While we already have offered to us a wonderful collection of art, we're still looking for more -- we want this exhibit to include the best work of the period 1950 to 1975. We're looking for the iconic paintings, the ones any SF fan will recognize, as well as enough paintings by each of the major artists to provide a glimpse of the talent they brought to SF.

We're focusing on the artists whose careers were centered in our period -- many of today's greatest artists began before 1975, but reached their peaks afterwards and are thus not the focus of this exhibit. We're especially interested in art by:

If you have a piece by one of these artsis, may we arrange to borrow it? Do you own a piece which might be appropriate for the show which you'd be willing to loan? Send us a picture — it doesn't have to be high resolution or anything, just enough so we can know what piece it is. You don't even have to send a picture — just tell us on what book or magazine cover it was used and we'll find it. Tell us who the artist was, how big it is, and where it was published. You can mail the information to our address or email it (digital photos are fine) to: ArtRetro@Noreascon.org.

Help us make this one of the highlights of the convention — the kind of exhibit where you can be lost in wonder for hours.

There are quite a few pieces that we'd especially like to exhibit if we could, and we've shown a few of them below:

Schomburg Winston Juvenile Series Frontispiece   Garrido Pilgrimage

Alex Schomburg (The frontispiece for the Winston Juveniles series)


Hector Garrido

Schoenherr Goblin Night   Emshwiller Caves of Steel

John Schoenherr


Ed Emshwiller

Schoenherr Case of Identity    

John Schoenherr

Freas Big Front Yard   Schoenherr The Tuvela

Frank Kelly Freas

John Schoenherr