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We send copies of our publications to each member [excluding children's admissions].
[ ] Check here if you prefer to receive only one copy for your household.




All members on this form must be at the same address. Please circle the names of children for whom you are purchasing a child's admission.


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Membership Rates August 1, 2004 until September 3, 2004

Attending Upgrade Supporting Installment Child's*
(__) $200 (__) $165 (__) $35 (__) $_____ (__) $100

Indicate number of each type of membership being purchased in the space provided above.
Please note that voter and pre-support discounts expired February 28, 2002, and no longer apply.

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*A Child's admission includes 6 hours of childcare, on a space-available basis. Children's admissions do not include publications or voting rights for the 65th Worldcon site selection. Children must accompany an attending member and be 12 years of age or under as of Sept. 6, 2004. This applies only to a child's admission; children who are attending members have full voting rights.

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