Noreascon 4 to Increase Rates

February 1, 2003

Noreascon Four
The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention
P.O. Box 1010
Framingham, MA 01701


BOSTON - Noreascon Four will be increasing rates for attending memberships in the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention on March 1, 2003. The rate will increase to $160 for an attending membership. Currently, the rate is $140 for attending memberships. A child's admission remains $105, and supporting memberships remain $35.

Noreascon Four memberships make lovely and thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts, or you could get one for Mom while the rates are low and really surprise her for Mother's Day!

Memberships are available for immediate purchase at various conventions, through our web site, and via postal mail. Memberships may also be bought on the installment plan. For more information about the installment plan, email or send a request to our postal address below.

Memberships may be purchased online through our web site's secure transaction page (see for more information) using Visa or MasterCard. They may be purchased via postal mail by sending credit card information or a check or money order in U.S. funds to Noreascon Four/MCFI, P.O. Box 1010, Framingham, MA 01701. A printable registration form is available at

Noreascon Four, the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention, will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, September 2-6, 2004. Our Guests of Honor are Terry Pratchett, William Tenn, Jack Speer, and Peter Weston.