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Hynes Level 1

RoomHall AH100H102H107
8:00 AMHynes Opens for Setup Only
9:00 AMHynes Opens
Registration Opens
09:30 AMShotokan Karate WorkshopRise Up Singing
10:00 AMX-Bugs
11:00 AMKill Dr. LuckyFilk Oldies SingalongThe Caves of Steel
12:00 NDinohuntOldies SingalongWhat's New From DAW
1:30 PMCheapass Games Tournament
2:00 PMBlood and Cardstock Players ChoiceSETI Update
3:00 PMMusicHeroClix TournamentThe Work of Edgar Pangborn
4:00 PMPair-of-Dice Games Players ChoiceWhat's New from Pyr/Prometheus
5:00 PMMusic: April GrantGiant Ice Towers
6:30 PMMechwarrior Tournament
7:00 PMIlluminati: Crime Lords
8:00 PMRegistration Closes
9:00 PMBlood and Cardstock Games Players Choice
11:00 PMChez Geek
2:00 AM
  • Hynes Closes
  • Pedestrian Overpass to Marriott Closed
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    Hynes Level 2 Main Rooms, 203

    RoomAuditoriumAutogaphsConcourseDealers' RoomGrand BallroomH203
    09:30 AMAnglo-Saxon Influences on Modern Fantasy
    10:00 AM
  • Masquerade Registration Opens
  • Site Selection Opens
  • Dealer's Room OpensOgres and Klingons and Orcs, Oh My!
    10:30 AM Alienation: The Invisible Barrier in C.J. Cherryh's Companions
    11:00 AMAutographing: Elizabeth Caldwell, Suzy McKee Charnas, Laura Anne Gilman, Thomas Harlan, Laurie J. Marks, Deborah Ross, Darrell SchweitzerVillage Tour (of the Worldcon) Running a Writing Workshop for Teens
    12:00 NAutographing: Tobias Buckell, Barbara Chepaitis, Peter J. Heck, Rosemary Kirstein, Larry NivenNovel Educational Approaches
    1:00 PMAutographing: Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Jay Caselberg, Vera Nazarian, Susan Shwartz, James Stevens-Arce, S. M. Stirling, Cecilia Tan
  • Mended Drum: Literary Beer: Jeffrey A. Carver, Joe Haldeman, Lee Martindale
  • Fan History Tour
  • The Two Cultures in F&SF: Science Confronts the Humanities
    2:00 PMAutographing: M. M. Buckner, William C. Dietz, Joe Haldeman, Katherine Kurtz, Don Sakers, Steven Sawicki, Gary K. Wolf
  • Mended Drum: Literary Beer: Mary Anne Mohanraj, Rick Wilber
  • Docent Tour
  • Regency DanceImagine That! Science Fiction as a Learning Motivation
    3:00 PMAutographing: Debra Doyle, David Gerrold, Simon R. Green, Louise Marley, Elizabeth Moon, Mary H. Rosenblum, Delia ShermanMended Drum: Literary Beer: James Macdonald, Robert J. Sawyer, Sheila WilliamsTeaching Science With Science Fiction
    4:00 PMAutographing: Keith R. A. DeCandido, Stephen Dedman, Craig Gardner, Elizabeth Hand, David A. Kyle, Amy Thomson, Janine Ellen Young
  • Mended Drum: Literary Beer: Patricia Bray, William Tenn, Steven Sawicki
  • Knitting (etc.) Circle
  • Educating for Science Literacy
    5:00 PMAutographing: Robert Buettner, Glen Cook, Melanie Fletcher, Neil Gaiman, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Walter Jon Williams, Janny WurtsMended Drum: Literary Beer: David Gerrold, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Delia ShermanTurning Science into SF
    5:30 PMMended Drum: Live Action Roleplaying Gaming: Death by Deatheast: Apocalypse Tonight?Swing Dance Practice Lessons
    6:00 PM
  • Masquerade Registration Closes
  • Mended Drum: Literary Beer: M. M. Buckner, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Herb Kauderer
  • Site Selection Closes for Day
  • Dealers' Room ClosesThe Archaeology of the Future: Reading Science Fictional Futures/Learning About the Past
    6:30 PMThe Interpenetration of Past and Present in Octavia Butler's Kindred
    8:00 PMThe Time Machine: Guest of Honor Interviews and The 1953 Retro Hugo AwardsBlindfolded Sculpting
    10:00 PMMended Drum: ConcertSwing Dance / Sock Hop
    10:00 PMMended Drum: Concert
    11:30 PMMended Drum: Concert
    12:00 MMended Drum: Singalong with Filthy Pierre
    1:00 AM
  • Mended Drum: Beatles Singalong
  • Last Call
  • Mended Drum:


    Hynes 204-210

    10:00 AMNew England in Science Fiction and FantasyA Group Reading from The Thackery T. Lambshead Guide to Eccentirc and Discredited DiseasesWelcome to the SF CommunityFirefly Marathon, Episodes 3-5WSFS Business Meeting, Preliminary Sessions
    10:30 AMSelling Your Story to HollywoodMolediver #2 [Subtitled]
    11:00 AMBuilding the BuzzThirty-Nine Plus Years of the X-MenWhich Comes First: Character or Setting?Molediver #3 [Subtitled]
    11:30 AMMolediver #4 [Subtitled]
    12:00 NResearching Your Story: When Do You Quit?The World Map of 2100--What Does It Look Like?Welcome to the SF Community: Making ConnectionsMolediver #5 [Subtitled]
    12:30 PMMolediver #6 [Subtitled]
    1:00 PM Interactive Fiction: The Nexus of Storytelling, Simulation and AI in Video GamesThe Two Sides of GollumA Worldcon Orientation for SF ProfessionalsMetal Tears: Film and DiscussionGunBuster Vol. 1 [Subtitled]The Fannish Inquisition
    2:00 PMThe Rediscovery of Cordwainer SmithGirl Power--Anime StyleStorytelling WorkshopReading/FilmGunBuster Vol. 2 [Subtitled]Filk Request Concert
    2:30 PMFilk One-Shots Concert
    3:00 PMThe Effects of Pervasive TechnologyA Fragmention of FansThe King Kong ThingGunBuster Vol. 3Concert
    3:30 PMConcert
    4:00 PMCrossing OverBeyond the Con: Connecting to Worldwide FandomShared-World FictionA Can of PaintGundam Movie II [Subtitled]Science and Song
    5:00 PMThe Salvation of the Modern NovelThe Miyazaki Fen Don't SeeLife DrawingConcert
    5:30 PMConcert
    6:00 PMDialogueLights for Gadgets and CostumesConstructing TechnobabbleBoston Fan Films
    6:30 PMTechnobabble QuizHakkenden [Subtitled]
    7:00 PMFannish Foxfire
    8:00 PMJewish ServicesRyan K. Johnson Fan FilmsThe Chesley Awards
    9:00 PMThe WellRead Fan
    10:00 PMSlash FictionTrivia for Chocolate


    Hynes Level 301-306

    10:00 AMSelf-promotion and Publicity for ArtistsA Remedy for Future ShockYou Can't Take the Sky From Me...?Dr. Seuss AppreciationContinuing the Series: A Dialogue
    10:30 AMThe Beginnings of Locus
    11:00 AMWhat is Genre?The Future of LoveRemembering Seacon '79Locus AwardsHow Workshopping Works/A Public HangingSocial World Building
    12:00 NCharacter Development for EveryoneSF: Fun or Spinach?Fandom in the FiftiesThe Future of Forensic EvidenceHow to Become InvisibleArchetypes in Fantasy: The Princess, Alone
    1:00 PMFifteen Years of The SimpsonsThe Business of Screenwriting Big and SmallIs your "First Novel" a First Novel?Looking Backward: the 20th CenturyAdapting Traditional Japanese Garments to SF/F CostumesPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Mars
    1:30 PMHow History is Filtered
    2:00 PMThe New Recycling UniversePlot and PaceThe Well-Read Fanzine FanKennedy Survives Dallas--Then What?Mental Floss--Emotional Hygeine to Help Writers & Artists Stay SaneNukes on the Moon?!
    2:30 PMPhysics vs. Fiction
    3:00 PMAnatomy of the UnicornThe Character of DeathAll About AgentsMars if for RobotsOnline JournalingThe Future of the Future
    3:30 PMStory-Crafting From Your Subconscious
    4:00 PMThe Prometheus AwardsThe Transcendental ManDo Women Write DIfferentlyWhen is a Cyborg?Rumors at the Speed of LightThe Civil War and SF
    5:00 PMFantasy and SF on StageThe Alien As...When Fandom HurtsWhere Did That Story Come From?Book CoversWriting for Comics


    Hynes 307-312, Art Show

    RoomH307H309H310H311H312Art Show
    10:00 AMThe Radio Play as an Ideal Form for SFThe Art of Alan BeckHighlights from the Hubble Space TelescopeThe Enchanted Apple: New York in SFSF Without SmilesArt Show
    10:30 AMApril Grant, fiddler
    11:00 AMSpace Weather ForecastingThey Gave It a Hugo: What on Earth Were They Thinking?What Should Good Fantasy Do?You Want to Do What With My Genes?Art Show Tour
    11:30 AMPsychological Aspects of the Babylon 5 Universe
    12:00 NRestoration EcologyThe Art of Martina PilcerovaAsteroids: Friends or Foes?The Future of Short Fiction (and the Magazines)Modernism and SF
    1:00 PMRecovering from Oops!Affectionate Technology: The Art and Science of David DurlachThe Cassini MissionOne Day in the Life of an EditorMy Worst Story--and Why I Wrote ItEllen James, Harpist
    2:00 PMGame CrackThe Art of Karl KofoedThe MIT Media Lab: A Visit From the FutureCyber-Crime: Present and FutureThe Long and Short of It: Short Stories vs. Novels
    3:00 PMEdged Weapons--and How Writers Get them WrongRhythm, Meter, and the Use of LanguageThe Real Middle AgesI Can Explain That!--The SF/Fantasy ChallengeThe Use and Misuse of Violence in SF and FantasyArt Show Tour
    3:30 PMOn Books on Demand
    4:00 PMColor Mechanics and TheoryArt in Space: A History of Space ArtThe Future of the News MediaEverything You Know is Wrong: SF That Questions RealityTour of the Retro Art Exhibit
    5:00 PMMaking Necklaces with Stories in ThemThe Art of Tom KiddDrunk on Technology?The Emotional Palette of HorrorHow Not to Write Science FictionApril Grant, fiddler
    6:00 PMWorkshop: Dramatic Posing and Costume Presentation
    6:30 PMArt Show Tour
    7:30 PMDenise Gendron, Flutist
    10:00 PM
  • Art Show Closes
  • Art Show Reception
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    Sheraton Level 2

    RoomConstitutionLiberty ALiberty CRepublic ARepublic BIndependence
    9:00 AMCon Suite OpenGatekeepers #1-#4 (Dubbed) [13+]
    10:00 AMKaffeeklatsch: Glen Cook, Beth Meacham, Steve Miller, Mary H. RosenblumAutisum Spectrum Disorders Discussion
    10:45 AMGunparade March #1-#4 [Dubbed]
    11:00 AMKaffeeklatsch: Joe Haldeman, Yves Meynard, James Stevens-Arce, Charles StrossHam Radio DiscussionPagan Discussion GroupAngel: 1945
    11:30 AMMary Crowell, Pianist
    12:00 NKaffeeklatsch: Thomas Harlan, Tamora Pierce, George H. Scithers, Allen SteeleMensa Discussion GroupBuffy: "Chosen"
    12:30 PMThe Special Duty Combat Unit: Shinesman [Dubbed]
    1:00 PMKaffeeklatsch: John Clute, Kathleen Kudlinski, Louise Marley, Walter Jon WilliamsAlternative Housing Discussion Group"Gollum's Acceptance Speech at the 2003 MTV Music Awards"
  • Deryni Adventure
  • Shadowrun RPG: First Shot at the Big Time
  • 1:04 PMFirefly: "Heart of Gold"
    2:00 PMKaffeeklatsch: Sheila Finch, Paul Levinson, Michelle Sagara, Amy ThomsonFirefly: "The MessageWildside Gaming System: Fantasy Roleplaying System
    3:00 PMKaffeeklatsch: Ellen Datlow, James Patrick Kelly, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Jean Lorrah, Frederik PohlHeinlein SocietyViable ParadiseRoyal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise [Subtitled]Smallville: "Rosetta"
    4:00 PMKaffeeklatsch: Jim Butcher, Beth Hilgartner, Josepha Sherman, S. M. StirlingThunderbirds
    5:00 PMKaffeeklatsch: F. Brett Cox, Laura Resnick, Ian Randal Strock, Cecilia TanSports Discussion Group
    5:15 PMYukikaze #1 [Subtitled]
    6:00 PMCall of Cthulhu RPG: Treatment and Cure
    6:30 PMDai-Guard #1 [Dubbed]
    7:00 PMMusicSmall Press RoundtableDai-Guard #2 [Dubbed]
    7:30 PMBlue Seed #6-12 [Subtitled]
    9:00 PMEllen James, Harpist
    10:00 PMFiler (BS-Omake Theaters)
    10:30 PM3x3 Eyes: Immortals [Subtitled] [16+]
    10:30 PMVampire Hunter D: Bloodlust [Dubbed] [R]
    2:00 AMCon Suite Closes
    2:15 AMReign: The Conqueror #5-7 [Dubbed] [16+]


    Sheraton Level 3 Children's Programming

    RoomBeacon ABeacon DBeacon FGardner
    9:00 AM KiddieCorp Professional Childcare and Children's Program and Activities Open
    9:30 AMMoving to Music [ages 1-7]Geometric Aliens [ages 2-6]
    10:00 AMOpen Playtime [ages 1-6]Magic Show [ages 7-12]Kitchen Science [ages 2-7]Mars or Bust! [ages 7-12]
    11:00 AMHoverDisc Games [ages 3-6]Alien World Building [ages 7-12]Pudding Finger Paint [ages 1-5]So You Want to be a Rocket Scientist? [ages 7-12]
    12:00 NOpen Playtime [ages 1-6]Geometric Origami [ages 7-12]Stamping [ages 1-12]Making a Poly-Shrink Pin (Kids Only! [ages 7-12])
    1:00 PMPlayground Games [ages 4-7]Drawing and Painting [ages 7-12]Make Your Own JournalMake Your Own Rapiers [ages 7-12]
    2:00 PMMovie [ages 1-8]Mask-Making [ages 7-12]Drawing and Painting with Don Maitz [ages 3-6]Fencing and Sword-Fighting [ages 7-12]
    3:00 PMKinderfilk with Kate Gladstone [ages 2-6]Musical Instruments--from the Things You Find at Home [ages 7-12]Magnetic Bookmark [ages 5-8]Discussing the LoTR Fellowship [ages 7-12]
    4:00 PMOpen Playtime [ages 1-6]How to Look at the Night Sky [ages 7-12]Draw a Story [ages 4-12]Polymer Dragons [ages 7-12]
    5:00 PMOpen Playtime [ages 1-6]Storyboarding [ages 7-12]Model Magic SculptureBest Filk Songs for Kids [ages 7-12]
    6:00 PMChildren's Programming and Activities Closes
    9:00 PMFilk Rendezvous
    11:00 PMOpen Filk
    12:00 MKiddieCorp Professional Childcare Closes


    Sheraton Level 3 Programming

    9:30 AMFilk Office OpensReading: Tamara Jones
    10:00 AMHow to Train TigersWorking with Unusual (Costuming) MaterialsReading: Don SakersReading: Carol Berg
    10:30 AMOnly Two Sexes?Reading: Rick WilberReading: James Morrow
    11:00 AMCartoon Guilty PleasuresDeveloping the Deryni Game: A Writer's PerspectiveReading: Rebecca MoestaReading: Simon R. Green
    11:30 AMSpace Opera as Geopolitical MelodramaReading: Janny WurtsReading: P.C. Hodgell
    12:00 NThe Artemis ProjectReading: Mindy KlaskyReading: Jon Courtenay Grimwood
    12:30 PMWorking on Graphic NovelsReading: Daniel AbrahamReading: Kevin J. Anderson
    1:00 PMJuried One-ShotsThe Interstitial Arts MovementReading: Keith R.A. DeCandidoReading: Charles Stross
    1:30 PMAirships: A DialogReading: Jim FrenkelReading: Elizabeth Moon
    2:00 PMHarp WorkshopScret Societies?Reading: Eileen GunnReading: Lois McMaster Bujold
    2:30 PMParrot IntelligenceReading: Janine Ellen Young
    3:00 PMMore About Tavern SongsCreating Alien LanguagesReading: Paul DiFilipoReading: Ellen Kushner
    3:30 PMReading: David LevineReading: Jeff VanderMeer
    4:00 PMGuitar WorkshopReading: G. David NordleyReading: Alex Irvine
    4:30 PMReading: Thomas A. EastonReading: Karl Schroeder
    5:00 PMTechnology and Music RecordingReading: Chris MoriartyReading: Tamora Pierce
    5:30 PMReading: Greer GilmanReading: Charlaine Harris
    6:00 PMAnd the Band Played During Our FilksingReading: Shane TourtellotteReading: Deborah Ross
    6:30 PMReading: Ben JeapesReading: Lisa Barnett, Melissa Scott
    7:00 PMFilk Office On-CallReading: Christopher CevascoReading: Don D'Ammassa
    7:30 PMReading: Darrell SchweitzerReading: Michael Dobson
    8:00 PMOpen FilkOpen Filk--No tapingReading: Melanie FletcherBroad Universe Readings
    8:30 PMReading: Elizabeth CaldwellReading: John Betancourt
    9:00 PMFilk Office Re-opensOpen FilkOpen Filk
    11:00 PMFilk Office On-CallFilk Rendezvous
    1:00 AMOpen Filk
    3:00 AMFilk Office Closes