Information for Dealers

The Noreascon 4 Dealers' Room will be managed by the same team who operated the Dealers' Rooms at Bucconeer, Chicon 2000, The Millennium Philcon, ConJose, and Torcon 3: Larry Smith and Sally Kobee, assisted by Art & Becky Henderson and a veteran supporting staff. The Dealers' Room will have approximately 250 tables of varied SFnal merchandise within a spacious area featuring generous aisles for easy access. The planned location is in Hynes Convention Center Hall D.

Dealers' Room Move-in

Dealers' Room move-in is scheduled for Wednesday, September 1, 2004, between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm. Under exceptional circumstances, a move-in on Thursday, September 2 may be arranged in advance, but must be completed before 11:30 am. Please contact the Dealers' Room Managers if you are unable to arrive on Wednesday, September 1.

Application UpdateUpdated [June-06-2004]

Acceptance letters for the Noreascon 4 Dealers Room have been mailed. The Dealers Room is currently full and has a wait list. If you're interested in being on the wait list and haven't yet applied for a Dealers Room table, you can download the Dealers' Room information letter and application form. For more information, write to

Massachusetts State Sales Tax Requirements

You can download A Guide to Sales and Use Tax 2004, a PDF document from the Massachusetts State Department of Revenue. You can also register for a state sales tax number online.

Dealers' Application

We mailed the initial Dealer packet to all dealers of record at recent Worldcons, plus those other dealers who had expressed an interest in dealing at Noreascon 4 and who had sent us a valid postal address in Fall 2003.

The packet also contained an application for tables in the N4 Dealers' Room.

If you have not received the Dealer packet and would like to be placed on a waiting list, you can download the Dealers Letter and the application form.

Send inquiries or questions to:

Larry Smith & Sally Kobee
Noreascon 4 Dealers' Room Managers
P.O. Box 1010
Framingham, MA 01701

Or email them to: