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Hynes Level 1

RoomHall AH100H101H102H107
8:00 AMHynes Opens for Setup Only
9:00 AMHynes Opens
Registration Opens
9:30 AMShotokan Karate WorkshopEcumenifilk
10:00 AMHeroClixMore Than Human Roundtable Discussion
11:00 AMMusicHeroClix TournamentSword and Sorcery: Heroic Fantasy's Punk Kid Brother
12:00 N
  • Toon RPG: King of the Con Tournament
  • Monkeys on the Moon
  • The Well-Sung FanForthcoming from Baen
    1:00 PMWho Stole Ed's Pants
    1:30 PMIcehouse Demo
    2:00 PMJunkyard Wars
  • Icehouse Tournament
  • Monkeys on the Moon
  • Bantam/Spectra
    3:00 PMWho Stole Ed's Pants
    4:00 PMMonkeys on the MoonJewish Time-Based Mitzvoth in a Lunar ColonyWhat's New from Tor
    5:00 PMWho Stole Ed's PantsUs and Them: Are Categories Necessory?
    6:00 PMMonkeys on the Moon"Revisions"
    6:30 PMMechwarrior Single Faction Tournament
    7:00 PMWho Stole Ed's Pants
    8:00 PMRegistration ClosesMonkeys on the Moon
    9:00 PMBlood and Cardstock Players Choice
    2:00 AM
  • Hynes Closes
  • Pedestrian Overpass to Marriott Closed
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    Hynes Level 2 Main Rooms, 203

    RoomAuditoriumAutogaphsConcourseDealers' RoomH203
    9:30 AMMedieval Fantasy Literature
    10:00 AMMasquerade Registration OpenDealers Room OpensThe Use of Women of Power by DeLint (NW Coastal) and Crowley (Aegypt)
    10:30 AMHackers in Action: Oppositional Agencies, Performance Tropes
    11:00 AMMasquerade Tech Rehearsal--Section TwoAutographing: Brian W. Aldiss, Kevin J. Anderson, Walter H. Hunt, Robert I. Katz, William Tenn, Rebecca Moesta, Uncle River, Robert J. Sawyer Criticism or Review?
    12:00 NMasquerade Registration ClosesAutographing: Jack Dann, P. C. Hodgell, Mindy Klasky, Sharon Lee, David B. Mattingly, Steve Miller, Robert Sheckley, Charles StrossScience in SF
    1:00 PMAutographing: John Clute, Neil Gaiman, David A. Hardy, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Jean Lorrah, Harry Turtledove, Rick WilberMended Drum: Literary Beer: Michael F. Flynn, Justine Larbalestier, G. David Nordley, Scott WesterfeldCan SF Teach the Scientific Method?
    2:00 PMAutographing: Hilari L. Bell, Sheila Finch, John M. Ford, Mitchell Freedman, Harry Harrison, Ellen Kushner, Connie WillisMended Drum: Literary Beer: Jim Frenkel, Elizabeth Hand, Gary K. WolfThe Idea of Colony in Science Fiction
    2:30 PMSF in the Tabloids
    3:00 PMAutographing: Juanita Coulson, Nancy Kress, Barry N. Malzberg, James Morrow, Terry Pratchett, Mike Resnick, Lawrence Schoen
  • Mended Drum: Literary Beer: Kelly Link, S. M. Stirling, Charles Stross
  • Concert
  • Twentith-Century Utopian SF: Huxley and Orwell and Wells and...
    3:30 PMHorror and the American Literary Mainstream
    4:00 PM
  • Autographing: Patricia Bray, Mike Conrad, Ellen Datlow, Gardner Dozois, Frederik Pohl, Madeleine E. Robins, Martha Wells
  • Village Tour (of the Worldcon)
  • Mended Drum: Literary Beer: Kevin J. Anderson, Jack Dann, Diane DuaneHow to Run a Film Festival
    4:30 PMDark Laughter: The Satire of William Tenn (Robert James)
    5:00 PMAutographing: Michael Dobson, Beth Hilgartner, Laura Resnick
  • Mended Drum: Geoffrey A. Landis, Chris Moriarty, Janine Ellen Young
  • Knitting
  • Moby Dick Discussion
    5:30 PMTeaching SF and Fantasy in the Public Schools
    6:00 PM
  • Masquerade Green Room Open for Entrants
  • Mended Drum: Robert Buettner, Juanita Coulson, Karl Schroeder
  • Information Closes
  • Dealers Room ClosesBuilding a Wider Audience for Genre Criticism Through Community Video/Cable
    6:30 PMHeinlein and the Question of Incest
    8:30 PMThe Masquerade
    11:00 PMMended Drum: Concert by Pete Grubbs
    12:00 MMended Drum: Show Tunes Singaong
    1:00 AMMended Drum: Last Call


    Hynes 204-210

    9:30 AMCon Stress Relief
    10:00 AMFuturism and Writing SF: A Positive Feedback SystemHow to Proof Your Own Writing: A Mini-WorkshopMy Love Affair With JRR TolkienFirefly Marathon, Episode 9-11Magic User's Club #1 [Subtitled] [13+]WSFS Business Meeting
    10:30 AME-Books: Neither "E" Nor Books?Magic User's Club #2
    11:00 AMWriters' Tools and Desk Fetishes!Low-Budget Independent SF FilmsAchilles Needs a Heel!--The Problem With PowerMagic User's Club #3 [Subtitled]
    11:30 AMMagic User's Club #4 [Subtitled]
    12:00 NPromoting a First NovelDialoguePsychiatric Disorders of the FutureMagic User's Club #5 [Subtitled]
    12:30 PMBig Planet as BosniaMagic User's Club #6 [Subtitled]The Microphone is Your Friend
    1:00 PMTurning Children's Books Into FilmRisky BusinessThe Human Cloning WarsRecord of Lodoss War #1 [Subtitled] [13+]Filk Pickup Contest
    1:30 PMRecord of Lodoss War #2 [Subtitled] [13+]Filk Request/One-Shots Concert
    2:00 PMThe Gaijin Menace--The Foreigner in Anime/MangaTAFF/DUFF AuctionTo Mars?Finding the Future: A Science Fiction Conversation Introduced by Casey MooreRecord of Lodoss War #3 [Subtitled] [13+]Space Opera by the North Cambridge Family Opera Company
    2:30 PMRecord of Lodoss War #4 [Subtitled] [13+]
    3:00 PMLotR: Looking Back at the FilmsThe Senile Pen?Fandom's Bad Ideas: Remembering the Best of the WorstRecord of Lodoss War #5 [Subtitled] [13+]Filk Concert 20
    3:30 PMRecord of Lodoss War #6 [Subtitled] [13+]"Electro" Concert
    4:00 PMThis Books Sucks: How and How Not to Write ReviewsDead Fans Don't Pub Their IshFandom OnlineRaiders of the Lost Ark: A Fan FilmRecord of Lodoss War #7 [Subtitled] [13+]Filk and Fable
    4:30 PMRecord of Lodoss War #8 [Subtitled] [13+]
    5:00 PMAlternate Publication StrategiesThe Pains (and Promises) of Rejection SlipsThe Ambassador from Rigel Has Arrived...Kaze Ghost WarriorRecord of Lodoss War #9 [Subtitled] [13+]Concert
    5:30 PMAustralian FictionRecord of Lodoss War #10 [Subtitled] [13+]Concert
    6:00 PMLifestyles of the Niche and FannishWorldcon--the Movie?Robots Don't Cry/Rogue FarmRecord of Lodoss War #11 [Subtitled] [13+]
    6:30 PMAustralian FictionRecord of Lodoss War #12 [Subtitled] [13+]Concert by The Lothars
    7:00 PMRecord of Lodoss War #13 [Subtitled] [13+]
    7:30 PMMS 080 Team [Subtitled]
    8:00 PMMS 080 Team [Subtitled]
    8:30 PMMS 080 Team [Subtitled]
    9:00 PMMS 080 Team [Subtitled]
    9:30 PMMS 080 Team [Subtitled]
    10:00 PMZen Scavenger HuntMS 080 Team [Subtitled]
    10:30 PMMS 080 Team [Subtitled]
    11:00 PMLame Excuses I Have Given to Keep on ReadingMS 080 Team [Subtitled]
    11:30 PMMS 080 Team [Subtitled]
    12:00 MMS 080 Team [Subtitled]


    Hynes Level 301-306

    9:30 AMASFA Meeting
    10:00 AMMemorable SeriesWhen Did the Future Get So Far Away?Hiking the Enchanted Forest: Setting in FantasyArchaeology of the PresentGrow Old Along With Me: Aging Your Characters
    11:00 AMMixed MarriagesPersonnel Problems of Extraterestrials in Earth IndustryAlien Ethical SystemsNanotech and Murphy's LawGetting Around Without a CarDOA: Books that Died Despite Everything
    12:00 NAmerica's Best ComicsThe New Weird: What, Who, and Why?The Legacy of Cherry WilderHell is Gray: The Banality of EvilThere's No Tech Like Lo-TechBetter Than Light Sabers: Really Good Merchandising Tie-Ins
    12:30 PMHave Spacesuit...
    1:00PMMore About MerlinStories I'm Too Scared to WriteJust Because We Speak the Same Language Doesn't Mean We Think AlikeStarship Firefighters: Emergency Response in SFWriters' BlocksConfronting Your Characters
    2:00 PMA David Hardy InterviewThe Writer and Moral ResponsibilityLosing the History of SFThe Tropes of H.P. LovecraftThe Risks of Recruitment
    2:30 PMEffects of Different Gravity
    3:00 PMThe Fermi Paradox: Where is Everyone?Creating GodsThe Feng-shui of ProgramThe Catharsis of Myth, The Shock of InventionGrowing Artistically Through CrisisArt Auction
    4:00 PMPhilosophy and SFSF: A Modern Mythology?Writing for Massively Multiplayer Online WorldsAlternate LawGoing to School in a SF/F EnvironmentArt Auction (cont.)
    5:00 PMThe Fantasy Amateur Press AssociationStargate: New SF FranchiseSteven H Silver's Trivia GameThe Most Alien AlienTolkien vs. PeakeArt Auction (cont.)


    Hynes 307-312, Art Show

    RoomH307H309H310H311H312Art Show
    10:00 AMVisual ResearchThe Art of TitlesToo Many Ideas?Star Trek: A Reflection of Cultures?The Best Books of 2004 (so far)Art Show Opens
    11:00 AMDrawing to OrderThe Art of Janny WurtsThe Age of Fighting Sail Isn't Over: It's Moved to SpaceExotic MythologiesThe Secularization of the WestTour of the Retro Art Exhibit
    12:00 NAngels and Aliens, Magic and Marvels?The Digital Art of Joe BergeronPresent at the CreationSilver and Gold: The Ages of SFReading: Terry Pratchett
  • Art Show Tour
  • Music
  • 1:00 PMCharacter Portraits: Painting Someone You've Never SeenKONG and the Art of Joe DeVitoExperience Science Ficiton: The MuseumFun and Games with Time TravelBeyond SexArt Show Tour
    2:00 PMAll Things to All Fen?The Art of Don MaitzHeinlein's JuvenilesMercenaries in SF--The Eclipse of the Citizen SoldierFantasy Noire
  • Close of Written Bidding in Art Show
  • Art Show Closing
  • 3:00 PMGaming to Book Crossover--and Back AgainLonely Planet: The Extinction of Everybody But UsDefending the Writing LifeMy Favorite NovelsThe Far Future: Where Fantasy Meets SF?Tour of the Retro Art Exhibit
    3:30 PMAdapting Media Tie-ins to Computer Games
    4:00 PMFinancial Planning for the FreelancerSlide ShowRomancing the Philosopher's Stone: Looking for the Science in Magic1984+20: Dystopia Past/Present/FutureThe Next PlagueArt Show Pick-Up and Pay; Print Shop open (both until 7:30)
    5:00 PMThe Fan World of the FutureThe Art of Mike ConradDiscoveries That Weren't: Near Misses in ScienceThe Effects of Litigation on the FutureThe Great Character Swap


    Sheraton Level 2

    RoomConstitutionLiberty ALiberty CRepublic AGrand BallroomIndependence
    9:00 AMCon Suite OpenJungle Emperor Leo [Dubbed] [7+]
    10:00 AMKaffeeklatsch: Kage Baker, Barbara Chepaitis, Jo Walton, Michael Whelan Transit Fans Discussion Group Deryni Adventure
    10:45 AMSnail Tail #1-3 [Dubbed]
    11:00 AMKaffeeklatsch: Roger MacBride Allen, Phyllis Eisenstein, Esther Friesner, George R. R. MartinEverquest Addicts
    12:00 N
  • Music
  • Kaffeeklatsch: Simon R. Green, Charlaine Harris, David Levine, Tamora Pierce
  • FLY Ladies Discussion GroupLast Exile #1--4 [Dubbed] [13+] What the World Needs Now
    1:00 PMKaffeeklatsch: Mitchell Freedman, Nancy Kress, Sharon Lee, Lawrence Watt-EvansWriters of the Future
    1:30 PMLong Live the Legion!
    1:45 PMEscaflowne, the Movie [Subtitled]
    2:00 PM
  • Kaffeeklatsch: Charles N. Brown, Katherine Kurtz, Vera Nazarian, Janny Wurts
  • Music
  • Girl ScoutsPRIMER
    3:00 PMKaffeeklatsch: Paula Guran, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Michael Swanwick, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Harry TurtledoveBoy ScoutsDeryni Guide (RPG)
    3:10 PMMad Ox 1 [Subtitled] [13+]
    4:00 PMKaffeeklatsch: David B. Coe, Harry Harrison, Mike Shepherd-Moscoe, Larry NivenHypoglycemia Discussion GroupBubblegum Crisis [Subtitled] [13+]Surge of Power
    4:45 PMBubblegum Crisis #2 [Subtitled] [13+]
    5:00 PMKaffeeklatsch: Stephen Leigh, Deborah Ross, Steve Saffel, Shane Tourtellotte
    5:45 PMJin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade [Subtitled] [16+]
    6:00 PMMusic
    7:30 PMBlue Seed 19-26 [Subtitled]
    10:00 PMBubba Ho-Tep
    11:00 PMMiyuki-chan In Wonderland [Subtitled] [15 +]
    11:30 PMCowboy Bebop: The Movie [Dubbed] [R]
    1:00 AMDragon Half [Subtitled] [15+]
    1:00 AMSorcerer on the Rocks [Subtitled] [17+]
    2:00 AMCon Suite Closes
    2:30 AMVampire Princess Miyu OVA [Subtitled]
    3:00 AMCon Suite Closes


    Sheraton Level 3 Children's Programming

    RoomBeacon ABeacon DBeacon FGardner
    9:30 AMMoving to Music [ages 1-7]Leaf Creatures [ages 3-6]
    Childcare Opens
    10:00 AMChildren's Dance [ages 1-8]Sign Language from the Planet ZOOG [ages 7-12]Pencil Holder [ages 5-10]Stories in the Stars [ages 7-12]
    11:00 AMKinderfilk [ages 1-6]Science and Technology for the Kids of the Future [ages 7-12]Wizard/Princess HatStaying Safe on the Net [ages 7-12]
    12:00 NOpen Playtime [ages 1-6]Joke Workshop [ages 7-12]CD Ring Planet [ages 4-8]The Kids Next Door... in Space!
    1:00 PMPlayground Games [ages 4-7]Origami for Kids [ages 7-12]Alien Catcher [ages 3-8]Improvisational Acting [ages 7-12]
    2:00 PMMovie [ages 1-8]What's in a Name?--Writing and Art for Kids [ages 7-12]Origami with Mark Leeper [ages 3-8]Blowing Bubbles [ages 7-12]
    3:00 PMMovie [ages 1-8]Pictionary [ages 7-12]Write a Story [ages 4-7]Live Action Roleplaying Game: Harry Potter and the Lost Labyrinth [ages 7-12]
    4:00 PMOpen Playtime [ages 1-6]First Contact [ages 7-12]Yarn Bug [ages 4-8]
    5:00 PMOpen Playtime [ages 1-6]Storytelling [ages 7-12]Shrinky Dinks [ages 4-12]
    7:30 PMGames and Crafts during the Masquerade [ages 7+]
    8:00 PMDrum Circle
    9:00 PMOpen Filk
    11:00 PMFilk Rendezvous
    12:00 MChildcare Closes
    1:00 AMOpen Filk


    Sheraton Level 3 Programming

    9:00 AMChristian/Catholic Worship Service (Father John Baker)
    9:30 AMFilk Office OpensReading: Laura Resnick
    10:00 AMWeird Tals of Early AviationReading: Laura UnderwoodReading: Martha Wells
    10:30 AMAbout Audio BooksHow to Get a Job in GamesReading: Steve AntczakReading: Rosemary Kirstein
    11:00 AMExomusicologySaving Clarion EastReading: Nick SaganReading: Michael F. Flynn
    11:30 AMIntimate Adventure: Jean LorrahReading: Jack L. Chalker
    12:00 NTarot Spreads: Mapping DestinyReading: Jay CaselbergReading: Paul Witcover
    12:30 PMReading: M. M. BucknerReading: Esther Friesner
    1:00 PMVoice WorkshopThe Wizard of Oz: A DialogueReading: Shariann LewittReading: Mike Resnick
    1:30 PMAbout CollaborationsReading: Ann Tonzor Zeddies
    2:00 PMUkulele WorkshopWhat Fans Demand of the WriterReading: Kage BakerReading: Michael Swanwick
    2:30 PMGreat Illustrators of the Past, and How to Collect ThemReading: Beth HilgartnerReading: James Patrick Kelly
    3:00 PMBodran WorkshopMaking a Poly-ShrinkReading: Michelle Sagara WestReading: Barbara Chepaitis, Steven Sawicki
    3:30 PMReading: Michael A. BursteinReading: Catherine Asaro
    4:00 PMHow to Pub a SongbookUsing Occult Science as SF BackgroundReading: Hilari L. BellReading: Cory Doctorow
    4:30 PMTricking Yourself into Actually WritingReading: David C. Kopaska-Merkel
    5:00 PMReading: Scott WesterfeldReading: Joe Haldeman
    5:30 PMNew Categories for the Hugos?Reading: Mike BrothertonReading: Jacqueline Lichtenberg
    6:00 PMReading: Terry McGarryReading: Jean Lorrah
    6:30 PMReading: Uncle RiverReading: Mark W. Tiedemann
    7:00 PMFilk Office On-CallReading: F. Brett CoxReading: Charles Oberndorf
    7:30 PMReading: Diane TurnshekReading: Tanya Huff
    8:00 PMOpen FilkOpen Filk--No tapingReading: Herb KaudererReading: Jay Lake
    9:00 PMFilk Office Re-OpensFilk RendezvousOpen Filk
    11:00 PMFilk Office On-CallOpen Filk
    3:00 AMFilk Office Closes