Concourse diagram Take a room, a BIG room—over 35,000 square feet (3,000+ square meters). Make it out of concrete and install an ugly concrete pillar every 30 feet. That's Exhibit Hall C of the Hynes Convention Center.

But, as they say in the real estate business, location, location, location. And this room is between the home of the Hugos and Masquerade and the Dealers Room, between the Sheraton and the Program rooms, between registration and the Art Show, between where you are and where you're going.

So What Are We Going to Do With It?

First, we figured we could:

Then we figured, we could add:

And lots more.

And Then We Need Some Fans ....

Add thousands of fans, and you'll have the ConCourse, open for First Night and then 9AM to 2AM daily. It's our social center, nightclub, museum, and park. Pick a spot, sit down, and everyone you know will walk by at some point. Or walk through to find your friends and lots of surprises. We hope you might not even notice the concrete.