N4's Wicked Awesome Masquerade Prize

December 19, 2003

Noreascon Four
The 62nd World Science Fiction Convention
P.O. Box 1010
Framingham, MA 01701


Nanny Ogg's Fashion Show?

BOSTON - Noreascon Four is wicked excited (that's Bostonian for "very pleased") to announce that Harper Collins Publishers will offer a US$500 prize at Noreascon Four for the best masquerade entry based on Guest of Honor Terry Pratchett's Discworld books. So sharpen up your sewing needles, and get ready for the Noreascon Four Masquerade.

For details about entering the Masquerade, please see our web site at http://www.noreascon.org/masquerade/ (or the article in Progress Report #4, sent to members in July 2003.)

Harper Collins Publishers, based in New York, is Mr. Pratchett's U.S. publisher.

All participants in the Noreascon Four Masquerade must be members of the convention. For more information about the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention, or to join us for this celebration of science fiction and fantasy, see our main web site at http://www.noreascon.org.

Oh, and all CMOT ("Cut-Me-Own-Throat") Dibblers are advised that Massachusetts guidelines on health and safety will definitely prohibit you from selling your version of "food" anywhere in the Commonwealth.