stephen Dedman, Paula Guran, Elizabeth Hand (m), Tanya Huff, Mary Turzillo

Sunday 12:00 n H305:

There's No Tech Like Lo-Tech

Resist the peer pressure from PDA-wielding, cell-phone- carrying, GPS-enabled friends and family. Pick up a hammer, and not a power tool! Rhapsodize about the wonders of steam engines, and things with gears. What's the attraction of the low-tech lifestyle?

Sean McMullen, S. M. Stirling, Robert Charles Wilson, William "Crash" Yerazunis (m)

Sunday 12:00 n H306:

Better than Light Sabers: Really Good Merchandising Tie-ins

Hey—wouldn't you pay good money for a real Vinge bubble? And what else are we ignoring…?

Mike Conrad, Leigh Grossman, David R. Howell, Karen Traviss (m), Liz Williams

Sunday 12:00 n H307:

Angels and Aliens, Magic and Marvels?

Is there an inherent disconnect between believing in a Divine presence and being able to really enjoy science fiction and fantasy? Or, can they complement each other, leading to a greater appreciation of both?

Anne Harris, Beth Hilgartner, Ben Jeapes, James Morrow (m), Brandon Sanderson

Sunday 12:00 n H309:

The Digital Art of Joe Bergeron

Slide show and demo

Joe Bergeron

Sunday 12:00 n H310:

Present at the Creation

A First Fandom panel, looking at our origins.

David A. Kyle, Frederik Pohl, Jack Speer (m)

Sunday 12:00 n H311:

Silver and Gold: The Ages of SF

What defines the "Golden" age of SF? The "Silver"? When did they come about? How did they evolve? What are their differences? What influences of these "ages" have been carried into present day SF?

Brian W. Aldiss, Grant Carrington, Don D'Ammassa, David G. Hartwell, Allen Steele (m)

Sunday 12:00 n H312:

Reading (1 hour)

Terry Pratchett

Sunday 12:00 n Art Show:

Art Show Tour

Margaret Organ-Kean

Sunday 12:00 n Art Show:


Ellen James, harpist

Sunday 12:00 n Autographing:


Jack Dann, P. C. Hodgell, Mindy Klasky, Sharon Lee, David B. Mattingly, Steve Miller, Robert Sheckley, Charles Stross

Sunday 12:00 n Beacon A:

Open Playtime [ages 1-6]

We'll have tunnels, balls, blocks, and other kids to play with.

Sunday 12:00 n Beacon D:

Joke Workshop [ages 7–12]

John Zakour

Sunday 12:00 n Beacon F:

CD Ring Planet [ages 4-8]

Create a planet to hang at home out of styrofoam balls, a CD and your creative imagination.

Sunday 12:00 n Con Suite Foyer:


April Grant, fiddler

Sunday 12:00 n Dalton:

Tarot Spreads: Mapping Destiny

Are you familiar with the meanings of individual tarot cards, but can't seem to read them in a spread? Is the Celtic Cross driving you nuts? Hey, there are a lot of ways to map destiny. Come join us—we'll discuss different spreads, how to read them, even how to create them. Bring notebooks and a pen.

Janine Ellen Young

Sunday 12:00 n Exeter:


Jay Caselberg

Sunday 12:00 n Gardner:

The Kids Next Door…in Space!

Building a Space Station!

Jordin T. Kare

Sunday 12:00 n Hampton:


Paul Witcover

Sunday 12:00 n Independence:

What The World Needs Now

Cupid takes a holiday! And you're filling in for him! You and your fellow Toons have to bring love into the hearts of a few people this Valentine's Day; thankfully, you're not expected to cover the world. Just the Anytown Mall. Here's your wings, bow, and arrows—now get out there and spread some romance! [6 players, Characters created at game]

Sunday 12:00 n Con Suite:


Simon R. Green, Charlaine Harris, David Levine, Tamora Pierce

Sunday 12:00 n Liberty C:

FLY Ladies Discussion Group

Eva Whitley

Sunday 12:00 n Republic A:

Last Exile #1—4 [Dubbed] [13 +]

Sunday 12:30 p H204:

Big Planet as Bosnia

A reinterpretation of the Vance novel.

Peter Weston

Sunday 12:30 p H209:

Magic User's Club #6 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 12:30 p H210:

The Microphone Is Your Friend

Sunday 12:30 p H303:

Have Spacesuit…

Get up close and personal with an authentic Apollo 7 prototype spacesuit and meet the real-life "Kip Russell" who owns it. (No, he didn't win it in a soap jingle contest). Learn the secrets of spacesuit construction and even get your picture taken with it. You can even touch it, if you're nice and your hands are clean!

Michael Dobson

Sunday 12:30 p Exeter:


M. M. Buckner

Sunday 12:30 p Hampton:


Esther Friesner

Sunday 1:00 p H100:

Who Stole Ed's Pants

Frame your opponents for pants-theft in this light-hearted yet strategic card game. Rally your supporters as case facts change, evidence is planted and witnesses alter. It's a mind-bending travesty of justice. [3-4 players per game]

Sunday 1:00 p H203:

Can SF Teach the Scientific Method?

Can you actually teach logic and methodology in the classroom? Should you? Can SF help? Is Spock a good role model?

Mike Brotherton, Carl Frederick (m), David Friedman, Charles Oberndorf, Isaac Szpindel, Mary Turzillo

Sunday 1:00 p H204:

Turning Children's Books Into Film

Putting the Harry Potter books on film is turning out pretty well. Besides Holes, the latest Peter Pan, the recent TV Wrinkle in Time (plus Peter Jackson's promised The Hobbit ) what other kids' stuff would look great on the silver screen? Why? And perhaps most importantly, how?

Kathryn Cramer, Susan Fichtelberg, Diana Tixier Herald, James S. Hinsey (m), Kathleen Kudlinski, Bonnie Kunzel

Sunday 1:00 p H205:

Risky Business

Risk acceptance vs. risk aversion in humans, and how it might affect things like evolution, scientific investigation, and (especially) exploration/manned space flight.

Marc Giller, Bill Higgins, Geoffrey A. Landis, Mark L. Olson (m), H. Paul Shuch

Sunday 1:00 p H206:

The Human Cloning Wars

Success with cloning mammals makes it look as if human cloning may be possible. The first steps toward human cloning have been reported. The battle lines are already drawn on how far to go. Opinions range from the Raelians who say everybody must get cloned, to religious conservatives who want cloning banned. But the real debate is about the perils and promises of reproductive and therapeutic cloning. What's the difference? How does it matter to us? What's likely to change? Will cloning lead to human organ farms for spare parts? What are some of the emerging ethical concerns about this biotechnology? How can they be addressed?

Daniel Abraham (m), Bridget Coila, Herb Kauderer, Mary H. Rosenblum, Samuel Scheiner

Sunday 1:00 p H209:

Record Of Lodoss War #1 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 1:00 p H210:

Filk Pickup Concert

Sunday 1:00 p H301:

More About Merlin

Merlin had his own existence in legend before his association with Arthur; he was a wilder pagan figure. Look at the independent treatments of Merlin, and those who followed after in his image.

Christopher Cevasco (m), Stephen Leigh, Josepha Sherman, Sarah Zettel

Sunday 1:00 p H302:

Stories I'm Too Scared to Write

What makes some topics too frightening to write about? Is one person's bane another's delight?

Ginjer Buchanan (m), Joe Haldeman, Louise Marley, Robert Charles Wilson

Sunday 1:00 p H303:

Just Because We Speak the Same Language Doesn't Mean We Think Alike

Are we divided by a common tongue? Which cultural factors unite the English-speaking world—and which divide it? How can we overcome those differences? (Should we try?) How does this appear in the real world and in the fannish word (especially!)? Who's "right"—who's "wrong"—and how can we cope with these differences?

jan howard finder, Jay Caselberg, Grant Kruger (m), Michael Rennie, Karen Traviss

Sunday 1:00 p H304:

Starship Firefighters: Emergency Response in SF

When your dad was in the fire department, he hooked up to a hydrant, dragged the hose into the building, pointed it at the fire and squirted. Nowadays,(a very few, very well- funded) Fire Departments are using GPS, integrated helmet arrays that combine air supply monitoring and communications, Incident Command Systems, Personal Alert Safety Systems, thermal imaging, robots for bomb work, hazmat recon, realtime wireless video, etc., etc., etc. Emergency response folk battle hurricanes, forest fires with technology and science driven systems. And now your friendly neighborhood firefighter, paramedic and beat cop are likely to be the first to deal with such things as Bio, Chem, Rad or Nuke attacks and they'll have to deal with them for quite some time before the Feds gear up their 'fast' response. This is a definite culture change driven by technology—Is there anyone out there in SF doing something with this? If so, who? If not, why? If it can be done, how should it be done? And what happens when things go wrong in space?

Robert Buettner, Chris French, John G. Hemry, Steven L. Lopata, James Macdonald (m), Henry Spencer

Sunday 1:00 p H305:

Writers' Blocks

All about Writer's Block: writer's block is a simple concept, that the writer is stuck. Getting past it, though, can be less simple—there are lots of different possible causes—stress at work or at home, a story that the plot is getting stuck on, characters that the writer is getting bored with, etc. The ways to address writers' block differ, too. Some people take a long walk, some garden, some go shopping, some go on-line, some work on a different story, some read a favorite book. There's no one cure—but different writers have different strategies, or sets of strategies, and those can work for other people, too.

Working through Blockages: What techniques can writers use when they hit problems with the plot, the setting, and the characters? How can a writer persuade a character to "tell" them what's bothering the character, or why the character won't cross that river the writer thinks the character needs to cross? What does a writer do after having gathered the armies to have a war, and the characters are so unobliging as to refuse to fight? How do writers write themselves out of boxes? And what other things can a writer do when stuck, besides cat vacuuming?

K. A. Bedford, Patricia Bray (m), Tobias Buckell, Stephen P. Kelner

Sunday 1:00 p H306:

Confronting Your Characters

A participant will take on the role of an author's main character, and complain to the writer how badly the writer has treated him/her. The writer gets to respond…

Hilari L. Bell (m), Carol Berg, Lois McMaster Bujold, Steve Miller, Elizabeth Moon

Sunday 1:00 p H307:

Character Portraits: Painting Someone You've Never Seen

No author ever describes a character so specifically as an artist does in a portrait—so how does an artist construct such a portrait with only the author's words to go on? How do you fill in the gaps?

Rick Berry, David B. Mattingly, Margaret Organ-Kean (m), Ruth Sanderson

Sunday 1:00 p H309:

KONG and the Art of Joe DeVito

Slide show

Joseph DeVito

Sunday 1:00 p H310:

Experience Science Fiction: The Museum

The new Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (SFM) opened its doors in June. This world-class interactive museum features creators of both science fiction literature and media, providing a wonderful overview of the history of science fiction and its impact on society, culture, and imagination. Is this the new Alexandria for the science fiction community? Find out how you can get involved with the museum and learn more about its plans for the near future.

Gregory Benford, Gay Haldeman, Leslie Howle (m), Michael Whelan

Sunday 1:00 p H311:

Fun and Games with Time Travel

OK, assume time travel is possible…now, what do you do with it? What are some of the tricks you can play, and what are some of the issues (plot problems, paradoxes, etc.) that you might meet? Play!

Kage Baker, Ben Jeapes, S. M. Stirling, Michael Swanwick, Connie Willis (m)

Sunday 1:00 p H312:

Beyond Sex

Writing sex scenes is easy, but conveying the ebbs and flows of a meaningful romantic relationship is harder to do. How do authors do this successfully?

David B. Coe (m), George R. R. Martin, Victoria McManus, Laura Resnick, Melinda Snodgrass

Sunday 1:00 p Art Show:

Art Show Tour

John F. Hertz

Sunday 1:00 p Autographing:


John Clute, Neil Gaiman, David A. Hardy, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Jean Lorrah, Harry Turtledove, Rick Wilber

Sunday 1:00 p Mended Drum:

Literary Beer

Michael F. Flynn, Justine Larbalestier, G. David Nordley, Scott Westerfeld

Sunday 1:00 p Beacon A:

Playground Games [ages 4-7]

Play basic rule games in a more organized manner than open playtime (Duck, Duck, Goose; Animal Tag; Simon Says, etc.)

Sunday 1:00 p Beacon D:

Origami for Kids [ages 7–12]

Create shapes and animals using Japanese folded paper techniques. Learn the basic folds and see what you can create.

Mark R. Leeper

Sunday 1:00 p Beacon F:

Alien Catcher [ages 3-8]

Using a toilet paper tube, fun foam and your imagination make a fun game to capture a created alien.

Sunday 1:00 p Clarendon:

Voice Workshop

Learn how to sing with good intonation and projection. Perfect your breathing. Avoid straining your voice. Review of introduction, everyone can improve their technique.

Mary C. Miller

Sunday 1:00 p Dalton:

The Wizard of Oz: a Dialog

W. Randy Hoffman, Toni L. P. Kelner

Sunday 1:00 p Exeter:


Shariann Lewitt

Sunday 1:00 p Gardner:

Improvisational Acting [ages 7–12]

Acting out, with other future actors.

Michael McAfee

Sunday 1:00 p Hampton:

Reading (1 hour)

Mike Resnick

Sunday 1:00 p Liberty A:

Writers of the Future

Sunday 1:00 p Con Suite:


Mitchell Freedman, Nancy Kress, Sharon Lee, Lawrence Watt-Evans

Sunday 1:30 p H100:

Icehouse Demo

Try many unique games like Martian Chess!

Sunday 1:30 p H209:

Record Of Lodoss War #2 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 1:30 p H210:

Filk Request/One-Shots Concert

Sunday 1:30 p Dalton:

About Collaborations

Steven Sawicki

Sunday 1:30 p Exeter:


Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Sunday 1:30 p Con Suite:

Long Live the Legion!

The Worldcon tribute to…the Legion of Superheroes…?

Joe Bergeron, Priscilla Olson (m), Don Sakers, Jed Shumsky

Sunday 1:45 p Republic A:

Escaflowne, The Movie [Subtitled]

Sunday 2:00 p H100:

Icehouse Tournament

Sunday 2:00 p H100:

Monkeys on the Moon

Six monkey tribes vie for supremacy while you decide which ones to launch back home to Earth. These tribes do not get along, and you must decide which ones to befriend while enduring the scorn of the others. Will you be anointed the Supreme Leader of these primates in this game from Eight Foot Llama? (2—4 players per game.)

Sunday 2:00 p H107:


Sunday 2:00 p H203:

The Idea of Colony in Science Fiction

Stephen Dedman

Sunday 2:00 p H204:

The Gaijin Menace—the Foreigner in Anime/Manga

How are American, Chinese, or Europeans seen in Japanese media? How are different ethnicities portrayed in anime and manga?

James S. Hinsey (m), Mari Kotani, Neil Nadelman, Wen Spencer, Bill Todd

Sunday 2:00 p H205:


Valuable and/or fascinating books, fanzines, toys, artwork, and "tuckerizations" (wherein your favorite writers vow to include your name in their next works) are sold to the highest bidder! Buy early and often to benefit the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund and the Down Under Fan Fund. Auctioneers: Guy and Rosie Lillian (past DUFF delegates) and Peter Weston (Fan Guest of Honor).

Sunday 2:00 p H206:

To Mars?

In January President Bush announced plans to send astronauts back to the moon and on to Mars. NASA is figuring out how to do it. Is it really the space advocate's dream come true? Will the program sink under projected cost, or would we better off just sending robots?

Gregory Benford, Jeff Hecht (m), Les Johnson, Geoffrey A. Landis, Ian Randal Strock

Sunday 2:00 p H208:

Finding the Future: A Science Fiction Conversation Introduced by Casey Moore

Sunday 2:00 p H209:

Record Of Lodoss War #3 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 2:00 p H210:

Space Opera by the North Cambridge Family Opera Company

Sunday 2:00 p H301:

A David Hardy Interview

Learn more about this popular British artist, as he talks about his career and experiences in fandom.

Paul Barnett, David A. Hardy, Pamela Scoville

Sunday 2:00 p H302:

The Writer and Moral Responsibility

So you write a book about a serial-killer-vampire, and find out that a disturbed 14-year-old kid has decided to play out that fantasy…Arrgh!!!? Talk about this, and related issues. Where does the buck stop?

Carol Berg, Chris Moriarty, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Deborah Ross, Brandon Sanderson (m)

Sunday 2:00 p H303:

Losing the History of SF

Most contemporary readers lack a consciousness of the history of the field. How is this abetted by mainstream publishers?

John R. Douglas

Sunday 2:00 p H304:

The Tropes of H.P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft pioneered a number of now-common themes and settings for horror. Elder gods; mad old magic books; decayed house, towns, cities, civilizations, or characters; and of course slimy, shadowed, unspeakably betentacled forms of an eldritch horror beyond the most lurid imaginings of man…What other concepts just scream Lovecraft, and why are they all such fun? How has Lovecraft continued to influence the genre?

Christopher Cevasco, Jack L. Chalker, Terence Chua, Darrell Schweitzer (m), Jim Young

Sunday 2:00 p H305:

The Risks of Recruitment

"Everyone says" we have to bring in new blood to fandom. What are the dangers? How do we tie these newbies into the existing fannish community and still keep its identify and stability—and is that something that should make us think again about the new blood?

Priscilla Olson (m), Andrew Porter, Tom Schaad, Kevin Standlee

Sunday 2:00 p H306:

Art Auction

You've already bid. Now see if you've won. (Of course, after the winning comes the paying…)

Sunday 2:00 p H307:

All Things to All Fen?

From the 1963 Worldcon… What does it mean to be a fan? In 1963, the conclusion was that fanzines were the single most important feature of fandom. That's changed. But—how do the different groups making up the community feel they fit? Is there any sense of unity? What does fandom offer you?

Denise Gendron, Bey King, Gary D. McGath, Kevin P. Roche, Edie Stern (m)

Sunday 2:00 p H309:

The Art of Don Maitz

Slide show

Don Maitz

Sunday 2:00 p H310:

Heinlein's Juveniles

Heinlein's juveniles are still being read and reread by SF fans nearly a half-century after they were first published. They have rarely (if ever) gone out of print. Why are these "kiddie books" so popular? Join in, and discuss your favorite Heinlein juveniles, why you love them, and why they've stood the test of time far better than a lot of the other SF from their era

Solomon Davidoff, Joseph T. Major, John McDaid, Tamora Pierce

Sunday 2:00 p H311:

Mercenaries in SF—The Eclipse of the Citizen Soldier

From the Dendari, onward, how have they been handled in the genre? Additionally, *why* is the idea of a vigilante superhero so prevalent in American culture, anyway?

John G. Hemry, Sean M. Mead, Elizabeth Moon (m), Mike Shepherd-Moscoe

Sunday 2:00 p H312:

Fantasy Noire

Fantasy doesn't have to be sweetness and light, it can be dark without turning into gore-ridden horror. Who is writing dark fantasy today? Are there several traditions, or does it all derive from Lovecraft? Are there motifs in dark fantasy as pervasive as the Quest is in high fantasy? Has dark fantasy gotten clichéd?

Jim Butcher, Glen Cook, Faye Ringel (m), Delia Sherman

Sunday 2:00 p Art Show:

Close of Written Bidding in Art Show

Featuring a fanfare and exit music by The Star Chamber

Sunday 2:00 p Art Show:

Art Show Closes for auction and sales set-up

Sunday 2:00 p Autographing:


Hilari L. Bell, Sheila Finch, John M. Ford, Mitchell Freedman, Harry Harrison, Ellen Kushner, Connie Willis

Sunday 2:00 p Mended Drum:

Literary Beer

Jim Frenkel, Elizabeth Hand, Gary K. Wolf

Sunday 2:00 p Beacon A:

Movie [ages 1-8]

Movies will be announced on the Movie Board outside the room.

Sunday 2:00 p Beacon D:

What's in a Name?—Writing and Art for Kids [ages 7–12]

How do names relate to the stories being told about them? Or do the names tell the story?

Ruth Sanderson

Sunday 2:00 p Beacon F:

Origami with Mark Leeper [ages 3-8]

Join Mark to create animals from folded paper.

Mark Leeper

Sunday 2:00 p Clarendon:

Ukulele Workshop

Blind Lemming Chiffon

Sunday 2:00 p Dalton:

What Fans Demand of the Writer

We're not really just talking autographs and panel patter here. Do we press authors for authentic characterization, unsettled originality, and true mind expansion? Or just insist on nicely riveted research and more of the same old same old?

Charlaine Harris

Sunday 2:00 p Exeter:


Kage Baker

Sunday 2:00 p Gardner:

Blowing Bubbles [ages 7–12]

Bob Kanefsky

Sunday 2:00 p Grand Ballroom:


Winner, Sundance Film Festival

Sunday 2:00 p Hall A:

Junkyard Wars

William "Crash" Yerazunis

Sunday 2:00 p Hampton:


Michael Swanwick

Sunday 2:00 p Con Suite:


Charles N. Brown, Katherine Kurtz, Vera Nazarian, Janny Wurts

Sunday 2:00 p Liberty A:

Girl Scouts

Suli Isaacs

Sunday 2:30 p H203:

SF in the Tabloids

Circulations for the SF magazines have been dropping for years. But the tabloids sell hundreds of thousands of copies per week—and they carry a lot of material that can only be described as SF! Are we doing something wrong?

Thomas A. Easton

Sunday 2:30 p H209:

Record Of Lodoss War, #4 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 2:30 p H303:

Effects of Different Gravity

…on atmospheres, structures, and people… G. David Nordley

Sunday 2:30 p Dalton:

Great Illustrators of the Past, and How to Collect Them

Jerry Weist

Sunday 2:30 p Exeter:


Beth Hilgartner

Sunday 2:30 p Hampton:


James Patrick Kelly

Sunday 3:00 p H100:

Who Stole Ed's Pants

Frame your opponents for pants theft in this light-hearted yet strategic card game. Rally your supporters as case facts change, evidence is planted and witnesses alter. It's a mind-bending travesty of justice. (3–4 players per game)

Sunday 3:00 p H203:

Twentieth-Century Utopian SF: Huxley and Orwell and Wells and…

Charlie Petit

Sunday 3:00 p H204:

LOTR: Looking Back at the Films

The film series is over, the dust has settled, was it all worth it? A look back, and assessment of the series as a whole.

MaryAnn Johanson, Laurie Mann (m), Kathy Morrow

Sunday 3:00 p H205:

The Senile Pen?

Is it true that older authors lose focus (or, merely that they lose their editors)? Great ideas—but cardboard characters? Might this be a function of age? Or fame? Or what?

John R. Douglas (m), Laura Anne Gilman, Jim Grimsley, Shawna McCarthy

Sunday 3:00 p H206:

Fandom's Bad Ideas: Remembering the Best of the Worst

The Cosmic Circle? Coventry? Slan shacks? What are some of the worst ideas (besides Worldcon, Inc.) with which fandom has dabbled? Should the Tucker Hotel actually include a beer can tower to the moon? Panelists reveal the secrets behind the best of the worst (after all, we're all fen here)…

Jack L. Chalker, Joe Siclari (m), Jack Speer

Sunday 3:00 p H209:

Record Of Lodoss War #5 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 3:00 p H210:

Filk Concert 20

Sunday 3:00 p H301:

The Fermi Paradox: Where is Everyone?

Enrico Fermi asked the question "Where are they?" Everything we know about astronomy, physics, chemistry and biology seems to say that planets with life ought to be common in the universe. If so, where are the aliens? Something is wrong—but what?

John G. Cramer, G. David Nordley, Mark L. Olson (m), Stanley Schmidt

Sunday 3:00 p H302:

Creating Gods

Gods are important characters in fantasy works from mythology to the Silmarillion to Saberhagen's "Swords" novels to Discworld. How does one introduce superbeings into a work without pushing the human characters into insignificance? Gods are often gigantic projections of human characteristics. Can they serve other functions as well? Additionally, why are polytheistic settings so common in fantasy? What are the sources that authors are using, and why? And why do readers find them so compelling?

Lois McMaster Bujold (m), David B. Coe, Glen Cook, George R. R. Martin, Tamora Pierce, Jo Walton

Sunday 3:00 p H303:

The Feng-shui of Program

Experts tell all.

How do you properly balance a convention program? Is it all about ideas…program participants…or do you really have to move all that furniture around? And, are there really any completely BAD program ideas (and why?)—and should you try risky things on Somebody Else's Program before messing up your own convention? How can one overthrow the bourgeois hegemony of panel discussions—and is it really worth it to try?

Jim Mann, Priscilla Olson (m), John Pomeranz

Sunday 3:00 p H304:

The Catharsis of Myth, The Shock of Invention

(Readercon) In writing or reading fiction, we place a high value on the degree to which the plot unfolds in unexpected ways. But much of the power of myth and fairy tales derives from the way they fulfill our expectations. How do the best works of fantasy reconcile these seeming opposites?

Ellen Datlow, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Daniel Hatch, Elizabeth Anne Hull (m)

Sunday 3:00 p H305:

Growing Artistically Through Crisis

Your spouse left you, your dog died, and the bank repossessed your pickup. If you're not a country western singer, what do you do?

James S. Hinsey (m), Laurie J. Marks, Deborah Ross, Amy Thomson

Sunday 3:00 p H306:

Art Show Auction (until 6:00 p)

Sunday 3:00 p H307:

Gaming to Book Crossover—and Back Again

Getting information from the game or book…or giving it to the game or book: is this a chicken-egg issue? Find out where the game stops/starts and the book begins. (ends?)…

Thomas Harlan

Sunday 3:00 p H309:

Lonely Planet: The Extinction of Everybody But Us

It's estimated that the familiar banana (a monoclonal variety known as the cavendish) will disappear from global shelves within a decade. One SF writer/marine biologist (Peter Watts) says he hopes his successors like squids and jellyfish, because in 50 years they'll be the only marine life left. Are we about to experience big bad changes in our biosphere, or are we alarmed over nothing? An exploration of many questions exploring the deficits or dividends of genetic diversity (past, present, and future!)

M. M. Buckner, D. Douglas Fratz (m), Samuel Scheiner, Pat York

Sunday 3:00 p H310:

Defending the Writing Life

or…"You're not busy, are you?" What to say when your parent, neighbor, or the mom besides you at playgroup asks, "So, are you still doing that writing stuff?" Why do writers have to defend their occupation to others? Why do our relatives and neighbors all think that because we're home we aren't really working? What great responses can you give them?

Jack Dann, Melanie Fletcher (m), Gavin Grant, Gay Haldeman, David Marusek

Sunday 3:00 p H311:

My Favorite Novels

Panelists will supply a list of their favorite novels, and the audience will try to match the authors to their lists. Then, they'll discuss their choices.

Rosemary Kirstein, Paul Levinson (m), Robert Reed, Robert Charles Wilson

Sunday 3:00 p H312:

The Far Future: Where Fantasy Meets SF?

As Clarke's Law says, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. When writing about the far future, where do we draw this distinction? Can we? And, perhaps more importantly, should we?

Jeffrey A. Carver, Brenda Jean Cooper (m), Karl Schroeder, Robert Silverberg

Sunday 3:00 p Art Show:

Tour of the Retro Art Exhibit

Robert K. Wiener

Sunday 3:00 p Autographing:


Juanita Coulson, Nancy Kress, Barry N. Malzberg, James Morrow, Terry Pratchett, Mike Resnick, Lawrence Schoen

Sunday 3:00 p Mended Drum:

Literary Beer

Kelly Link, S. M. Stirling, Charles Stross

Sunday 3:00 p Mended Drum:


Blind Lemming Chiffon

Sunday 3:00 p Beacon A:

Movie [ages 1-8]

Movies will be announced on the Movie Board outside the room.

Sunday 3:00 p Beacon D:

Pictionary [ages 7–12]

Teddy Harvia

Sunday 3:00 p Beacon F:

Write a Story [ages 4-7]

Everyone has a story running around inside them. Here's the time to bring it out.

Sunday 3:00 p Clarendon:

Bodran Workshop

The elegant underlay of a skilled percussionist is a welcome decoration to music. An introduction to the bodran (Irish frame drum) with a master percussionist.

Brenda Sutton

Sunday 3:00 p Con Suite Foyer:


Ellen James, harpist

Sunday 3:00 p Dalton:

Making a Poly-shrink Pin

Instant jewelry making—for adults!

Elizabeth Janes

Sunday 3:00 p Exeter:


Michelle Sagara West

Sunday 3:00 p Gardner:

Live Action Roleplaying Game: Harry Potter and the Lost Labyrinth [ages 7–12]

Albertus Dumbledore is ready to welcome the new first year students into the Hogwarts School of Magic! But he seems to be acting strangely lately. He forgets a lot of things, today he even forgot where the great hall was! Has something happened to his memory? In the meantime, the new students are starting their classes: Potions with Snape, Care of Magical Creatures with Hagrid, and there is a new Dark Arts professor: a mysterious woman who always wears a veil that covers her face…It is said that a student caught a glimpse of her face and was sent to the infirmary soon after! Finally, there is a door in Hogwarts with warning signs on it, and the teachers aren't allowing anyone through! Students who have sneaked a peek say that there is a labyrinth beyond the door! A magical hedge maze with shifting passages. What could be at its center? [20 players, 7—12 years old]

Sunday 3:00 p Hampton:


Barbara Chepaitis, Steven Sawicki

Sunday 3:00 p Independence:

Deryni Guide

An old friend sent a cryptic message. Might he have found a fabled treatise on Deryni magic? Where is he? And who else might be looking for the book, and the power it represents? A Deryni adventure featuring Sendai the Magnificent and his troupe of travelling performers.

Sunday 3:00 p Con Suite:


Paula Guran, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Michael Swanwick, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Harry Turtledove

Sunday 3:00 p Liberty C:

Boy Scouts

Fred Isaacs

Sunday 3:10 p Republic A:

Mad Ox 1 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 3:30 p H203:

Horror and the American Literary Mainstream

Poe wrote it; Hawthorne wrote it; Henry James wrote it…why do our literary heavy-hitters keep coming back to things that go bump in the night?

Debra Doyle

Sunday 3:30 p H209:

Record Of Lodoss War #6 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 3:30 p H210:

"Electro" Concert

Gary Ehrlich

Sunday 3:30 p H307:

Adapting Media Tie-ins to Computer Games

Kimberly Ann Kindya

Sunday 3:30 p Exeter:


Michael A. Burstein

Sunday 3:30 p Hampton:


Catherine Asaro

Sunday 4:00 p H100:

Monkeys on the Moon

Six monkey tribes vie for supremacy while you decide which ones to launch back home to Earth. These tribes do not get along, and you must decide which ones to befriend while enduring the scorn of the others. Will you be anointed the Supreme Leader of these primates in this game from Eight Foot Llama? (2—4 players per game.)

Sunday 4:00 p H101:

Jewish Time-Based Mitzvoth in a Lunar Colony

Jews have found ways to adapt ancient laws to modern and future ideas. from time travel; (across the International Dateline, at least) to vampirism (yes, you are permitted to swallow some blood).

So, nu? How does someone observe a time-based commandment when "day" and "night" are artificial concepts. Where will a naturally-flowing spring come from for a mikvah on Mars? Our panel of mavens will engage in pilpul on halachic and non-halachic issues.

Nomi Burstein (m), Solomon Davidoff, Janice Gelb, Daniel Kimmel

Sunday 4:00 p H107:

What's New from Tor

A presentation of recent and forthcoming works published by Tor Books, along with a brief Q&A about the books. Come see the pretty pictures (i.e., cover art). Listen to the editors wax rhapsodic. There will be door prizes!

David G. Hartwell, Beth Meacham, James Minz, Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Sunday 4:00 p H203:

How to Run a Film Festival

Garen Daley, James S. Hinsey

Sunday 4:00 p H204:

This Book Sucks: How and How Not To Write Reviews

What makes a good book review or a good critical piece? What kinds of things should book reviewers do? What kinds of behaviors should they avoid?

Tobias Buckell, Thomas A. Easton, Scott Edelman, Janice M. Eisen (m), Steven Sawicki

Sunday 4:00 p H205:

Dead Fans Don't Pub Their Ish

Who's the Walt Willis of today? What will we do without Harry Warner Jr.? A fond remembrance of the finest fanzine writers and publishers of the past and an examination of The State of Fanzine Publishing in the 21st Century? What's being published? What's good? What's bad?

James Bacon, John-Henri Holmberg, Joe Siclari, Geri Sullivan (m)

Sunday 4:00 p H206:

Fandom Online

TMI!!! Personalzines were intimate forms of communications among a small group of acquaintances and friends. Compare and contrast to web pages on line, open to umpty-billion people. Is there too much information out there? Do we really need to know? Or are live journals the next best thing to being there? Noreascon has nearly 100 mailing lists all by itself. Are we drowning in data and lacking in knowledge? Or are we moving from 6 degrees of separation to 2? How do you cope with your electronic in-basket?

Elisabeth Carey (m), Anna Feruglio Dal Dan, Craig Engler, Sharon Sbarsky, James M. Turner

Sunday 4:00 p H208:

Raiders of the Lost Ark: A Fan Film

Sunday 4:00 p H209:

Record Of Lodoss War #7 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 4:00 p H210:

Filk and Fable

Stories and the songs about them or which inspired them. Panel, performance, and reading, with footnotes.

Tanya Huff

Sunday 4:00 p H301:

Philosophy and SF

Why, when SF ventures into philosophy, is it typically Plato and early philosophers (with the probably exception of Nietzsche)? Can this be refuted? What's wrong with, say, Hume and Locke?

Peter J. Heck, John F. Hertz, Paul Levinson, Jim Mann (m)

Sunday 4:00 p H302:

SF: A Modern Mythology?

Why not? It's similar to ancient epic poetry and storytelling as both celebratory and hortatory, about good and evil and what virtue consists of. Among other things…

Suzy McKee Charnas, Greer Gilman, Anne Harris, Suford Lewis (m), Uncle River

Sunday 4:00 p H303:

Writing for Massively Multiplayer Online Worlds

Good SF/F writing makes or breaks a persistent massively multiplayer online world. Without them, a MMORPG becomes a slayfest, or a simple "go here and do that" list of quests. Experts from the industry talk about how to get more involved in persistent worlds as creative forces from the start of a project to its launch, and what good writing means to a creation of a great game.

Jessica Mulligan, John Scalzi

Sunday 4:00 p H304:

Alternate Law

Laws that passed/failed to pass. Laws that were interpreted differently…What kinds of stories have been (should be? ) written using these "what if" ideas?

Michael Benveniste (m), Mitchell Freedman, David Friedman, Charlie Petit

Sunday 4:00 p H305:

Going to School in a SF/F Environment

A discussion about what schools might be like in SF settings, like a different world, starship, etc. Also, talk about schools you've read about in other works, —from Hogwarts to Sunnydale/Smallville High to Enders' Battle School…What classes would you be taking? Come up with your ideal class schedule from your favorite story!

Lee Martindale, Val Ontell (m), E. Rose Sabin, Mary Turzillo

Sunday 4:00 p H307:

Financial Planning for the Freelancer

How big a cushion should you have before quitting that day job? Are there tricks and techniques for dealing with cash flow problems? And what about retirement?

Susan Shwartz

Sunday 4:00 p H309:

Slide Show

N. Taylor Blanchard

Sunday 4:00 p H310:

Romancing the Philosopher's Stone: Looking for the Science in Magic

Like all long-lived legends and myths, that of the philosopher's stone that would alloy with a base metal to yield gold, is based on a then dimly-understood reality. Journey back in time to the mystic East to discover the real philosopher's stone, and wonder at the science that still today conjures plenty from the base elements!

David Stephenson

Sunday 4:00 p H311:

1984+20: Dystopia Past/Present/Future

Where do we stand compared to the totalitarian state portrayed in Orwell's 1984? Look at where we are now, and 1984's ancestors and descendants—in SF and the real world!

William Tenn, Karin Lowachee, David McMahon, Nick Sagan, James Stevens-Arce (m)

Sunday 4:00 p H312:

The Next Plague

Science fiction writers looking for ways to end the world have often turned to plagues. They have a long and fearful history, and new ones are emerging to join the old standbys. AIDS remains devastating in the less-developed world. West Nile, Ebola, Aids, SARS, Bird Flu and other diseases are becoming familiar to us all. The easy international travel that makes possible events like a Worldcon also breaks down barriers to the spread of disease. Some experts say that it is just a matter of time before the world is hit by another major flu epidemic, one that will sweep across the globe and kill tens of millions, or even more. Others talk about the dreaded super-virus, something like an airborne Ebola that could extinguish human civilization in a matter of weeks. Antibiotic- resistant tuberculosis is spreading. Even bacterial infections are becoming immune to antibiotics and may pose a real threat to humanity as well. Is this a time bomb akin to an Armageddon asteroid? What are the odds looking like? Should I buy that isolated log cabin in the mountains?

Zara Baxter, Herb Kauderer, Perrianne Lurie (m), Jed Shumsky, Ronald Taylor

Sunday 4:00 p Art Show:

Art Show Pick-Up and Pay

Sunday 4:00 p Art Show:

Print Shop re-opens

Sunday 4:00 p Autographing:


Patricia Bray, Mike Conrad, Ellen Datlow, Gardner Dozois, Frederik Pohl, Madeleine E. Robins, Martha Wells

Sunday 4:00 p Mended Drum:

Literary Beer

Kevin J. Anderson, Jack Dann, Diane Duane

Sunday 4:00 p Beacon A:

Open Playtime [ages 1-6]

We'll have tunnels, balls, blocks, and other kids to play with.

Sunday 4:00 p Beacon D:

First Contact [ages 7–12]

Talk and role-play about what you would do if you met aliens for the first time!

Matthew Jarpe

Sunday 4:00 p Beacon F:

Yarn Bug [ages 4-8]

Yarn, wiggle eyes and a lot of wrapping will help build up these funny creatures.

Sunday 4:00 p Clarendon:

How To Pub a Songbook

Gary D. McGath

Sunday 4:00 p Dalton:

Using Occult Science as SF Background

Does there have to be any significant difference between SF and Fantasy?

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Sunday 4:00 p Exeter:


Hilari L. Bell

Sunday 4:00 p Grand Ballroom:

Surge of Power

Presented by the Director, Michael Donahue

Mike Donahue

Sunday 4:00 p Hampton:

Reading (1 hour)

Cory Doctorow

Sunday 4:00 p Con Suite:


David B. Coe, Harry Harrison, Mike Shepherd-Moscoe, Larry Niven

Sunday 4:00 p Liberty A:

Hypoglycemia Discussion Group

Benita Gagne

Sunday 4:00 p Republic A:

Bubblegum Crisis [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 4:00 p Docent Tour:

Village Tour (of the Worldcon)—Tom Veal

Sunday 4:30 p H203:

Dark Laugher: The Satire of William Tenn (Robert James)

Sunday 4:30 p H209:

Record Of Lodoss War #8 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 4:30 p H307:

The Hospital of the Future

Robert I. Katz

Sunday 4:30 p Dalton:

Tricking Yourself Into Actually Writing

Kathleen Kudlinski

Sunday 4:30 p Exeter:


David C. Kopaska-Merkel

Sunday 4:45 p Republic A:

Bubblegum Crisis #2 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 5:00 p H100:

Who Stole Ed's Pants

Frame your opponents for pants-theft in this light-hearted yet strategic card game. Rally your supporters as case facts change, evidence is planted and witnesses alter. It's a mind-bending travesty of justice. (3-4 players per game)

Sunday 5:00 p H101:

Us and Them: Are Categories Necessary?

Humans are very good at dividing people up into groups, but not so good at breaking down those divisions, as demonstrated by the contested space currently surrounding gender and race issues. How is Western society dealing with these issues? Are alternative systems of creating non-judgmental categories, such as Myers-Briggs, useful in this endeavor? Are things like diversity training and workplace tolerance standards helpful in overcoming differences?

Tobias Buckell, Nancy Kress, Suford Lewis (m), Don Sakers

Sunday 5:00 p H203:

Moby Dick

Why is it the favorite mainstream novel of a lot of SF types?

Debra Doyle

Sunday 5:00 p H204:

Alternate Publication Strategies

Paula Guran

Sunday 5:00 p H205:

The Pains (and Promises) of Rejection Slips

How can they actually be constructive? (And why are so many of them anything *but*?)

Janna Silverstein, Charles Stross, Teresa Nielsen Hayden (m), Jo Walton

Sunday 5:00 p H206:

The Ambassador from Rigel Has Arrived…

…and made us an offer we can't refuse…Or can we? The panelists from Earth debate the merits of the plan with the ambassador…Is Earth a Third World country is this scenario?

Billie Aul (m), Jeffrey A. Carver, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Jim Young

Sunday 5:00 p H208:

Kaze Ghost Warrior

Sunday 5:00 p H209:

Record Of Lodoss War #9 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 5:00 p H210:


Jordin T. Kare

Sunday 5:00 p H301:

The Fantasy Amateur Press Association

The past and present glories, scandals, inventions and secret hidden details of FAPA. FAPA is the longest running discussion group in fandom. Since 1937, they've had discussions ranging from race relations in fandom, nuclear politics during WWII, to fannish silliness, and even science fiction, fantasy and horror. Our Guest of Honor Jack Speer has been part of this from the beginning. He and others will tell you of the glories and follies of FAPA, and teach you what blitzkrieg really meant.

John F. Hertz (m), Fred Lerner, Jack Speer, Milton F. Stevens

Sunday 5:00 p H302:

Stargate: New SF Franchise?

Does Stargate have the followers and scope of vision to perpetuate itself in endless sequel shows, a la Star Trek?

MaryAnn Johanson, Anthony R. Lewis (m), Sandra McDonald, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Sunday 5:00 p H303:

Steven H Silver's Trivia Game

Steven H Silver

Sunday 5:00 p H304:

The Most Alien Alien?

What makes an alien particularly alien? How can writers evoke a genuine sense of "otherness" in their non-human creations?

Rosemary Kirstein, Steven Popkes, Wen Spencer, Karen Traviss (m), Walter Jon Williams

Sunday 5:00 p H305:

Tolkien vs. Peake

Is it only a twist of fate that Tolkien is popular and Peake is only beloved of a few? What would a fantasy genre based on Peake be like? Would a Peake clone be any less bad than a Tolkien clone? Why would they be in opposition? Would they be?

jan howard finder (m), Greer Gilman, Darrell Schweitzer

Sunday 5:00 p H307:

The Fan World of the Future

In 1939, Sam Moskowitz gave on talk on this very same topic…and it's interesting to note that fandom didn't fundamentally change for decades! What aspects of fandom are very "now" and what are still very "then"? Will the fan world of the future be like today's, or will fandom evaporate into a world where science fiction is a way of life?

Moshe Feder, Mike Glyer, Edie Stern (m), Geri Sullivan, Peter Weston

Sunday 5:00 p H309:

The Art of Mike Conrad

Mike Conrad

Sunday 5:00 p H310:

Discoveries That Weren't: Near Misses in Science

Cold fusion wasn't the first. Scientists talk about promising results that turned out to be dead ends. At the other extreme, what experiments might have led to earlier advances of scientific theory if only scientists had known what they were seeing? And then there were the great scientific mistakes…that actually worked! Teflon, Penicillin, post-its…and where would we be without Silly-Putty? A semi-serious look at what science is really all about!

John G. Cramer, Ctein, Howard Davidson (m), Robert A. Metzger, W. A. Thomasson

Sunday 5:00 p H311:

The Effects of Litigation on the Future

Do the courts threaten our ability to make scientific and technical advances? (And—is this a good or bad thing?) What is the place of litigation in today's society—and what are the trends that might brighten or darken our future?)

Christopher Cevasco (m), Harold Feld, Melinda Snodgrass

Sunday 5:00 p H312:

The Great Character Swap

"…They're Detectives!" Huh? Well, it's the punch line of any number of jokes: "He's a Priest, She's a Lawyer. Together They're Detectives!" (or, "They Fight Crime!") But what would happen if various SF characters were dropped into other universe's stories? Would R. Daneel Olivaw and Bruce Wayne get together? Would Dr. Susan Calvin make it in the Discworld? Sherlock Holmes in Oz (Hmmm…well, that one has probably been done…) Enjoy!

Daniel P. Dern, Tom Galloway (m), Larry Ganem, Leigh Grossman, David Levine

Sunday 5:00 p Autographing:


Michael Dobson, Beth Hilgartner, Laura Resnick

Sunday 5:00 p Mended Drum:

Literary Beer

Geoffrey A. Landis, Chris Moriarty, Janine Ellen Young

Sunday 5:00 p Beacon A:

Open Playtime [ages 1-6]

We'll have tunnels, balls, blocks, and other kids to play with.

Sunday 5:00 p Beacon D:

Storytelling [ages 7–12]

David C. Kopaska-Merkel

Sunday 5:00 p Beacon F:

Shrinky Dinks [ages 4-12]

Wonderful plastic you can color and then shrink in to a permanent piece of jewelry.

Sunday 5:00 p Exeter:


Scott Westerfeld

Sunday 5:00 p Fan Lounge:


Sunday 5:00 p Hampton:


Joe Haldeman

Sunday 5:00 p Con Suite:


Stephen Leigh, Deborah Ross, Steve Saffel, Shane Tourtellotte

Sunday 5:00 p Docent Tour:

Village Tour (of the Worldcon)

Priscilla Olson

Sunday 5:30 p H203:

Teaching SF and Fantasy in the Public Schools

As we all know, genre literature is trivial, worthless, and depraved—and yet, for some reason, it isn't routinely taught in the secondary school English classroom. There are signs that this prejudice is eroding. Our two presenters will talk about a set of online Tolkien lesson plans they designed for Houghton Mifflin, and about the increasing legitimization of SF and fantasy in our public schools.

James Morrow, Kathy Morrow

Sunday 5:30 p H204:

Australian Fiction

Zara Baxter, Jack Dann

Sunday 5:30 p H209:

Record Of Lodoss War #10 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 5:30 p H210:


Terence Chua

Sunday 5:30 p Dalton:

New Categories for the Hugos?

Are there really elements of science fiction and/or fandom that are not being recognized by our awards system? Should there be new categories added to the already extensive list of awards that we, as a community, give? Are there existing categories that should be split/changed/removed?

Chris Barkley, Craig Miller, Kevin Standlee (m), Ben Yalow

Sunday 5:30 p Exeter:


Mike Brotherton

Sunday 5:30 p Hampton:


Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Sunday 5:45 p Republic A:

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade [Subtitled] [16 +]

Sunday 6:00 p :

Masquerade Green Room Open for Entrants

Sunday 6:00 p H100:

Monkeys on the Moon

Six monkey tribes vie for supremacy while you decide which ones to launch back home to Earth. These tribes do not get along, and you must decide which ones to befriend while enduring the scorn of the others. Will you be anointed the Supreme Leader of these primates in this game from Eight Foot Llama? (2—4 players per game.)

Sunday 6:00 p H107:


Isaac Szpindel

Sunday 6:00 p H203:

Building a Wider Audience for Genre Criticism Through Community Video/Cable

Philip Kaveny

Sunday 6:00 p H204:

Lifestyles of the Niche and Fannish

Alternative lifestyles are much more common in fandom than in the general populace. Why? Is it just that people who would be delighted to have dinner with aliens are more accepting, or is there more to it? We've had naked ladies and skinny dipping, line marriages and less easy-to-explain liaisons. Do fans have the same mores as the general population. Now? In the past? How about the future???

Bey King

Sunday 6:00 p H206:

Worldcon—the Movie?

If the Worldcon were a movie, whom would we cast in all the roles? Note: we do insist (sez the female fan typing this) that Neil Gaiman be played by Himself…

Bob Devney

Sunday 6:00 p H208:

Robots Don't Cry/Rogue Farm

Sunday 6:00 p H209:

Record Of Lodoss War #11 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 6:00 p Mended Drum:

Literary Beer

Robert Buettner, Juanita Coulson, Karl Schroeder

Sunday 6:00 p Clarendon:

Running a Worldcon Filk Program

What's worked, and what's been less than successful. You share your stories and we'll share ours.

J. Spencer Love, Priscilla Olson

Sunday 6:00 p ConCourse:

Information Closes

Sunday 6:00 p Con Suite Foyer:


Sunday 6:00 p Exeter:


Terry McGarry

Sunday 6:00 p Hall D:

Dealers Room Closes

Sunday 6:00 p Hampton:


Jean Lorrah

Sunday 6:30 p H100:

Mechwarrior Single Faction Tournament

Bring your mechanized army and test it in this Wizkids sanctioned event [450 pts. Single Faction]

Sunday 6:30 p H203:

Heinlein and the Question of Incest

Robert James, Bill Patterson

Sunday 6:30 p H209:

Record Of Lodoss War #12 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 6:30 p H210:

Concert by The Lothars

The Lothars

Sunday 6:30 p Exeter:


Uncle River

Sunday 6:30 p Hampton:


Mark W. Tiedemann

Sunday 7:00 p H100:

Who Stole Ed's Pants

Frame your opponents for pants theft in this light-hearted yet strategic card game. Rally your supporters as case facts change, evidence is planted and witnesses alter. It's a mind-bending travesty of justice. (3-4 players per game)

Sunday 7:00 p H209:

Record Of Lodoss War #13 [Subtitled] [13 +]

Sunday 7:00 p Conference:

Filk Office On-Call

Sunday 7:00 p Exeter:


F. Brett Cox

Sunday 7:00 p Hampton:


Charles Oberndorf

Sunday 7:30 p Art Show:

Pick-Up & Pay closes

Sunday 7:30 p Art Show:

Print Shop closes

Sunday 7:30 p H209:

MS 080 Team [Subtitled]

Sunday 7:30 p Beacon D:

Games and Crafts during the Masquerade [ages 7+] (Randy Hoffman, Ailsa Ek, Steven Chalker)

Sunday 7:30 p Exeter:


Diane Turnshek

Sunday 7:30 p Hampton:


Tanya Huff

Sunday 7:30 p Republic A:

Blue Seed 19–26 [Subtitled]

Sunday 8:00 p H100:

Monkeys on the Moon

Six monkey tribes vie for supremacy while you decide which ones to launch back home to Earth. These tribes do not get along, and you must decide which ones to befriend while enduring the scorn of the others. Will you be anointed the Supreme Leader of these primates in this game from Eight Foot Llama? (2—4 players per game.)

Sunday 8:00 p H209:

MS 080 Team [Subtitled]

Sunday 8:00 p Clarendon:

Open Filk

Sunday 8:00 p Dalton:

Open Filk—No taping

Sunday 8:00 p Exeter:


Herb Kauderer

Sunday 8:00 p Gardner:

Drum Circle

Sunday 8:00 p Hall A:

Registration Closes

Sunday 8:00 p Hampton:


Jay Lake

Sunday 8:30 p H209:

MS 080 Team [Subtitled]

Sunday 8:30 p Auditorium:

The Masquerade

Susan de Guardiola, MC

Sunday 9:00 p H100:

Blood and Cardstock Players Choice

Open demo sessions. Learn how to play exciting games like Showbiz and Counting ZZZs

Sunday 9:00 p H209:

MS 080 Team [Subtitled]

Sunday 9:00 p Conference:

Filk Office Re-Opens

Sunday 9:00 p Exeter:

Filk Rendezvous

Sunday 9:00 p Gardner:

Open Filk

Sunday 9:00 p Hampton:

Open Filk

Sunday 9:30 p H209:

MS 080 Team [Subtitled]

Sunday 10:00 p H205:

Zen Scavenger Hunt

Chris Barkley

Sunday 10:00 p H209:

MS 080 Team [Subtitled]

Sunday 10:00 p Grand Ballroom:

Bubba Ho-Tep

Sunday 10:30 p H209:

MS 080 Team [Subtitled]

Sunday 11:00 p H206:

Lame Excuses I Have Given to Keep on Reading

A confessional… Have you ever feigned a headache when your beloved feels romantic to turn one more page? Have you ever avoided chores by claimed your hemorrhoids are flaring up so you can finish a book? If this sounds familiar, this panel is for you. Help your fellow book addict by building up their repertoire of excuses.

John Pomeranz

Sunday 11:00 p H209:

MS 080 Team [Subtitled]

Sunday 11:00 p Mended Drum:

Concert by Pete Grubbs

Sunday 11:00 p Conference:

Filk Office On-Call

Sunday 11:00 p Exeter:

Open Filk

Sunday 11:00 p Gardner:

Filk Rendezvous

Sunday 11:00 p Republic A:

Miyuki-chan In Wonderland [Subtitled] [15 +]

Sunday 11:30 p H209:

MS 080 Team [Subtitled]

Sunday 11:30 p Republic A:

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie [Dubbed] [R]

Sunday 12:00 m :

Childcare Closes

Sunday 12:00 m H209:

MS 080 Team [Subtitled]


Monday 0:00 a Mended Drum:

Show Tunes Singalong

Monday 1:00 a Mended Drum:

Last Call at the Mended Drum

Monday 1:00 a Gardner:

Open Filk

Monday 1:00 a Republic A:

Dragon Half [Subtitled] [15 +]

Monday 1:30 a Republic A:

Sorcerer On The Rocks [Subtitled] [17 +]

Monday 2:00 a :

Hynes Closes

Monday 2:00 a :

Pedestrian Overpass to Marriott Closed

Monday 2:00 a Con Suite:

Con Suite Closes

Monday 2:30 a Republic A:

Vampire Princess Miyu OVA [Subtitled]

Monday 3:00 a Conference:

Filk Office Closes

Monday 3:00 a Con Suite:

Con Suite Closes
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