Noreascon 4 Will Award Retro Hugos

January 11, 2003

Noreascon Four
The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention
Boston, Massachusetts
September 2-6, 2004

Guests of Honor:
Terry Pratchett
Jack Speer
William Tenn
Peter Weston

P.O. Box 1010
Framingham, MA 01701 USA


The Noreascon Four Committee is pleased to announce that we will award the Retrospective Hugo Awards for works from 1953 as part of our celebrations during the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention in 2004.

The Retrospective Hugo Awards may be awarded by a Worldcon held 50, 75, or 100 years after a Worldcon at which no Hugo Awards were presented. The "Retro Hugos" will be awarded at Noreascon Four because none were awarded at the 1954 Worldcon, SFCon, in San Francisco, CA.

Noreascon Four will provide extensive information about the literature, art, dramatic presentations, and fannish activities of 1953 during the nomination and voting processes.

If you would like to help or make suggestions, please write to us at with your comments. Information regarding published works, fanzines, individuals, films, and so on will be posted to our web site at starting in February 2003.

For more information about the Retrospective Hugo Awards, see the World Science Fiction Society constitution at (Section 3.13).

Members of Noreascon Four and Torcon 3 (the 2003 Worldcon) are eligible to nominate for both the 2004 Hugo Awards and the Retrospective Hugo Awards for 1953. The *Hugo* awards given by Noreascon Four will be for work first published in 2003.

Please contact us for more information about Noreascon Four by writing us at Noreascon Four, P.O. Box 1010, Framingham, MA 01701, or see us online at You can email us at