Noreascon Four Membership Rates increase March 1, 2002

February 26, 2002

Noreascon Four
The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention
P.O. Box 1010
Framingham, MA 01701


Noreascon Four, the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention, to be held in Boston in 2004, will increase rates for attending memberships and children's admissions beginning March 1, 2002.

New rates will be $120 for a new attending member, $85 for a child's admission, and $85 for conversion from supporting to attending. New supporting rates remain $35.

Current rates are $100 for a new attending member, $35 for a new supporting member, $65 for a child's admission (excludes voting rights and publications), and several discounted attending rates. Please note that discounts are valid through 28 February 2002 only.

Rates for those who voted in the site selection for the 2004 Worldcon are currently as follows:

Rates for those who did not vote but pre-supported are currently as follows:

(Confused? Write us and we'll tell you how much you need to pay. You can email us at

Following the rate increase, Noreascon Four will offer installment plan memberships. Information about the installment plan will be available after 1 March 2002 at our web site ( or by writing to us at Noreascon Four, P.O.Box 1010, Framingham, MA 01701 USA.

Progress Report #1 was mailed on 14 January 2002 to those who were supporting or attending members by 31 December 2001. (The Progress Reports were sent bulk, so they are still arriving.)

Those members who join after 1 January 2002 will receive their progress reports as soon as we process them.

Progress Report #2 will be sent to members in July 2002.