Noreascon Four, Boston Mass - 62nd Worldcon - Sept 2-6, 2004

September 29, 2001

[This Press Release was originally going to be posted on September 11. We felt that we should delay this message in light of the U.S.'s national state of mourning. We would like to extend our sympathies to all those who were affected by the attacks on September 11.]

Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc. is delighted to have won the right t0o hold the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention, Noreascon Four, September 2-6, 2004, using the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, the Sheraton Boston Hotel, and the Copley Marriott Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.

Our guests of honor are Terry Pratchett, William Tenn, Jack Speer, and Peter Weston.

Terry Pratchett is Britain's best selling living novelist and is the creator of science fiction, young adult, and fantasy novels, including the richly humorous "Discworld" series. His delightful & varied writing includes 35 novels, as well as short stories, non-fiction, and even a cook book.

William Tenn [Philip Klass] is known as both an educator/scholar and a crafter of "mordantly sardonic" short stories. He is emeritus professor of English and comparative literature at the Pennsylvania State University, where he taught the second-oldest American course in science fiction.

Jack Speer is one of the "founding dinosaurs" of fandom, whose influential work includes writing fandom's first history, codifying our "fanspeak," writing the first Fancyclopedia, fanzine editing and writing, and developing the Fantasy Fiction Decimal Classification.

Peter Weston's fame as a British "fan of all trades" includes founding the longest-lived fan group in the U.K., chairing the Seacon '79 Worldcon in Brighton, England, representing England as a TAFF delegate, and lovingly creating and editing the fanzine "Speculation."

Noreascon Four information is available at our web site at (this site will be updated regularly).

We would like to thank everyone who voted in the site selection process, whether they voted for us or for our competitors in Charlotte. Your votes ensure that the Worldcon site and committee are decided by fandom.

We would also like to wish Irv Koch, chairman of South Eastern Convention Fandom, Inc., and all of the individual members of the Charlotte committee and related groups the very best with their future activities.

Noreasecon Four Committee