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Hynes Level 1

RoomHall AH100H102H107
8:00 AMHynes Opens for Setup Only
9:00 AMHynes Opens
Registration OpensDrum Circle
10:00 AMMedieval DaggerMechwarriorRounds SingingWhat's New from Ace/Roc
10:30 AMRenaissance Rapier and Dagger
11:00 AMMedieval CombatSteve Jackson Games Tournament
11:30 AMSwordplay Through the Ages
12:00 NArmored CombatHeroClix Booster DraftBard of the Rings: A Tolkein Filk SingalongWhat's Up at Del Rey Books
2:00 PMBlood and Cardstock Players' ChoiceWhat's New from Warner Aspect
4:00 PMSFWA MusketeersCamelot LegendsEos Presents Upcoming SF/F Titles
5:00 PMConcert by New England Guitar Circle
6:00 PMFarenheit 451 Roundtable Discussion
6:30 PMMechwarrior Tournament
8:00 PMRegistration Closes
9:00 PMBlood and Cardstock Games Players Choice
2:00 AM
  • Hynes Closes
  • Pedestrian Overpass to Marriott Closed
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    Hynes Level 2 Main Rooms, 203

    RoomAuditoriumAutogaphsConcourseDealers' RoomGrand BallroomH203
    9:00 AMDiscworld: Soul Music
    9:30 AMChristian Apocalyptic Fiction and SF
    10:00 AMPresenting Your Costume: What Tech Can Do For You
  • Masquerade Registration Opens
  • Site Selection Opens
  • Dealers Room Opens
    10:30 AMFrom the Fringes of the Six O'Clock News: SF, Public DIscourse, and the Mainstream
    11:00 AMMasquerade Tech Rehearsal--Section OneAutographing: Joseph DeVito, Toni L. P. Kelner, Stanley Schmidt, Isaac Szpindel, Michael Whelan, Robert Charles Wilson
  • Fanzine Lounge: Talking Like a Trufan: SF Slang from the Hectograph to the Web
  • Village Tour (of the Worldcon)
  • Terry Pratchett GoH SpeechThe Golden Duck Awards and Literacy
    12:00 NAutographing: Lisa Barnett, Mike Brotherton, Esther Friesner, Larry Ganem, Karen Haber, Jonathan Strahan, Laura Underwood, John ZakourTroll BridgeThe One-Foot SF and Horror Film Reference Bookshelf
    1:00 PMAutographing: Kage Baker, Jim Butcher, Tanya Huff, Don Maitz, Terry McGarry, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Nick SaganMended Drum: Literary Beer: Eileen Gunn, Paul Levinson, Michael WhelanTrailer Park
    1:30 PMTeaching With vs. Teaching About SF
    1:45 PMUsing SF to Teach About... (1.5 hours)
    2:00 PMAutographing: Lois McMaster Bujold, David B. Coe, Kathryn Cramer, Diane Duane, Phyllis Eisenstein, George R. R. Martin, Jeff VanderMeerMended Drum: Literary Beer: Daniel Hatch, Melissa Scott, Liz Williams
    3:00 PMAutographing: Catherine Asaro, Carol Berg, John Betancourt, Jeffrey A. Carver, Robert A. Metzger, Chris Moriarty, Melissa Scott
  • Mended Drum: Literary Beer: Geary Gravel, Rosemary Kirstein, Don Maitz, Charlie Petit, Ann Tonsor Zeddies
  • Village Tour (of the Worldcon
  • Special Studio Sneak Preview
    4:00 PMAutographing: David G. Hartwell, Alex Irvine, Katya Reimann, Robert Silverberg, Jack Speer, Scott Westerfeld
  • Mended Drum: Literary Beer: George R. R. Martin, Michael Swanwick, Mary Turzillo
  • Fanzine Lounge: DUFF/TAFF Reception
  • How to Design Your Academic Career for a Job in Space
    4:30 PMThe Seminal Role of Mary Shelley
    5:00 PMAutographing: Gregory Benford, Kathleen Kudlinski, Stephen Leigh, Terry Pratchett, Robert Reed, Karl Schroeder, Jim Young
  • Fan History Tour
  • Mended Drum: Literary Beer: John G. Cramer, Ellen Kushner, Lawrence Schoen
  • Village Tour (of the Worldcon)
  • SLOFs: Who and Why?
    6:00 PM
  • Masquerade Registration Closes for the Day
  • Mended Drum: Literary Beer: Nicholas A. DiChario, Leigh Grossman, Thomas Harlan
  • Information Desk Closes
  • Site Selection Voting Ends
  • Dealers Room ClosesRobot StoriesAlien Takovers, Conspiracy, and Paranoia Before and After The Puppet Masters
    6:30 PMHorror in the College Classroom: Teaching English Through a Gothic Lens
    8:00 PMThe Hugo Awards
    10:00 PMMended Drum: Concert by Bill & Brenda Sutton
    11:00 PMMended Drum: Concert
    11:30 PMMended Drum: Concert
    12:00 MRocky Horror Picture Show
    1:00 AM
  • Mended Drum: Karaoke
  • Mended Drum: Last Call
  • 2:00 AMShock Treatment


    Hynes 204-210

    10:00 AMSFWA MeetingHow Does Language Influence Thought?Firefly Marathon, Episodes 6-8Galaxy Express 999WSFS Business Meeting, First Main Session
    10:30 AMThe Ethics of Cloning
    11:00 AMBad AnimeWomen Warriors
    12:00 NIs All This Labeling Necessary?Is It Fair?Futurists and Science Fiction Writers: Tools of the TradeMy Youth in Arcadia [Subtitled]
    1:00 PMThe Asimov AwardWhat If Super Science Were True?The SFWA AuctionOn Making a MovieFilk Request Concert
    1:30 PMBreaking InFilk One-Shots Concert
    2:00 PMThe Future of EnergyRememering Hal ClementReading/FilmConcert
    2:15 PMMaetel Legend [Subtitled]
    2:30 PMStrange Adventures: The Eccentric World of Julius SchwartzConcert
    3:00 PMToward a Posthuman Future?SmallvilleTough Love for New WritersA Chuck Jones TributeFinal Yamato [Subtitled]SF Cabaret
    4:00 PMLyrical LanguageBad Con Advice for NewbiesSpeculative Physics and Space Travel
    5:00 PMThe Brain, the Universe, Consciousness, and Free WillHow Does SF Portray Islam?Pulp Eye for the Art GuyThe Filkado
    5:15 PMQueen Emeraldas [Subtitled]
    6:00 PMKlingon Documentary
    6:30 PMConcert by New England Guitar Circle
    7:00 PMGundam Movie III [Subtitled]
    8:00 PMFree Enterprise
    10:00 PMTolkein Fan Get-TogetherGenre EroticaFall of a SagaPet Shop of Horror [13+]
    10:30 PMMusicPet Shop of Horror [13+]
    10:30 PMPet Shop of Horror [13+]
    11:00 PMPet Shop of Horror [13+]
    12:00 MPerfect Blue
    12:30 AMMS 080 Team [Subtitled]
    1:00 AMMS 080 Team [Subtitled]
    1:30 AMMS 080 Team [Subtitled]


    Hynes Level 301-306

    10:00 AMThe Space ElevatorDoorstops: Truly Enormous Books and SeriesImaginative Fiction: A Third World PerspectiveReading: Neil GaimanThe Perils of PitchingGreat Moments from SF Films
    10:30 AMFixing SF?The Speculative Literature Foundation
    11:00 AMIs Wernher von Braun Haunting NASA?Reality Ain't What It Used to Be: Secret Histories and Urban FantasiesReally Alien LanguagesWhat's Entertainment?--A Look at the FutureSweat and Blisters: How Much Reality Can We Stand in Fantasy Quests?Fantasy of Manners
    12:00 NWhat is the Rock's Motivation in This SceneWhy Write?What New Writers Need to KnowHear the Symbols Clash!The Ethics of War MachinesLearning to Love Fantasy
    1:00 PMTechnological Cusp Points and Alternate HistoriesThe Greatest Living Science Fiction Writer?Maintaining a Long-Running SeriesThe Next Fifty Years: Where Will the Next Big Things Come From?Fannish RivalryWhat the Writer Needs to Know
    1:30 PMFifty Ways to Leave the Planet
    2:00 PMWhat Do You Passionately Read?Whatever Became of the Space Merchants?The Perils of PromotionGreat Clichés in SF and FantasyLies I Learned at the MoviesAlternate Prehistory
    3:00 PMCreativity on DemandNovels You Write/Novels You Talk About in BarsStem Cell ResearchWho Thought of That, and how Come It's So Popular?Alternate History Challenge MatchVamps
    3:30 PMThe Author as a Brand
    4:00 PMWhy is Everyone So Scared of Genre PoetryThe Numinous in Science Fiction and FantasyThe Writer and Role-Playing GamesPostcapitalist Scoial MechanismsThe Business of Art: What New Artists Need to KnowSeduction of the Innocent
    5:00 PMThe Sidewise AwardThe Monster in the MazeHow to Make a Hugo RocketTechnology Today!Genetic EngineeringMeta-Gay: Has G/L/B/T Been Mainstreamed?
    5:30 PMBeyond Hubble and Keck--Really Big Telescopes


    Hynes 307-312, Art Show

    RoomH307H309H310H311H312Art Show
    10:00 AMWhere Art Meets Science: The Genomic Sculptures of Mara HaseltineGroundpounding 101What SF Writers Are/Aren't Doing Today
  • Art Show Opens
  • Denise Gendron, Flutist
  • 10:30 AMSF/F/H in Board and Card Games
    11:00 AMCollecting SF Art for Fun and ProfitThe Art of Ruth SandersonSpace Opera NoireBackups: Eternal Life or Eternal Death?The Future of Food
  • An Eclectic Art Show Tour
  • Retro Art Exhibit Tour
  • 12:00 NChildren's Play in the FutureComics: A SlideshowThe End of Copyright: Can the Arts Survive the Digital Age?Terraforming Venus?The Rise of the Paranormal RomanceTour of the Retro Art Exhibit
    1:00 PMGame Designers' Tips and TricksBiologial NanotechnologyOrderin the (Alien?) Court!Reinventing Genre FantasyTradeoffs Between Freedom, Security, and PrivacyEllen James, Harpist
    2:00 PMLiving With A MartianPictures from MarsWriting the Young Female ProtagonistIf Rome Never Fell...How to Use Science and Technology in SF--Or Should We?Art Show Tour
    2:30 PMSurgery in Space
    3:00 PMThe Stfnal ClubmanAuthors or Editors: Who is Closer to the Readers?If There Were No Star Wars...The SF/F DeteciveCan SF Change the World?Tour of the Retro Art Exhibit
    4:00 PMThe Fruit Fly Genome in C MajorArt for Video GamesSnowball Earth: When the Earth FrozeAlien GenresIs SF Respectable
    4:30 PMElizabethan English as a Second Language
    5:00 PMGeek Girls Unite!Can SF Be Outdated?Saluting Jack WIlliamson: Eight Decades and CountingPson of PsychohistorySF Love Scenes
  • Art Show Tour
  • April Grant, Fiddler
  • 7:30 PMMusic
    10:00 PMArt Show Closes


    Sheraton Level 2

    RoomConstitutionLiberty ALiberty CRepublic ARepublic BIndependence
    9:00 AMCon Suite OpenJewish ServicesRisky/Safety [Dubbed]
    10:00 AM
  • Kaffeeklatsch: Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Alex Irvine, Thomas Kidd, Karen Traviss
  • Odyssey Workshop DiscussionToon RPG: Codename Kids Part 1
    11:00 AM
  • Kaffeeklatsch: Elizabeth Bear, John Betancourt, Jack Dann, Liz Gorinsky
  • Knitting (and all that)
  • Firefly Discusion GroupSlayers Return [Dubbed]Toon RPG: Codename Kids Part 2
    12:00 NKaffeeklatsch: Tobias Buckell, Wen Spencer, Jeff VanderMeer, Robert Charles WilsonRFF/DYR/SFCIria: Zeiram [Dubbed] [13+]
    1:00 PMKaffeeklatsch: Colleen Doran, Elizabeth Moon, Charles Oberndorf, Melinda SnodgrassThe Beast from 20,000 FathomsShadowrun RPG: "What Lies in the Dark" Part One: Snatch and Grab
    2:00 PMKaffeeklatsch: Katya Reimann, Mike Resnick, Jonathan Strahan, Connie WillisStratification Linguistics Discussion Group
    2:30 PMInvaders from Mars
    3:00 PMKaffeeklatsch: Brian W. Aldiss, Jack L. Chalker, Stanley Schmidt, Sarah ZettelBujold Fandom Discussion BookRuin Explorers [Subtitled] [Not Rated]Deryni Adventure
    4:00 PMKaffeeklatsch: Lisa Barnett, James Alan Gardner, Bob Greenberger, Mark W. TiedemannWriting and Publishing Erotica Discussion GroupBuffy/Angel Discussion Group (Anne Davenport)Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century
    4:04 PMThe War of the Worlds
    5:00 PMKaffeeklatsch: Kevin J. Anderson, Debra Doyle, Rebecca Moesta, Andrew Porter, Toni WeisskopfKingdom of Gondor and ArnorArmitage III [Subtitled]
    5:30 PMIt Came From Outer Space
    7:00 PMBlue Seed #13-#18 [Subtitled]Marvin the Martian Cartoons Shadowrun RPG: "What Lies in the Dark" Part Two: Eeny, Meany, Mo: Catch a Wizard by His Toe
    9:30 PMFiller (BS-Omake Theaters)
    10:00 PM3x3 Eyes: Legend of the Divine Demon [Subtitled] [16+]
    12:30 AMReign: The Conqueror #8-13 [Dubbed] [16+]
    2:00 AMCon Suite Closes


    Sheraton Level 3 Children's Programming

    RoomBeacon ABeacon DBeacon EBeacon FGardner
    9:30 AMKiddieCorp Professional Childcare and Children's Programming Activities Open
    Moving to Music [ages 1-7]Edible Necklace [ages 1-5]
    10:00 AMOpen Playtime [ages 1-6]Bug-Eyed Monsters from Outer Space [ages 7-12]Model Magic Sculpture [ages 3-12]Discworld: a Kid's World
    11:00 AMOpen Playtime [ages 1-6]Drawing and Cartooning [ages 7-12]Capes [ages 3-6]Belly Dancing 101 [ages 7-12=
    12:00 NBelly Dancing [ages 3-6]Visual Storytelling [ages 7-12]Yarn Bugs [ages 4-8]How to Draw Beasties [ages 7-12]
    12:30 PMOpen Playtime [ages 1-6]
    1:00 PMPuppet-Making Workshop [ages 7-12]D&D Character Roll [ages 7+]Magnetic Bookmark [ages 5-8]Daggers and Shields and Swords, Oh My!
    1:30 PMMagic Show [ages 3-6]Roman Legionary and Gothic Knight [ages 7-12]
    2:00 PMMovie [ages 1-8]LoTR: The Movie or the Book? [ages 7-12]Storytime [ages 1-6]Have Wand, Will Travel [ages 7-12]
    3:00 PMMovie [ages 1-8]Tamora Pierce Get-Together [ages 7-12]D&D Game [ages 7+] (Arthur Shattan)Magic Wands [ages 2-12]Instant Costuming Challenge [ages 7-12]
    4:00 PMPlayground Games [ags 4-7]Movie Critic for a Day [ages 7-12]Origami for the Young [ages 4-6]
    5:00 PMOpen Playtime [ages 1-6]Astronomy for Kids [ages 7-12]Rocks for Kids [ages 3-10]
    7:30 PMGames and Crafts during the Hugos [ages 7+]
    8:00 PMGummi Wars [ages 7-12]Drum Circle
    9:00 PMOpen Filk
    11:00 PMFilk Rendezvous
    12:00 MChildcare Closes
    1:00 AMOpen Filk


    Sheraton Level 3 Programming

    9:30 AMFilk Office OpensReading: Marc Giller
    10:00 AMReading: Tobias BuckellReading: Isaac Szpindel
    10:30 AMBeyond the Human Genome ProjectA Visit to Outer MongoliaReading: Louise MarleyReading: Liz Williams
    11:00 AMWorking with FiberAbout the Sci-Fi ChannelReading: Robert BuettnerReading: Katherine Kurtz
    11:30 AMHow Much of Our Behavior is Gene-Guided?--One Writer's ApproachReading: David B. CoeReading: Nancy Kress
    12:00 NOut of AfricaGetting Started in Media CostumingReading: Jim YoungReading: George R.R. Martin
    12:30 PMReading: Juanita Coulson
    1:00 PMSpicing Up Your Filk PerformanceDrawing the Human Figure in the Action PoseReading: Mitchell FreedmanReading: Frederik Pohl
    1:30 PMHow to Write a Fight SceneReading: Roger MacBride AllenReading: Allen Stele
    2:00 PMHarmony WorkshopSelf-Publishing/Selling Quality Commercial Art BooksReading: Kelly LinkReading: Brian W. Aldiss
    2:30 PMInterfacing Art: Illustration and Written SFReading: Elizabeth HandReading: Gary K. Wolf
    3:00 PMParody WorkshopDaltonReading: P.J. PlaugerReading: Jack Dann
    3:30 PMReading: James Alan GardnerReading: Jo Walton
    4:00 PMCulture-Building WorkshopAdaptive Technologies for Disabilities: Artificial VisionReading: James Stevens-ArceReading: Sheila Finch
    4:30 PMClothing & Costume in Literary SF/FantasyReading: John Scalzi
    5:00 PMUsing Feathers in CostumingReading: Larry Ganem, John ZakourStudent SF&F Contest Awards
    5:30 PMWorkshop: Dramatic Posing and Costume PresentationReading: Elizabeth Bear
    6:00 PMReading: Carrie Vaughn
    6:30 PMReading: Lawrence Schoen
    7:00 PMFilk Office On-CallReading: Pat York
    7:30 PMReading: Robert I. Katz
    8:00 PMOpen FilkOpen Filk--No taping
    9:00 PMFilk Office Re-opensFilk RendezvousOpen Filk
    11:00 PMFilk Office On-CallOpen Filk



    10:30 AMMeeting Fans in Marriott