There are two types of membership available in Noreascon Four:

  1. Attending: Attending members receive all of the benefits of supporting members (publications and voting rights) and the right to attend the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention in Boston in 2004.
  2. Supporting: Supporting memberships entitle members to receive all convention publications (including progress reports, souvenir book, etc.) and voting rights (including nominating for the 2005 Hugo Awards and voting for 2007 site selection). Supporting members must convert to attending in order to physically attend the convention.

Once purchased, memberships or admissions can not be refunded. You may transfer your membership or child's admission.

One-Day Admissions

If you want to attend Noreascon 4 for only a day or two, you can now purchase one-day admissions. Those admissions are available through our online store and will also be available at the door.

Options for Children

Several options are available for children who will attend Noreascon Four:

  1. Attending Membership: children may, of course, be full, attending members of the convention and, as such, receive the same benefits as adult members (publications, voting rights, attending the convention). There is no discount for this membership.
  2. Child's Admission: a child who attends the convention using a child's admission does not receive publications or have voting rights, but may attend the convention and use convention facilities, programming, etc. A Child's Admission also entitles that child to 6 hours of childcare/babysitting services. Additional hours of childcare will be available at $12/hour. Children must accompany an adult attending member and be 12 years of age or under as of Sept. 6, 2004.
  3. Child-in-tow: a child who will be with his/her parents or guardians at all times while attending the convention may be admitted as a "child-in-tow" at no cost. These children do not have any benefits or rights in the convention, but they will be entitled to purchase childcare hours at $12/hour, on a space-available basis.

Which option should you choose for your child?

For additional information about childcare, please see Children's Services.